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Now Foods Super Enzyme

"We really like this particular enzyme. It works in the stomach opposed to the ones that work in the intestine; which my husband takes also. We are in the process of healing his gut and this brand really has been instrumental in that process. "
- KarolAnn Clopton

"It is very good. I feel better since I used super enzyme, I was suffering from poor digestion..."
- Muhanad aldaas
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Rs. 1,676.76 Rs. 905.07
Now Foods Betaine HCl

"I have been using NOW Betaine for many years and have tried other betaine brands, they are not as effective as the NOW brand."
- Maggie Ryan

"Excellent product for CFS. "
- Patricia Santos Carro
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Rs. 1,676.76 Rs. 905.07
Now Foods Super Enzyme Caps

"Enzymes are pretty straightforward. We need them to digest and absorb our food properly and if taken on an empty stomach they will clean out your blood. People only have a short supply of enzymes and IMO everyone needs to take these, especially because people eat complex meals. Complex meals, or in other words, meals containing carbs, fats and proteins are hard to digest as protein requires an acidic environment and carbs/oils require an alkaline environment; thus, what ends up happening is the food gets neutralized and most of the nutrients and lost or malabsorbed, not to mention all that mess makes you tired as it takes much energy for your body to try to figure it out. Taking these with your meals will help offset this and if you decide to only eat one type of macronutrient per meal it will still increase absorption."
- David D.

"I've been using Super Enzymes for 2 years now. It has helped greatly with problems I used to have with cramping, bloating, and frequent diarrhea after meals. I take them everyday and am no longer afraid to go out after eating and am free to eat many foods I stayed away from before."
- Anonymous
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Rs. 2,419.10 Rs. 1,741.35
American Biologics Ultra Infla-Zyme Forte

"Phyllis A Balch, CNC in her Nutritional Healing recommends this product for inflammation of the eyelids (Blepharitis). I have been using 3 a day on an empty stomach most times but not every time for 2 weeks. I felt a difference in the eyes immediately after taking the first dose. All of the crusty stuff that had my eyes stuck together in the mornings is gone. Most of the itchiness of eyelids has subsided. I still get the feeling of something in the corner of the eye sometimes. I had been dealing with this condition for several months and my doctor had said there was no cure and I would have the condition for the duration. After the improvements I am feeling, I believe that with continued use the condition will completely disappear. I have also significantly increased recommended vitamins and minerals and use compresses and rest the eyes during the day."
- Gwendolyn S Brown

"The Americal Biologics Infla-Zyme Forte is an excellent product that I have recommended to others here in the UK. I took it for a skin problem - these problems are related to the gut - and it is a superb product. It takes some time to cut down on immune complexes but it does work. I am a nutritional therapist and herbalist by the way, qualified with Clayton College in America and also with reputable natural health schools here in the UK."
- Marlene Houghton
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Rs. 603.10 Rs. 385.01
Thompson Betaine HCl with Pepsin

"Love it, helps with my stomach problems."
- Rachael Hall

"Tenho gastrite nervosa e este produto tem me ajudado muito a diminuir os incômodos estomacais. Tome este produto junto com a refeição e não tenho mais sentido azia e má digestão. Excelente produto! "
- Adilson de Chaves
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Rs. 2,305.86 Rs. 1,613.85
Rainbow Light Advanced Enzyme System

"Advanced Enzyme System was a wonderful product for us. We used it in conjunction with Yeast Balance and Yeast defense. It worked like a dream."
- Julie

"I bought Advanced Enzyme System for my mother. It didn't work, then I tried it myself. It didn't work for me. On the other hand, I ordered a candida dissolve enzyme and that works like a miracle, even for regular digestion. We are vegetarians, that might be a reason. They need to make the capsules large and put more of a few enzymes. It might be a good product but it didn't do us any good."
- Anonymous
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Rs. 2,096.16 Rs. 1,640.69
Doctor's Best Serrapeptase

"So far so good with Best Serrapeptase. My mum is on this and she is so happy with the results: fewer varicose veins, her carpal tunnel in the hands has decreased, plus her arthritis is much better."
- Anonymous

"Best Serrapeptase was recommened to me for sinus infections. I have had only one in the past year after starting Serrapeptase. Although it has not done much for my arthritis, I'm sold on it for sinus related problems."
- heather c
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Rs. 1,676.76 Rs. 905.07
Now Foods Optimal Digestive System

"I use this product to help prevent bloating after eating cauliflower and broccoli. Works great!"
- Swarna Balasubramaniam

"Tenho gastrite e desde que comecei suplementar nunca mais senti refluxo ou desconforto gástrico. Sugiro que também suplementem com enzimas digestivas para que o tratamento seja completo. O preço também é bastante justo. "
- Paulo Edson Castro de Sousa
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Rs. 3,007.10 Rs. 2,331.15
Nature's Plus Ultra Bromelain 1500 mg

"I was suffering from arthritis in both shoulders, hips and in my fingers. At the recommendation of a health professional I started to take 1500 mgs a day of Bromelain. I was told it must be taken in the morning before eating or it will act to digest your food rather than serve as an anti-inflamatory. After 2 months I have total mobility in both shoulders and fingers and most of the pain is gone from all areas. This is a first for me in a couple of years!! I went to Nature's Plus after the first 30 days so that I would only have to take one tab instead of 3. I have recommended to several friends and have heard similiar results. Great Product!!"
- Linda Wiles

"I was diagnosed with a bone spur in my rotator cuff. Surgery was recommended by an orthopedic surgeon as the only way to get pain relief. I started taking Nature's Plus Bromelain and took it for nine months. My pain has now gone away and surgery is not needed. I would and have recommended this product to my friends."
- Frank Duva
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Rs. 2,012.28 Rs. 1,575.27
Doctor's Best Nattokinase

"Nice vitamins, It's difficult to find this vitamin here in Brazil because it's not very popular here. People have no information about this. I'm satisfied."
- Enio Fontoura

"Excelente, Sim excelente!"
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Rs. 1,384.02 Rs. 968.81
Source Naturals Betaine HCl

"Great product for digestion. It came well packed. I recommend this product! "
- Wagner Luiz Araújo Dutra

"Fundamental na ajuda da digestão dos alimentos, ainda mais quem sofre com esse problema e beneficia consideravelmente pessoas mais velhas. Ótimo suplemento, de fácil deglutição, que é utilizado para tratamento de gastrite, azia, má digestão, Refluxo e gases."
- Pablo Caires Rocha
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Rs. 1,509.00 Rs. 814.47
Now Foods Plant Enzymes

"My daughter told me about enzymes so I got a name brand from Walmart to try and they worked very well for me the first time so I came to evitamins to find the same or better in bulk quantity. The NOW plant enzymes are much better in that they offer more. Taking these have helped me more than any anti reflux medication I have taken (and there have been many). They have also helped in other areas. I am less hungry, it takes far less to satisfy me now and my internal 'works' feel like new. I highly recommend NOW plant enzymes. They are all natural and evitamins delivers fast and is very easy work with. I have enjoyed the entire process and feel I have instant and competent support and respect and I will be a customer for a long time."
- Gracie Miller

"Foi alivio imediato, muito bom"
- Jolandir Jacinto
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Rs. 1,676.76 Rs. 905.07
Now Foods Super Enzymes

"Esse produto é maravilhoso."
- Luise Nascimento

"Ótimo produto!"
- Marlene A.Martins de Souza
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Rs. 3,481.02 Rs. 2,436.71
Source Naturals Essential Enzymes

"These work great. I think people under estimate how much value these can add to any diet or even training program in helping absorption of nutrients . I'd recommend to everyone "
- Joe dougert

"Have tried other brands of digestive enzymes, but always settle back to Source Naturals Essential Enzymes. They work - my latest stool test now shows perfectly digested foods (alongside using Betaine HCL plus Pepsin). Plus a reasonable price compared to more expensive brands, which did not work for me. I'll always use this product."
- Sue
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Rs. 527.61 Rs. 335.94
American Health Papaya Enzyme with Chlorophyll (Chewable)

"My family and I have been using the Papaya enzymes for a few years now and love them. My dad was on prescribed medicine for heartburn and now only takes this. I recommend this product to anyone!"
- Anonymous

"Produto muito bom! O recomendável é tomar logo após a refeição para auxiliar na digestão. E ajuda mesmo! Não tive mais problemas de má digestão. As pastilhas são em forma de bala, só ir deixando ela dissolver na boca. Ou engolir como comprimido mesmo se preferir. "
- Alexander Mazutti
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Rs. 1,014.11 Rs. 811.12
Twinlab Super Enzymes Caps

"I have been taken these for over 3 years. I really in need of these Enzymes. They really work. "

"I have taken these enzymes for years to help with digesting food quicker. I have tried others but these are the best......they really work."
- Anonymous
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Rs. 1,899.88 Rs. 1,471.76
Nature's Plus Acti-Zyme

"ACTI-ZYME is a great product to eliminate gas and bloating. It has worked better than anything I have tried. It's also sold at an affordable price!"
- Kathleen

"I have Charcot Marie Tooth syndrome and I was told by every doctor I saw that there is no cure. I searched the internet for 6 months and found that tendons need collagen 1 and 3 to stay elastic then I found some articles on digestion and enzymes. In May, I started on acti-zyme and collagen. It was my thought that you can take all the collagen you want if it is not being digested it wont work. So far the hair is growing back on my legs and feet, the muscles are returning, and I was told yesterday the arteries in my feet all have a pulse now, my feet were ice cold and now they are not. It is my belief that every person with CMT and Diabetic neuropathy should be on acti-zyme and collagen 1 and 3."
- Frank
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Rs. 2,683.32 Rs. 1,711.15
Michael's W-Zymes Xtra Recovery Zymes

"Works for me I have chronic arthritis and have noticed a huge difference in my mobility after just one month. Hope it works for you all also😀"
- Lisa Buchanan

"W-Zymes Xtra was easy and had the best price by far."
- Marie M.
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Rs. 1,005.72 Rs. 542.70
Now Foods Papaya Enzyme Chewable

"The product works fine, but the taste is odd having mint in it. I was looking for a chewable that tasted more like papaya and apricots (much easier to get down, especially for kids)."
- Jennifer K.

"The best tasting chewable papaya enzymes I have tried. The taste is sweet with a light mint aftertaste that refreshes your mouth after meals. The value for money is excellent. "
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Rs. 3,648.78 Rs. 2,554.15
Source Naturals Daily Essential Enzymes

"Essential Enzymes - Vegetarian works great! No more gas and bloating and fullness after my meals."
- Marie Grace B.

"Love this product. Works well. As we get older we don't have the digestive enzymes we once had and it is important to have digested food and good digestion. My husband and I both use this product and love it. Thanks!"
- Linda Hart
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Rs. 837.96 Rs. 791.83
American Health Original Papaya Enzyme

"Original Papaya Enzyme is an excellent product, easy to use and it taste good. I would highly recommend it."
- Anonymous

"It's a wonderful product. I have gluten intolerance along with other issues and this helps me to digest whatever I eat. It's also good to have on hand when you've accidentally eaten gluten. It helps to quickly get it out of your system. I also have noticed that overall my wellness is better and I have been feeling better by taking this. I think everyone should take some when eating... it'll do you a world of good."
- Anonymous
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Rs. 6,709.56 Rs. 4,612.56
Arthur Andrew Medical Neprinol AFD

"Específico para la Peyronie. Una excelente alternativa para nosotros poder comprar, por esta vía, significa acceso a tratamiento. "
- Rosa Maria Porras Ramos

"Tem ajudado na minha recuperação e controle da doença de peyronie."
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Rs. 4,612.56 Rs. 3,228.54
Garden of Life RAW Enzymes Women

"I love this enzyme formula!! Even a little goes a long way... So helpful especially when you have acidity & even serious digestive problems!"
- RS

"Muito bom, Ótimo produto"
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Rs. 4,612.56 Rs. 3,228.54
Garden of Life RAW Enzymes Women 50 and Wiser

"Great product!!!, Effective & comprehensive enzyme blend. I have it according to my digestive system needs..."
- Chitra V

"I have always loved this enzyme blend! Works great for me... The best part is that I can open up the capsule if I want to take only half of a capsule's worth..."
- Mimi
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