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Energy Boosters Reviews

Rs. 812.49 Rs. 744.98
Now Foods Raw Energy Nut Mix

Tastes great in oatmeal muffins.

This has become my 'go to' snack. It's convenient, yummy and healthy. I have even chopped the nuts and added a cup of the mix to my oatmeal muffins.
- Tami Qualls

would definitely buy this again...

This mix was DELICIOUS!!..and another product that lasted much longer than I expected...
- karyn
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Rs. 4,878.99
Morter HealthSystem Alka Slim

I lost over 30 lbs with Alka Slim. I found out about this after I left college. When I take AlkaSlim, I feel great! It really is a good product. Here's a tasty tip - mix with cold pineapple juice. This is a great meal replacement, and extremely low calorie. It is very compatible with Perfect Food and other high quality nutritional supplements. It is also helpful to order the Ph papers as well, to see your acid/alkaline condition.
- Suzanne

I tried this product with Apple Juice. It turned my juice gray instead of brown and it taste horrible. I couldn't get through it! Unless you like "chalk", I don't recommend buying this product.
- Gwynn
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Rs. 975.96 Rs. 622.17
Natural Sources Raw Adrenal

Definitely feel well balanced and healthier.
- Jenn

Anyone with a sluggish thyroid or who has weight loss problems even though they diet and exercise should try Raw Adrenal. Since I began taking Raw Adrenal, my thyroid function is better and I have lost 20 lbs.
- Creda C.
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Rs. 3,252.39 Rs. 2,032.44
Natural Research Innovation Lexatrim 2

Like it

Its nice to get energy. Doesn't look like Lipo-6, but still works, I recommend.
- Lourdes L. da Mota Badu

I've been taking Lexatrim for a little over a month (started on 9/1) and have lost 4 pounds. It gives me energy but doesn't make me feel shaky. I don't seem to crash either. I take two pills in the afternoon or usually a half hour before lunch.
- Michelle Ellis
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Rs. 4,878.99 Rs. 3,233.68
MuscleTech Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite

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Very good product
- Paola Estefania Nuñez Avila

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Best thermogenic on the market, it helps me a lot in training and fat burning, without doubts will help you
- Gabriel Avelino
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Rs. 1,300.47 Rs. 998.73
eVitamins Vitamin B-12

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Great product

Easy to absorb. In 3 minutes the tablet has dissolved. Very easy to swallow. Very affordable and competitive price. Packing small and easy to carry. Good concentration.
- Marcio Osorio de Melo

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Very good

Fantastico this product
- Aldaci Fedrizzi
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Rs. 649.83 Rs. 328.57
AllMax Nutrition Caffeine

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I bought it for my husband and he has consumed it daily. His assessment was: it is not a very strong caffeine, but the dose is at a reasonable measure for daily doses.
- Daphne Souza

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Caffeine I really like to use it in pre workout, give that up in focus and concentration.
- Jefferson jesus benito lopes
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Rs. 2,081.23 Rs. 1,327.31
Natural Balance Yohimbe Power Max 2000

It almost killed me, and I have been weight training for 19 years. It made my heart beat 241 bpm and I was rushed to the ER where the doctor had to stop and reboot my heart. That was scary - I will never touch the stuff again.
- Mark

I just have used Yohimbe Power Max 2000 with excellent results. You will last way longer and be much firmer. Also, I seemed to get back in the game quicker too, something that sometimes never happens. I drink a green tea with Ginseng also while taking the 2 pills as described. I believe the tea helped to activate the effect better(for me anyway). No side effects other than an exhausted partner. I am trying the liquid yohimbe next.
- Anonymous
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Rs. 3,252.39 Rs. 2,842.48
Zoller Laboratories Zantrex-3 High Energy Fat Burner


One of the best fat Burners I have taken and used! Will definitely be purchasing again.
- Nasreen Bruiners

Good product, easy on the body and doesn't cause any nausea. The only issue I had was if you are sensitive to niacin or eat other products (such as weetbix) then you can have a red flush which can be annoying but fades in 10 -15 minutes.
- Emma Campbell
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Rs. 1,812.85 Rs. 1,156.51
Natural Balance Extra Strength Guarana

Best Guarana on the market, in my opinion

I have taken guarana from various distributors/manufacturers over the years and this product is the BEST! I only need to take one and I feel more energetic for the entire day without any jitters. I highly recommend it.
- Yvonne Eisner


value, value for the money.
- Sridharman Jing Yao Thulasidas
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Rs. 1,459.87 Rs. 811.67
Universal Nutrition Carbo Plus


Amazing! Great results!
- ganesh ganesh

A must have before an intense workout

Great product, low calorie and gives the extra carbs before an intense workout, mixes well with protein and juice.
- Maureen Asten
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Rs. 1,625.79 Rs. 975.96
Kal Enhanced Energy Whole Food Multivitamin

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I have irritable bowel syndrome and because I can not eat several foods, my food is very restrictive, thus compromising my health. I urgently needed a vitamin supplement and this product was excellent for me, I felt the difference in the first few days. I have not had any more colds!
- Térence Silva Barros

Enhanced Energy is the best multi vitamin I have come across or used; and I have tried several and done thorough research on many different brands of whole food vitamins! I have also used Kal's Blemish Supplement as well with great results. I just think Kal is a terrific brand overall. I can tell a difference in my energy level when I forget to take these. They can be taken with or without food w/o side effects, although I do try and take them with breakfast. They smell like peppermint, which is fine, although I wish it were vanilla! :)
- Christina
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Rs. 1,495.66 Rs. 873.48
Premier One Raw Energy Extreme

WOW! This product is amazing! It was recommended to me by someone at my local supplement store - I have hypothyroid and I've been feeling really lethargic, tired, etc. I experienced immediate results and feel better and have more energy than I have in, well, I can't remember when. My appetite has gone down alot as well, but I don't know if that is due to the product.
- Mrs. B

This is an excellent product if you're looking for Tons of balanced energy. For the most part I don't believe in taking any "product" for boosts in energy, because of the common downsides of anxiety and the dreaded "Crash". This product is different however in that it quickly but smoothly takes you into a heightened state of mental and physical alertness, without all of the gitteryness or irritability. I personally find that 1/4 of 1 capsule in 4oz of water about 4 times a day works great! It does have a very powerful appetite suppressing quality to it though, which can be a help or hindrance depending on your personal goals.
- Anonymous
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Rs. 1,622.53 Rs. 1,054.85
Zahlers B12 Energizer 1000 mcg

These taste great and work awesome.

They give me the burst of energy I need to make it through the day. I found I was always weak and tired and according to my research, it could be due to a B12 deficiency. These are simple to take, just place them under the tongue and let them dissolve which usually happens within 5 minutes.
- Kendall Harrison

Great pick me up

It's a great pick me up. I use it all the time for work or in the morning when I'm lacking energy and really tired. Also this product includes folic acid which is rare for a B12 and it's awesome! It helps the body digest and utilize proteins which is a great natural way to get energy - Highly recommend!
- Erica Chafin
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Rs. 3,655.78 Rs. 2,263.41
Universal Nutrition Animal Pak

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Supplement Show

One of the best multivitamins I've ever had. It is almost complete and meets my needs. I just have to supplement with BCAA.
- Emanoel Pereira Souza

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Amazing product! I would recommend it to better muscle gain results.
- Leandro Maia Fernandes
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Rs. 1,625.79 Rs. 1,036.96
Action Labs Guarana PowerMax 1200

Excellent. Energy, energy, energy and suppressed my appetite, too.
- Allan C.
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Rs. 2,761.15 Rs. 2,347.18
Nature's Plus Source of Life Power-Packed Whole Food Concentrate

I was an avid coffee drinker and the only reason why I drank coffee was for the boost of energy that I needed (especially in the morning) as well as the taste and smell of it. The taste of Red Lighting is great and I mix in with my herbal fruit teas every morning. I've since given up coffee totally and started drinking (Teeccino Herbal Coffee) along with this and it's excellent! For anyone who's trying to kick the coffee habit, this is an excellent product. And as quiet as it's kept, the caffine in coffee is horrible for breast health!! And lastly, the price is cheaper at eVitamins than anywhere else so by in bulk!
- Anonymous
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Rs. 1,484.27 Rs. 1,135.77
Natural Balance Diet Pep

I tried DIET PEP and after 3 weeks nothing but disappointment. I maybe lost 2 lbs but also that might have been a result of the time of the month for me. Really, not a very effective product considering the expense. Can't recommend it!
- Anonymous
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Rs. 1,349.26 Rs. 944.24
NaturalMax Super CitriMax 750 mg

I have been using Super CitriMax 750 mg to help with fat burn for about three weeks now. No loss of weight! In fact, I am now having trouble with water retention and weight gain -- no, I am not eating badly. I'm active with riding my three horses four times a week and STILL cannot lose weight -- I have actually added weight I know is not muscle. Don't know what the problem is but I'm going back to my tried and true methods and am NOT using any more of this product!
- Christine Y.
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Rs. 3,130.39 Rs. 1,878.72
Kal Enhanced Energy Whole Food Multivitamin

I use Enhanced Energy Adult Chewable as a running supplement. I have two small children and Enhanced Energy Adult Chewable also help me keep up with their high activity levels.
- Charles Boyce
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Rs. 853.15 Rs. 653.89
Natrol High Caffeine

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I lost a lot of fat and increased my willingness to practice. I recommend!
- Milena P.
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Rs. 1,381.80 Rs. 745.80
Now Foods Instant Energy B-12

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Very small packets that you can carry with you at work or at the gym. It dissolves easily in half and glass of water. It has a light sweet taste. The value for money for 75 mg of B12 plus the recommended RDA of the rest of the B vitamins is excellent. I recommend it for short term use as 2000mg B12 is too much for long term use.
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Rs. 5,692.29 Rs. 3,380.89
Now Foods D-Ribose

Great product!

D-Ribose is awesome! It gives me constant energy. My husband also takes it, he suffers from fibromialgia, and since he has been taking it he has had many good days. His pain has diminished about 70%.
- Ahinoam Mckinney
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Rs. 544.10 Rs. 361.11
Nature's Life Pantothenic Acid 250 mg

Not bad

Wanted to try a lower strength. So far nothing wrong but see no benefits either.
- Chinelo Ude
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