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Rs. 2,138.10 Rs. 1,363.89
Michael's Blood Pressure Factors

"I have only been using this product for 1 month, but this product seems to be working better than other herbal supplements that I used prior to this."
- Paul Zimmerman

"Blood Pressure Factors changed my life. I no longer have high blood pressure."
- Steven C.
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Rs. 1,693.54 Rs. 1,270.78
Solaray Horse Chestnut Circulegs

"My legs started leaking a clear-yellowish fluid. My socks were soaked by the end of day. Our family doctor sent me to a specialist and after several expensive tests did not provide a solution. I went to the our local health food store, explained the issue and was recommended to try Solaray CircuLegs. After the third day the leaking stopped. Reappeared after I ran out of Solaray CircuLegs. Bought another bottle and started again and leaking stopped. Since then (three years) I have not experienced another incident. Solaray CircuLegs works great for me."
- David A. Burhans

"I started taking CircuLegs for my diabetic neurapathy, which was getting to a point where it was becoming a disability. I was amazed at how well it knocked down the pain, to where it is now only a minor inconvenience. For neurapathy, I would highly recommend it."
- Brian Bowman
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Rs. 1,421.77 Rs. 1,087.08
Futurebiotics Pressur Lo

"My husband had been taking prescriptions (in extremely high doses). He wanted to take a natural supplement to help with his high blood pressure, and Pressur-Lo has truly worked for him!"
- Nancy Conley

"I have had high blood pressure for several years and have been on high dosages of medication. I was having side effects to the prescription and decided to try herbs. I have been very pleased with Pressur-Lo - my blood pressure has been lower with the herbs. I am very, very pleased!"
- Sonja
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Rs. 1,584.49 Rs. 1,197.81
Natural Care Ultra Vein-Gard Caps

"Product arrived quickly and was exactly what we ordered. It absolutely works. My mother-in-law has been using it for years and swears by it. As someone who stood for nearly 50 years at her place of employment she feels the benefits of Vein-Gard every day. It has eliminated her aches and pains in her legs and feet."
- Rebecca Redmond

"My legs & feet would get very tired & achy after standing for long periods of time, esp after two knee replacements. This product has helped tremendously!! It does take a while to feel the effects, (a few weeks in my case) but when I ran out I did feel a big difference. I also see a big difference in my varicose veins. I will always keep this on hand. Give it a try!"
- Karen L. Shaffer
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Rs. 1,425.12 Rs. 997.33
Garden of Life Vitamin Code Healthy Blood

"My iron level was 8.0 and I was suffering from severe anemia. Within a couple weeks of taking this product daily my iron levels returned to normal."
- Jade J Neal

"Comprei esse ferro na intenção de subir minha ferritina, depois de mais de 2 anos tentando suplementar com outros tipos de ferro, porem sem sucesso. Esse ferro fez milagres nos meus níveis de ferro e ferritina. Me salvou realmente, indico para todo mundo que esteja na mesma situação que eu. Vale a pena!"
- Natalia Raijche Silva
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Rs. 1,676.76 Rs. 1,283.36
Sanhelios Circu Caps

"For me, it works. Thank you."
- Kathleen Darby

"Simply put, Circu Caps are a superior quality product that works for people with moderate circulatory-related aches or pains. I have used other butcher's broom with little or no effect and always go back to this one."
- Anonymous
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Rs. 2,909.80 Rs. 2,183.40
Solaray Nattokinase 100 mg

"Due to a hole in my heart, I have had a stroke, and am at high risk for another. My doctor wanted me to take low dose aspirin for the rest of my life, but I’ve lost 2 family members to internal bleeding due to aspirin, so I declined. The alternative treatment offered was Nattokinase. I read all I could on the studies and decided I would try it. That was over a year ago, and I have to say, I LOVE this product! I take it in am/pm so I like that it’s a half dosage. I have been tested, and so far, no clots, no bleeding, no issues at all! I don’t feel worried about stroking out because of another blood clot anymore, and that is worth more than I can express! No taste, no side effects, great scientific studies done; this product is fantastic!"
- G DuKet

"I have had lower stomach pains (in summer time only) for the last 7 years, getting worse every year. I went to an acupuncturist last year and she explained that I have adhesions and scar tissue in my large intestine. Acupuncture helped with the pain but my insurance would not pay for it, so I had to stop. In March of this year the pain started again with a vengeance, so I started searching the web for answers and all I saw at first was surgery and laparascopic surgery is the only answer. I was at my wits end when I saw the word Nattokinase while seaching the web. After doing research on this product I had no choice but to try it. From the very first day I started this product the pain has gone away. I have only been on it about two weeks and am feeling a lot better. It is a miracle!!! I have read it will clear up the adhesions & scar tissue. We will see but all I know is I am pain free at this time."
- Anonymous
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Rs. 611.49 Rs. 427.79
Nature's Life B-50 Complex

"I have been taking the NatureMost B-Complex daily for over 6 years, and I wouldn't want to be without it ! One time I ran out of them & purchased a different brand of B-complex because I couldn't get to the vitamin store & within the next 2 days I did go get this supplement because the other brand did nothing for me. My general well-being is improved, my hair & nails are improved as well as my stress & energy levels-immediate results-& helps me to think clearly. This supplement is easy to take due to it's size & coating, and leaves no bitter aftertaste. I take it with or without food, so no problem either way. Highly recommend as a regular part of supplement maintenance."
- Anonymous

"This seemed to upset my stomach even with food, so I switched to a food-based B-complex which agrees with me much better."
- Anonymous
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Rs. 1,212.07 Rs. 947.01
Kyolic Garlic Extract One Per Day

"I went to the doctor complaining about on/off pain in my foot that had lasted over half a year. I got a prescription for pain medicine, which I didn't bother fulfilling. I read about garlic begin good against bacterial infections and made food with large amounts of garlic (both claws and crunched spice). Guess what?! It helped a lot and I have since bought some Kyolic and now my foot is completely cured. There is scientific proof that garlic has strong antibacterial effects as well as other benefits. It's unfortunate that people are led to believe that only the pharmaceutical industry can make potent cures. Remember, garlic has been used for milleniums to treat and prevent illness."
- Henri
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Rs. 2,122.16 Rs. 1,592.04
Reviva Labs Varicose Vein Lotion

"I have been using the lotion for about 2 months for the veins on my legs and have seen good results. It appears that my skin looks "less veiny" and I definitely am not afraid to show off my legs anymore. A great plus for my summer. I will continue to use it and highly recommend it."
- Anonymous
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Rs. 2,138.10 Rs. 1,714.93
Olympian Labs Ginkgo Biloba

"Very good product , This is a Very Good product."
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Rs. 2,515.56 Rs. 1,358.02
Now Foods Nattokinase

"Ótimo resultados, mas um pouco de vagar"
- manoel silva
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Rs. 2,515.56 Rs. 1,358.02
Now Foods Vein Supreme with Trunorin

"I have been having problems with my veins, the little small ones on the back of my thighs since my early twenties, walking, not moving, cold weather or hot temperatures, they just kept on growing bigger. This product obviously does not make them go away, but I am pretty sure that they haven't gotten worse. And I am more than happy with just that. The blood circulates better and the little veins do not get blocked, which causes these ugly purple veins and stains on my legs. I love it and will keep on buying this product without any doubt."
- Conny Reumueller
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Rs. 2,512.21 Rs. 1,698.57
Jarrow Formulas Venous PF

"I have used this on and off for about 2 years. I like to take a break from some supplements and cycle through to see if they really are helping. I know the on the label recommendation is for leg circulation and it does help with that- but it is really great for hemorrhoids. The ingredients in this are great for increasing circulation everywhere- including the hemorrhoid area. I cannot explain how it works but it does. The ingredients in this are also great for eye circulation and collagen integrity. I also really love all Jarrow products- they are made in GMP facilities and they also test products before sale to ensure they have in them whats on the label."
- Jennifer Fata
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Rs. 871.51 Rs. 646.71
Natra-Bio Restless Legs

"Restless Leg Syndrome is horrible! These work! I highly recommend them."
- Stephnie Walker
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Rs. 1,977.89 Rs. 1,513.61
Natural Balance Great Legs Ultra

"Nice!!, I did notice a reduction in my foot/leg pain... Happy!!"
- Radhika Sharma
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Rs. 2,851.08 Rs. 1,995.51
Garden of Life Lovely Legs

"Did not notice any visible changes in my legs or any change of how my legs felt when using Lovely Legs for a month."
- Mitsuko S.
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Rs. 1,567.72 Rs. 941.13
Kal L-Arginine

"Have taken this before, works great for me. Improves Libido. Try it out."
- Timothy Fox
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Rs. 1,945.18 Rs. 1,167.61
Kal Nattokinase

"The emetic coating was tested and ingredients approved by a well known lab. The coating was approved to go through the acids in the intestines order to get to your stomach to work. "
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Rs. 376.62 Rs. 240.32
Thompson Butcher's Broom

"Minha Esposa não fica mais sem. Tirou toda a dor que sentia nas pernas e não teve nenhuma reação negativa. Parabéns... excelente produto!!!!"
- Woney Thienio
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Rs. 410.17 Rs. 286.87
Nature's Life C-Complex 500 mg

"Gostei dessa vitamina C da Nature's Life, pois ela me dá mais disposição para enfrentar o dia-a-dia."
- Anderson Carvalho Nascimento
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Rs. 1,223.81 Rs. 733.95
Nature's Life Taurine Powder

"Tenho feito uso da taurina e sinto uma melhora no meu dia a dia. Ela age no funcionamento do coração, então pra mim que faço musculação e corrida tem auxiliado muito, sinto uma melhora na disposição para treinar e correr, fazer trilhas na mata. Eu senti uma melhora no raciocinio pois tambem estudo a noite. Tem melhorado meus estudos e me auxiliando antes das provas. Por ser um produto natural não tem contra-indicações podendo ser usado sem medo de efeitos colaterais indesejados. Comprei rapidamente no site sem complicações, rápido e fácil. O frete é muito bom e dinamico. A embalagem é muito bonita e resistente. O produto não tem sabor, pode ser tomado com agua ou suco sem problemas. Indico uma grama por dia, é o suficiente na ingestão. Esse é o meu relato sobre o produto a quem for compra-lo. Estou tomando durante a semana. "
- robert campos ferreira
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Rs. 879.90 Rs. 527.61
Nature's Life PABA 500 mg

"Já usei este produto e os resultados são ótimos, aumenta a imunidade, vou usar sempre sem duvidas, parabéns a Evitamins pelo bom preço. "
- luiz henrique lorenzo
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Rs. 2,012.28 Rs. 1,143.28
Nature's Way Leg Veins

"I have had varicose veins now for about four years. I am waiting until I have children to get them removed, but they began to be painful and make my legs feel very heavy. I tried these with honestly no expectations. I am so happy with the results! I can feel the difference between when I take them and when I don't. My legs tense up so much less now and they don't feel heavy. If I forget to take them at night they definitely hurt the next day. So thankful for this product! It really has made a difference!"
- Mary Richard
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