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Universal Nutrition Reviews

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135 Reviews
EUR 20,63 EUR 13,18
Universal Nutrition Creatine

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Helps a lot

This creatine in my opinion is among the top of the best, whenever I buy it I have many good results. I recommend everyone who trains to use it.
- Renan Gomes Barbosa

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A definite choice!

Extreme quality. A supplement that lacks praise given the great credibility that the brand has. Without a doubt, it guarantees great results. Little research time is enough to see the facts. One of the best qualities when it comes to supplementation. It is worth noting the need to ingest a greater amount of water daily during the administration of this supplement that should be continuous and without interruptions. For added safety, consult a nutritionist to recommend the dosage that you feel is best for you. Always good to check the influence of the product according to your health picture as well as your body rates. You will gain more endurance during the running of the exercises and series, which will result in a workout with a higher degree of muscular requirement, reflecting in a greater efficiency in each workout. Before the training, use the recommended dose in the package and a reduced dose throughout the day, always after meals, in order to avoid any stomach reaction. I certainly recommend using the comments!
- Dudu
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EUR 59,80 EUR 38,54
Universal Nutrition Animal Pak

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Product Makes a Difference When It Comes to Supplementation!

Great product, well improved the performance of my workouts. I recommend. Product Makes a Difference When It Comes to Supplementation! I have never had problems here with Evitamins products, they always arrive on the scheduled day! Animal Pak already made several orders and always arrived right! Several friends of mine who live here in Brazil too! Never had problems! Thank you always to Evitamins for fulfilling their duties and always making it easy for the buyer! Very good. Balanced formula that supports the body's needs in regular daily physical activities.
- Emerson Pereira

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Animal use and recommend

Very hungry and very good energy in mass gain
- paulo araújo
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EUR 16,54 EUR 8,79
Universal Nutrition Creatine

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Creatine top

This creatine is very good, I have used it several times and it always has a very positive effect, an excellent product for those who want to gain muscle along with their training.
- Renan Gomes Barbosa

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super supplement.

I'm taking creatine from universal to 4 months and people the result is really Wonderful !! Bodybuilding training and these last few months the results have been very significant, I really downloaded the percentage of fat and gained muscle mass !! Best supplement in the world !!! I recommend!!!
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EUR 68,78 EUR 44,37
Universal Nutrition Animal Stak

I have been lifting on and off for several years and have been getting back into it after a wrist injury. I stack this with NoXplode before I lift, creatine after lift and consume about 100g additional protein than what I would normally consume. Prior to using Animal Stak I had hit a plateau, could only bench 160lbs, curl 150lb, and shrug 315. After 1 month, I am benching 205, curling 190, and shrugging 405, am excited to do cycle two.
- Charles

Animal Stak is a great supplement, found an improvement in muscle density, definition after 1 week. I found it hard putting on weight, but this helped a lot -- was 68-69 KG now 72-74 KG - target 80KG. I train hard 5 days a week at 6:45 am, currently bench 90KG. I will report back after my second cycle of Stak, goal 110KG - 120KG. This is the first animal cycle, starting M-Stak next. I had this with Animal Pump, and Pak.
- Iby
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EUR 29,35 EUR 15,72
Universal Nutrition Natural Sterol Complex

I take two before bed, two 1/2 hour before workout w/ fat burner and creatine and two after a workout with protein. Started this regiment 3 weeks ago, lots of improvement from previous schedule.
- Dan

Natural Sterol Complex is a very good supplement!!! I lost 30 lbs in 3 months.
- Jose Luis
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EUR 27,25 EUR 16,71
Universal Nutrition Super Cuts 3

Super Cuts 3 really does the job to complete your body look

Great product that works really well with a good solid bodybuilding workout program. Worth the money.
- Maureen Asten

Yes they are large tablets, yes they smell and taste less than "attractive", but they work!
- JJf
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EUR 42,26 EUR 24,53
Universal Nutrition GH Max

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Product Analysis

Great product, super reliable, the effects begin us first days of use is remarkable. Cost benefit is very very good if compare with competitors. The product yields a lot each pot gives to use 1 month and combined with whey makes a great pair. The product may also be used with other types of supplements as long as the goal is muscle hypertrophy. For you customers from Brazil is a great purchase order on this site, because in Brazil these same supplement costs about R $ 250 an absurd, on the site is on average R $ 80 frete, so nen compares, I have already used 3 pots and it is great very very really good. The product comes in tablets for those who have difficulty swallowing like me, you can knead them and dilute in water, will give the same. The best time to use as incredible as it seems is at night, before going to sleep you take the dose and when you wake up you feel all your swollen muscles as if you were in the gym because this is the effect of Argentina and other substances contained in the product that are dilator vessels. In the first week of use you will notice your jumping veins and the muscle you are training will increase considerably. Well that's all I have to say, you can buy the product that will arrive and it is of great quality.
- mateus januário dos santos

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Arrived on time, well packaged, but the product itself did not feel much result / effect.
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EUR 31,76 EUR 18,47
Universal Nutrition BCAA 2000

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Good, but small amount per capsule. Cost benefit does not pay off
- Lindamir Michalski Delfrate

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BCAA of History

BCAA with a lot of history in the market, used by big names of the World of BodyBuilder, then it is worth very. I got huge results with it. More than recommend!
- Nicolas Dantas
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EUR 53,03 EUR 31,92
Universal Nutrition N1-T

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Very good product...

I use several different universal booster.N1-t test company is the product that gives the best results with good nutrition and good physical training you feel a difference in effort and endurance. I recommend a recognized product that delivers a good product.
- Dave

N1-T is the best Test boosting supplement I have tried so far. There are a couple of others on my list so I am not done experimenting, but so far this one is the best supplement I have tried.
- Salah Almazroa
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EUR 24,68 EUR 15,60
Universal Nutrition Ripped Fast

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Very good

Very good, speeds up your metabolism. In addition to not contain caffeine, being a better option for people who do not respond well to it, unable to sleep at night.
- Lindamir Michalski Delfrate

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Liked it.

I can not take thermogenic with strong stimulants. So I opted for Riped fast. It's a quiet thermogenic that helped me a lot.
- Emanoel Pereira Souza
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EUR 8,14 EUR 6,07
Universal Nutrition Creatine

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Creatine universal note 10

Universal Creatine, one of the best in the world, much used by Brazilians in their supplementation and training, high quality amino acids and helps a lot in muscle gain.
- Everton Araújo

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Great product, lots of energy and strength.
- Ivanilson Ferreira maia
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EUR 17,80 EUR 11,08
Universal Nutrition BCAA Pro

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It's very worth it

During my day day I have the need to replenish amino acids. And so the Universal BCAA came as a good option to meet my needs. I liked the quantity that comes in the pot and the quality of the product is well superior to the competitors.
- Emanoel Pereira Souza

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Bcaa. Leucine, isoleucine, valine

Amino acid that can not be lacking in my post workout. It helps a lot in my muscle recovery. And it also helps maintain lean mass while avoiding catabolism. And aiding in muscle anabolism.
- Jefferson Jesus Benito Lopes
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