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Now Foods Garlic Oil

"Very good product, it's like real garlic and its in a small soft gel easy to use. I love all the products by NOW."
- Sameer Al Qodwa

"This garlic works great as an antibiotic. It delivers fast results, like when you need to get rid of the flu."
- Ahinoam Mckinney
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EUR 8,17 EUR 6,67
Nature's Bounty Garlic

"Fast and wonderful !"
- Mercedes Marques Franco Magalhães

"Muito bom! Tenho me sentido bem melhor após o uso dessas cápsulas. Aqueles que tem condição deveriam usar, pois é um excelente bactericida e fortalece o sistema imune. Vi relatos de pessoas que tiveram a pressão regulada com seu uso e outras que ficaram menos suscetíveis a gripes e resfriado. "
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EUR 13,62 EUR 9,85
Enzymatic Therapy Garlinase Fresh

"Garlinase is just awesome! I've tried every garlic suplemment on the market and they always upset my stomach (I have a peptic ulcer). And the unpleasant odor (even with the odorless formulas)! Not only is Garlinase just one tablet a day, but it doesn't upset my stomach and now I don't stink (literally) with the garlic odor. I will always use this product and I have my entire family using it. It's really good for lowering cholesterol levels and enhancing the inmune system. I love it!"
- Daniela E.

"I have bought Garlinase at stores and your price is much better. It's the best garlic supplement we've found that helps lower cholesterol and doesn't have a garlic after-taste."
- Anonymous
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EUR 17,32 EUR 13,23
Kyolic Kyolic Formula 100 Garlic Extract Cardiovascular - 100% Vegetarian

"Great product! , Great, 100% vegan garlic supplement. They sent my order super fast. For sure I'll but it again! "

"I'm a vegan and in Brazil is impossible to obtain such product without animal compounds (gelatin present in the capsules). So when I came across with this Kyolic Garlic Extract 100% Vegetarian I got very happy. Now that I just received my order I can testify the quality of the good and also the vendor. "
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EUR 27,26 EUR 20,44
Kyolic Kyolic Formula 103 Garlic Extract Immune

"This product is really awesome. Starting from quality, packing and speed of delivery. I'm using it for a years and it's really great!"
- Ahmed Abdine
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EUR 27,26 EUR 14,72
Now Foods Super Garlic

"A great product for us aching feet sufferers. And about one quarter the price of the local (NZ) equivalent. "
- Robert Wright
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EUR 12,61 EUR 9,47
Herbs for Kids WillowGarlic Oil

"Willow/Garlic Oil is a life saver. Forget the antibiotics. This clears ear infections faster than antibiotics."
- Tawanna H.

"It's all natural and it works great for sinus/ear infections etc. Adults can use it as well and I believe that it can be used on dogs. Apply in both ears and cover the ears with a cotton ball"
- Tawanna Hunter
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EUR 20,19 EUR 10,90
Now Foods Garlic

"This garlic supplement helps keeps our family healthy in the winter months. It really is odorless and does not produce halitosis! "
- Twila

"I have been using a Kyolic product for years, this product was a more affordable option so I have swapped."
- Tabatha Middleton
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EUR 7,58 EUR 5,30
Source Naturals Garlic Oil

"Sempre gostei de consumir alho na alimentação pelos inúmeros benefícios que este alimento proporciona. No entanto, o incômodo do cheiro e gosto residual após a ingestão do alho sempre me incomodou. Ao pesquisar sobre os benefícios do alho para a saúde, encontrei muitos relatos do uso do alho em capsula. Resolvi experimentar o Garlic Oil da marca Source Naturals. Para minha surpresa o produto é excelente. Como descrito na embalagem do produto, não tem gosto e nem cheiro de alho, o que é excelente para quem tem problema de consumir o alho in natura. Estou consumindo este produto para melhorar meu sistema imunológico, pois tradicionalmente o alho é utilizado como um aliado no tratamento de gripes e resfriados. Quanto a possíveis efeitos colaterais, já estou ingerindo as capsulas ha vários dias e não senti nenhum efeito indesejado. Somente tenho a relatar benefícios com o uso deste produto. Senti que meu sistema imunológico está mais forte. Não tive nos últimos dias gripe ou resfriado, o que antes era comum em períodos de dias frios. Outro consideração positiva deste produto é o tamanho da capsula. Por ser de um tamanho bem pequeno a mesma se torna fácil de ingerir. Minha esposa também está fazendo uso deste suplemente e também tem relatado melhoras no seu sistema imunológico. Ela não sentiu nenhum efeito colateral indesejado. Este produto é excelente e certamente voltarei a adquiri-lo. Por fim, outra consideração positiva é o valor do produto que é realmente muito barato levando em consideração os benefícios trazidos pelo consumo do mesmo."
- Adilson de Chaves
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EUR 24,80 EUR 19,21
Nature's Plus Ultra Garlite 1000 mg - Sustained Release

"I loved this garlic! No after taste at all. I highly recommend this product."
- Liza Dawson
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EUR 26,75 EUR 20,07
Kyolic Kyolic Formula 104 Garlic Extract Cholesterol with Lecithin
EUR 40,35 EUR 25,81
New Chapter Garlic Force

"Very good garlic, if you can stand the smell, which doesn't bother me. Besides, it keeps the mosquitoes away. Real garlic is a natural antibiotic, but, odorless, synthetic garlic isn't. Put up with the smell and get the benefits."
- William G.
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EUR 30,30 EUR 23,18
AlliMax Liquid

"This AlliMax Liquid is an easy solution to get a great antiviral/anti-fungal into my six-year-old son. It has no taste and can easily be mixed into his drinks. A wonderful rescue supplement during the cold and flu season as well. "
- Debra F.
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EUR 40,40 EUR 30,91
AlliMax Rescue Spray

"I ordered the AlliMax spray, but it hasn't yet been used; however, I do have experience with AlliMax cream and it is phenomenal! I used it on my elderly father to heal two pressure sores, two infected arm wounds and an infected finger, all with outstanding results. AlliMax is a truly outstanding product - better than any antibiotic. It worked with absolutely no side effects."
- Vera Cleek
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EUR 13,64 EUR 8,70
Arizona Natural Garlic Time
EUR 29,89 EUR 22,41
Kyolic Kyolic Formula 105 Detox  Anti-Aging with Vitamin A  E  Selenium

"Kyolic Formula 105 Detox & Anti-Aging with Vitamin A & E & Selenium cleanses the body of toxins that have been hiding out in the tissues for years. I take it together with Aces w. Zinc. The age spots on my skin began to clear up after a few weeks. Surprisingly, taking these two supplements cleaned the black toxins out of a wart that I have had most of my life. I have ordered another bottle of each to continue the clean-up!"
- Robert Gallagher
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EUR 18,33 EUR 13,75
Kyolic Kyolic Formula 100 Garlic Extract Plain

"Used this for years. It's an excellent product."
- Cheri DiCioccio
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EUR 31,46 EUR 23,59
Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract

"Kyolic Formula 100 Garlic Extract Plain Liquid can be used for so many things. It can even help with acne, high blood pressure, topically mixed with your favorite moisturizer, as a food flavor etc."
- Tawanna H.
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EUR 48,83 EUR 36,62
Kyolic Kyolic Phytosterols Formula 107

"Awesome. Got lower results on my blood tests."
- Tseng Wai Ching (Wilson)
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EUR 17,83 EUR 13,37
Kyolic Kyolic Reserve 600 mg

"Kyolic Reserve 600 mg is a wonderful antifungal that works great on Candida. Be prepared to smell like garlic when you sweat. If you rotate your antifungals every four days, it's not too tough to take and it's worth it. Kyolic Reserve 600 mg can cause some burning of the throat, so don't use continuously for very long. I don't use it for more than seven days max. "
- EGriffin
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EUR 22,21 EUR 12,41
Dr. Christophers Super Garlic Immune Syrup

"Before I started taking Super Garlic Immune Syrup on a daily basis, I would get severe sinus infections and pneumonia every year. Now I only get a very mild cold through the whole season. The other easy way of using it is just to take a tablespoon twice a day when you start to feel a sickness coming on. The one down-side to it is the taste, but like mom always says - the nastier it tastes, the better it is for you."
- Anonymous
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EUR 7,06 EUR 3,81
Now Foods Garlic Oil

"Óleo de alho de confiança (por ser da Marca Now, que confio) e com um preço bem acessível. Bom para prevenir doenças (principalmente gripes e resfriados) e curar doenças mais simples (como algumas verminoses). Uso e recomendo. "
- Isaque Fancelino
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EUR 10,09 EUR 5,44
Now Foods Garlic

"Excelente produto, não deixa cheiro na boca."
- Antonio Rita dos Santos Neto
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EUR 10,09 EUR 7,58
Solaray Garlic

"Good quality. Garlic does what it is supposed to do. No complaints here."
- Theresa C.
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