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护肤 评价

HK$ 25.37 HK$ 19.31
Queen Helene 100% Cocoa Butter Stick

Great stick

Love the stick for easy application.
- Yolanda Wilson

翻译  原版的
keep lips moisturized

keep lips hydrated longer
- Odete Fatima Drisner
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HK$ 92.51 HK$ 70.70
Desert Essence Blemish Touch Stick

翻译  原版的

Very good, it deflames the skin

翻译  原版的
Very good.

Very good, the smell is strong, but it helps in the treatment of sporadic acnes.
- Fabiana Duda Diniz Sortino
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HK$ 30.47
EOS Lip Balm

翻译  原版的
great product !!! Super fast shipping.

Best lipstick q there, just use it! Super recommend it.
- Marcio Andre de Lima

翻译  原版的
I have all, very good.

Best lip balm ever! Hydrates A LOT!
- ingrid alini avallone
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HK$ 38.80 HK$ 33.61
EOS Lip Balm

翻译  原版的
Best Lip Balm

Best Lip Balm I've ever used !! It moisturizes the lips very well and does not leave them looking oily like some other brand name lip balm that I have ever used. Necessary product in my day to day, can not be without using. Wonderful!!!!
- Ester de Arruda e Silva

翻译  原版的

Aroma smooth, it moisturizes enough, the fixation is good and the product duration is good as well.
- Alexsandra Sayuri Yamashita
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HK$ 48.89 HK$ 37.36
Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque

翻译  原版的

It has an unbelievably fresh odor of mint and leaves the skin of the face very clear and visibly brighter.
- Jenny Kourakou

翻译  原版的
Amazing product!

She has entered my routine and I doubt it will come out! Amazing product!
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HK$ 92.51 HK$ 69.64
Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

If you haven't tried this you DEFINITELY SHOULD!

This stuff really works wonders! Using this in the form of a facial mask has really aided in prevent my acne prone skin from breaking out. Using Indian Healing Clay regularly has also helped balance out the oils in my combination oily skin. I also believe incorporating this clay mask into my skincare regimen has also helped even out my skin tone and clear up pre-existing acne scars.
- Alesia Shumpert

翻译  原版的
I really wanted this product

I am very happy with my request, it really worked, I liked the final result, thankful for the shipping!
- Vandressa Pereira
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HK$ 22.13 HK$ 20.00
EOS Hand Lotion

翻译  原版的
I recommend

Product Smells good and moisturizes enough without leaving sticky!
- Christiane Maria PEreira

翻译  原版的
Loved it

The texture of the EOS hand moisturizer is lightweight but very moisturizing! He is not one of those sticky moisturizers, so my love so great for this product. The smell is soft and delicious, not sweet and cloying. And the best point for sure is the immediate absorption of this product, I can apply it on the hands and quickly re-use the computer without leaving the keys dirty, you know? It certainly was worth the investment. The pack contains 44ml that yield at least 1 month using 3 times a day. Enjoyed it and highly recommend it. Very fast delivery
- Sweetie Rodrigues
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HK$ 48.99 HK$ 37.64
Queen Helene Mud Pack Masque

翻译  原版的
Mask with pink clay.

Excellent face mask, pink clay cleans the skin well, after rinsing there is no tightness. (I have combined skin) The clay melts quickly from water and is easily washed off. After the mask, the pores taper a little and the skin is slightly tucked up.
- анонимное

翻译  原版的
Perfect mask !!!

The face mask from MUD PACK MASQUE is perfect! I have tried another face mask from the same series and I was completely satisfied! It is easy to rinse with lukewarm water. The packaging is perfect. Also, the smell is wonderful! It makes a deep cleansing that you understand when you rinse it with water. The price is very affordable for deep cleansing and the perfect feeling. I dedicate this product to those who are looking for a good face mask at an affordable price. I loved her and of course I will buy it again from the evitamins.
- Tk
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HK$ 33.80 HK$ 25.84
Queen Helene Cocoa Butter Lotion

翻译  原版的
Perfect lotion.

Lovely lotion with a perfect coconut aroma. The packaging is very good and practical. Also, its texture in combination with the fragrance makes it an amazing product. Only positive things can I say about this product. I use it for body and face. It is also ideal for hands. The quantity is fine for the price it costs. I put it to everyone unreservedly. Worth the price for what it offers you and the above. I loved her. It's wonderful!
- Tk

No better deal for the money!

You seriously cannot beat the price of this Cocoa Butter Lotion! First off, the smell of this lotion is amazing! And it is a super light weight and does not feel heavy or leave a weird residue. It makes my skin feel really soft and silky. I've even used it on some of my inverse psoriasis and it seemed to calm it and help the skin not flare up as much. Works very well!
- Harley Kensington
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HK$ 30.47
EOS Lip Balm

翻译  原版的
Excellent product!

Very fragrant, well moisturizing, and the product arrived very fast.
- Iasmim Liria Aquino dos Santos

翻译  原版的
Very good

I liked it, I'm wearing it a little while and it really makes the lips very soft.
- marta pfeifer dell osbel
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HK$ 92.51 HK$ 66.53
Home Health Products Almond Glow Skin Lotion

翻译  原版的
Mixing oils for massage and hydration!

A blend of natural oils. In particular, it contains oils from pure peanuts, olive oil and lanolin. It deeply hydrates the skin, protects it from dryness in the low winter temperatures and offers antioxidant properties thanks to vitamin E. It regenerates and improves the texture of the skin noticeably. Its action "locks" moisture into the skin, and it keeps it moisturized and soft for days. Ideal use, after bathing or showering, where the pores of the skin absorb it more properly. Contains natural herbs and essential oils without the addition of craftsmanship. The fragrance of the product is intense and reminiscent of natural almond oil. An extraordinary body lotion in the form of oil, where it is intended for massages. Excellent product!
- Maria Tsapi

I love it

Feels great and smells great, what more can I say?
- Michelle
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HK$ 189.74 HK$ 107.79
Enzymatic Therapy Derma Klear Akne-Zyme

翻译  原版的
Excellent product.

Very good product for acne, it helps a lot in cases of recidivism.
- Fellipe Augusto Fernandes de Oliveira

翻译  原版的
Excellent product

My daughter is making use of this product for about fifteen days, the appearance of her skin has been improving every day, it is simply wonderful. So far it has been fulfilling what it promises, its acne has been decreasing throughout the treatment and the best without side effects. I recommend, I have already indicated to several friends who suffer with acne.
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HK$ 106.40 HK$ 86.81
Boericke and Tafel Florasone Cardiospermum Cream

Relieves itching on hands and wrists!

I have suffered with bouts of dermatitis with relentless itching on my hands. After trying several different over-the-counter anti-itch creams this is one that I always have on hand!
- Susan K.

I love Florasone and use it on me and my daughter's eczema. I also use Retin-A for Acne and Florasone helps with the redness and peeling.
- Lori
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HK$ 48.52 HK$ 37.23
Queen Helene Natural Facial Scrub

Effective and affordable

Nice gel-like consistency that makes it hydrating. Seeds are a bit harsh so you need to use it without applying any pressure but the results are great. It leeaves your skin fresh and glowing. I really liked the scent, too. It smells like a combination of fruits and almonds.
- Jenny Kourakou

翻译  原版的

Try it. Organic, pharmaceutical, high, preventative, not at all luscious, ideal for acne. Holds in the shower for once or twice a day. Significant improvement in acne and total skin appears clearer. I tried it myself and I was surprised at how good it is to exfoliate. I will continue to buy it. It is my favorite product for exfoliating. It smells perfectly. Ideal for taking on a trip as well because the quantity is very good for the price it costs. The packaging is perfect. I suggest that you buy it and I'm sure it will be like whoever gets it. I love it!!!
- Tk
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HK$ 259.28 HK$ 194.46
Reviva Labs Alpha Lipoic Acid Vit.C Ester  DMAE Cream


This is the best product to make you look younger , I have ever used! I would highly recommend this product. It makes your wrinkles not so visible. Try this product and you will be glad you did . Good luck.
- Carol S Smith

Love this!!!

I have nothing but positive things to say about this Reviva Labs Alpha Lipoic Acid Vit.C Ester & DMAE Cream! I use it before bed nightly. After washing my face I let it air dry and then apply the cream to my face and neck. It is very light weight and doesn't feel heavy and greasy. A little goes a long way too! You don't have to cake it on to notice it's there. I can definitely see the difference in my skin tone after starting to use this product.
- Harley Kensington
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HK$ 73.99 HK$ 54.17
O'Keeffe's Healthy Feet

翻译  原版的

great product .. super moisturizing, I felt the difference already in the first use.
- Fabiana D Amicis

翻译  原版的
Feet thank

From the first time I met the product, by far it is one of the best moisturizers I have ever experienced. Also recommended for those who suffer from dryness due to diabetes.
- Decio Sampaio Dos Santos
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HK$ 120.29 HK$ 92.51
Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

Great Clay Face Mask

Feels great on the face. It will get tight but that is normal and it leaves your face soft and acne free.
- Brooke Heatherman

Cleanser for Hair

Fantastic product for Hair and Face.
- Robin P Waldo
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HK$ 30.47
EOS Lip Balm

Love this product!

I believe it's worth the hype. Very good hydration and smells so nice!
- Roula Katsarou

翻译  原版的

Very good it moisturizes enough, so senore come back to buy more, they are great. I have 3 and I ordered 4 more, besides the soft packages, they have a great quality. Super recommend for you.
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HK$ 101.77 HK$ 77.78
Home Health Products Blemish Treatment Lotion

翻译  原版的
I will definitely buy it again

This product is perfect for my skin and it cleanses my face very well.
- Ανώνυμος

Perfect for my skin, smells great

Been looking for this ever since another website carrying this is no longer selling. This product is perfect for my skin condition and helps to control the acne.
- Muhd Fidaus
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HK$ 129.55 HK$ 99.04
Home Health Products Psoriasis Medicated Body Wash

翻译  原版的
Fight against psoriasis!

Good day! I already wrote on the site about the cream of psoriasis and eczema. Unfortunately, this ailment is incurable, it appears and disappears. To keep it always under control requires comprehensive care. In addition to the cream, we also purchased other products for psoriasis and eczema. Psoriasis Medicated Body Wash perfectly cleans the damaged surface, pinches a little, but in general, the wounds dry out very quickly and the itching becomes less, and the outwardly affected areas become not so noticeable and no longer look so inflamed.
- анонимное

Great product!

This body wash is the cure for dry, itchy skin! I am re-ordering 2 more bottles because it works!
- Andrea Gray
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HK$ 185.11 HK$ 99.92
Now Foods Hyaluronic Acid Firming Serum

翻译  原版的
I like the NOW Brand

I bought two bottle a year or so ago and I did not get the results I was expecting. I would not recommend this.
- Monica Poncy

翻译  原版的
Very good.

Good, smelly, leaves skin soft.
- Rodrigo Reis
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HK$ 42.50 HK$ 27.22
Thompson Biotin

翻译  原版的
Great product

My hair was in need of a little help to stop falling and growing and stronger. I used biotin and it worked for me, as it became more resilient, thicker, improved the thickness. Biotin is very important for the health of the hair, and from a certain age that is my case is indispensable, especially for women in the period of menopause. I recommend.
- Du

翻译  原版的
Biotin Thompson 800mg

Quality product at an exaggerated dosage.
- Gomes
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HK$ 192.24 HK$ 146.82
Alba Botanica Hawaiian Moisturizer

翻译  原版的
Vivaaa Havaiiiiii!

Cream delight, my skin looks great!
- Eliani A Carvalho

翻译  原版的
Very good!!

If you have oily / mixed skin and love delicate creams, this is ideal for you. It has a pleasant and light smell, spreads easily and leaves no oiliness. Especially for the summer we always show more greasy, it's the perfect choice!
- Aglaia Amanatidou
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HK$ 175.85 HK$ 94.92
Now Foods Hyaluronic Acid Creme

翻译  原版的
Excellent product!!

Excellent quality product! Good texture, nice smell, practical packaging. Super effective and in a few weeks already the result is noticed, and the price super affordable, delivery was super fast, service was excellent, the site is to be congratulated. Ameii, I will buy this product again for sure! And I will take advantage of the other offers of products because the products are wonderful, brands of very good products, that are with a price not to be missed !!
- Karina Alexandre de Sousa

翻译  原版的
I recommend!

I do not usually bother with these comments, but this stuff is amazing. My main reason to start using it was because of two very deep lines from my face to my upper lip. After maybe 2 weeks of use only once a day and they almost disappeared! I could not believe it. I am using hyaluronic acid in conjunction with my Aubrey Organics cleanser and moisturizer but can get the moisturizer now because it also has hyaluronic acid in it. Try it, you will not be disappointed.
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