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HK$156.65 HK$91.73
Goosefoot Acres Dandy Blend Instant Herbal Beverage with Dandelion

"This does not taste like coffee. It's not bad tasting, it just tastes more like tea or a bad instant coffee. I like it, don't get me wrong, but if you are looking for a coffee substitute this may not be right for you."
- Rebecca Lucas

"Very convenient packs for those on the go days, it taste better than coffee."
- T Hunter
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HK$41.40 HK$37.71
Now Foods Dandelion Cleansing Herbal Tea

"It took some getting used to the taste, but I like it now. It seems to be helping with my fatty liver disease."
- Mary Kyte

"Dandelion Tea is excellent for the liver and like many other traditional Medicines this one is outstanding in quality and taste. It's a great alternative to coffee and tastes even better. Very satisfied customer."
- Deepak P
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HK$165.87 HK$94.23
Nature's Way Dandelion Root

"This has done wonders for sinus and drainage of the lymphatic system. My sinus has decreased majorly and now I only have to take sinus medication once in a while. This has also helped with sugar/insulin problems, so I need no commercial medication. Dandelion is very good for water retention, so when my kidneys don't work too well, this has been my answer."
- Vici Kiehm

"Con este producto depuro mi organismo de la reacción adversa de los lácteos."
- Jeannette Vega Arellano
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HK$193.53 HK$145.12
Nature's Answer Dandelion Root

"I have it in my office and use it every day along with other 2 tinctures of the same company. I put a dropper in my tea and drink it - it makes me full good and I have the feeling that I take care of myself better!"
- Pan

"Con este producto depuro a mi organismo de la reacción adversa de los lácteos."
- Jeannette Vega Arellano
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HK$73.67 HK$58.92
Alvita Organic Herbal Tea

"I drink Alvita's Dandelion tea to help with the digestive process after eating, especially when eating processed foods. I even drink it every morning before breakfast. I love this brand."
- Deepak Patra

"Great taste. Easy to use. Doesn't work as a detox to lose 5- 10 lbs in a week if you already drink that much water in your typical day."
- Sarah Morris
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HK$70.16 HK$60.02
Celebration Herbals Herbal Tea

"This product is excellent for removing toxins/excess acid from the body. It is best used early in the morning as a hot tea. Let it steep for a while and only use pure honey to sweeten. Drink down while still hot. Best if you take at least 2 Dandelion Root capsules 15-20 minutes before drinking this tea. Good idea to drink alkaline water throughout the day as well."
- Marc Randall
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HK$36.79 HK$24.34
Thompson Dandelion 520 mg

"O produto é bom. Já comprei produtos da marca. Uso dandelion dente de leão como complemento a dieta, pois traz diversos benefícios, principalmente digestivos e na melhora do sistema imunológico. Outro beneficio e a melhora na retenção de líquidos no organismo. Outros beneficios podem não ser sentidos no momento , mas traria beneficios a saúde a longo prazo. A marca e boa a entrega foi rápida. "
- Simone Fatima Novakoski
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HK$414.81 HK$336.07
Gaia Herbs Organic Dandelion Root

"This formula is a good intestinal cleanser and flusher, I take this formula after meals to help with digestion."
- Dee
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