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Top 10 Tea Benefits - eVitamins 香港

Take a look at the 10 best reasons to start drinking tea. eVitamins 香港.

Before you reach for that cup of coffee, you might want to reconsider and reach for a tea bag instead. Tea has many benefits that coffee doesn’t and you can still get that warm, fuzzy feeling that you get from java.

Benefit No. 1: Less Caffeine
Before you stop reading this and decide you can never stop drinking coffee because you need the caffeine to stay awake, consider this:

Dunkin Donuts has about 143-206 mg in a 16 oz cup and Starbucks has 150 mg of caffeine in the same size cup versus the 120 mg in an 8 oz cup of black tea. What does this mean? You could drink more tea and get the same caffeinated effect, plus all of the other benefits of tea.

However, the point of this benefit is to ingest less caffeine but still enjoy a warm beverage, so if you aren’t caffeine drug seeking, this will be of a better advantage to you.

Benefit No. 2: Good Source of Antioxidants
Free radicals are toxins that can attack good cells in your body. Harmful environmental effects and age can produce these free radicals and can lead to diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

Drink at least a cup of tea a day and you’ll get plenty of antioxidants to help your body fight those toxic free radicals.

Benefit No. 3: Fight Against Osteoporosis
Tea can keep bones strong with its phytochemicals. According to WebMD[1], despite the caffeine in tea, studies have found that older women who have drank tea throughout their life were less likely to suffer from osteoporosis and had higher bone mineral density. Researcher, Hegarty, hypothesizes that there may be components that act like estrogen and aide in preserving bone mineral density.

Benefit No. 4: Fight a Cold
Tea can help you fight a cold because it improves the function of your immune system. According to the National Academy of Sciences[2], tea boosts immune system function and attacks bacteria, viruses and fungi. A study by Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston and Harvard Medical School found that people who drank five cups of a tea were able to beat a cold five times faster than coffee drinkers were.

Benefit No. 5: Hydrating
Your body is made up of 70 percent water. Since tea doesn’t have as much caffeine as coffee, it’s not as much of a diuretic as coffee is so it won’t dehydrate you as much. So drink this up as much as you would like and get hydrated.

Benefit No. 6: No-Cal Drink
If you’re looking for an alternative drink to water while you’re trying to lose weight, tea is great. You can drink it hot or iced. It has zero calories without sugar and you’ll stay right on the weight loss path.

Benefit No. 7: Lower Risk of Heart Disease
People used to believe that tea lowered the risk of heart disease and stroke, but researchers have found that it doesn’t influence stroke risk as much as once thought. WebMD reports[3] on a study that found 45 percent of people who drank tea had a lower risk of heart disease – they drank three to six cups of tea a day.

Benefits No. 8: Ward Off Cancer
Green tea, according to Harvard Health Publications[4], has cancer inhibiting components called catechins. Specifically, studies have shown it to reduce the risk of skin, breast, lung, colon, esophageal and bladder cancer.

Benefit No. 9: Lowers Stress
According to a study by the University College London[5], daily tea drinkers are better able to handle stress. The tea nutrients lower stress levels when people encounter stressful situations and return levels to base once the threats are gone much quicker than for non tea drinkers.

Benefit No. 10: Beat Bad Breath
Paranoid about odor from your mouth? Drink tea and you may not have to worry anymore. The University of Illinois[6] found that tea drinkers were less likely to suffer from bad breath. That’s because tea has polyphenols, which stop the growth of bacteria and halt halitosis in its tracks.

Choosing Your Brand of Tea
There are many brands of tea, so if you’ve tried tea in the past and haven’t found one that you’ve adored, it’s time to try again. Or, if you’ve been drinking the same leaves for a while, change it up!

Yogi Tea is a popular, number one selling brand, and has more than 50 varieties of green, herbal and black teas. So you have tons of types to choose from to get all of the healthy benefits of tea.

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