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Pole Dancing to Lose Weight - eVitamins 香港

Pole dancing may not be the exercise activity you had in mind when you said you wanted to lose weight, but dancing with a pole offers more health benefits than you'd expect.

Sleazy bars, night clubs and the like - these are the first things in people’s minds when they think about pole dancing. Not anymore. These days, pole dancing has become a legitimate form of exercise. The pole has become a fitness tool, the swirling and leg movements around it have become part of a fitness regimen. Teachers, nurses, mothers and women from all walks of life have tried this dancing style. Do you think it’s a good idea? Here are some reasons that might convince you that it is.

Calorie burner
Pole dancing is an efficient cardio workout. It puts the body’s energy systems to work and produces a high rate of caloric burn. You’ll be surprised that an hour has passed and you’ve barely noticed it because you were having fun. On top of that, over the course of an hour you're able to burn 200 to 450 calories. Of course, the caloric burn depends on the intensity of the workout. Some workout routines are more rigorous than others but you shouldn’t put too much pressure on yourself. Stick to the basic moves, especially if you’re a beginner, to avoid any injuries.

Muscle builder and toner
Apart from being a cardio exercise that elevates your heart rate, pole dancing is also great for strength training. Since pole dancing requires strength of the arms and legs in order to grasp the pole and twirl around it smoothly, it inevitably works out these muscle groups. Your arm strength is tremendously improved as you use this to support your entire weight. This builds your upper body strength. The dance also helps in strengthening stomach muscles. You’ll also find more muscle definition in your thighs and butt. The more toned your muscles are, the stronger they become.

Self-esteem and mood booster
One edge that pole dancing has over other fitness workouts is that this one makes you feel sexy and confident. Sure, other workouts do that too but it's after several sessions of hard work when you finally see the result of a more sculpted body. With pole dancing, you feel great right in the middle of the exercise session. This workout, which is sexy and erotic, makes women feel good about themselves. It builds their self-confidence and boosts the mood. Any physical activity can trigger the release of feel-good chemicals in the brain. These are the serotonin and endorphins. As if these are not enough, pole dancing can also improve your sex life.

Fountain of youth
It’s everyone goal to age gracefully. Unfortunately for those looking for a fountain of youth, such thing doesn’t exist, at least in the magical form. Yes, there are anti-wrinkle creams and plastic surgery available. But if you want to naturally look great despite your age, pole dancing is one way to achieve this. Since pole dancing is both a cardio and strength workout, it enables you to maintain proper weight as well as high energy levels that would make your body look and feel younger than you really are. After all, age is just a number.

Tips for Pole Dancing Beginners

  • Confused about what to wear? Shorts and tank top will do. If you’re daring enough, try hot pants, although most would recommend shorts so that your bare legs can have stronger grip on the pole. High heels are also a good idea. They make you feel even sexier, and the extra weight of big shoes helps build leg muscles.
  • Anxious about getting to a class? The boost in confidence doesn’t happen in a blink of an eye. It’s possible that you’ll be shy or anxious about getting into a pole dancing class. Ease that tension within by inviting some of your friends to join. It would be more fun and you get to bond and catch up with them.
  • Not sure if you’re fit enough? Some people hesitate going to pole dancing classes because they think they are not fit and strong enough for this. What you can do is to try basic cardio and strength workout training at home before you engage in this activity. It would also be a good idea to eat a nutritionally balanced diet so you can get the energy that you need from the food that you eat.

Pole dancing may not be the type of activity you ever thought you'd see yourself doing, but the health benefits this sultry style of dance certainly outweigh the negative associations. Try to find pole dancing classes near your home, many gyms now offer the classes, and impress yourself with how quickly you can lose weight while you work it.


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