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HCG帮助减肥 - eVitamins 香港

It's safe, all natural and very effective. The HCG diet is all the rage right now but before you start it yourself you should know exactly what makes HCG a modern day weight loss wonder. eVitamins 香港.

One of the newest trends to hit the dieting world is HCG.  It’s being called the miracle cure for obesity that’s all natural and offers real results fast.  HCG is a hormone called “human chorionic gonadotropin” that's made naturally in the body.  A woman’s body produces it when it’s making the placenta during pregnancy.  It’s also the indicator that’s used in pregnancy tests.  Recently, scientists have found that it may help with weight loss.

HCG And Weight Loss
Studies have shown that HCG has an effect on an area of the brain called the hypothalamus.  This area controls your breathing, heart rate, metabolism and other involuntary functions.  Research suggests when stimulated by HCG, the hypothalamus sends signals to the body telling it to release calories in the fat cells.  These calories store nutrients, and when they’re released they can circulate through the bloodstream.  What this means is that it allows your body to more efficiently use the calories it takes in.

Is HCG Weight Loss For Real?
While some people who have taken HCG supplements swear that they’ve finally found the solution to their obesity problem, some say that it’s just more snake oil.  They point out the fact that people get mixed results from taking the hormone.  While some shed pounds daily, others find that it doesn’t produce any effect at all.

What some people don’t realize is that just taking HCG isn’t enough.  They must also stick to a diet that restricts the intake of calories.  This diet is necessary because you need to be burning what you have stored in fat cells and not storing more.  You can find all kinds of information online about the ideal diet, along with cookbooks and recipes so that you don’t starve yourself.

Are There Side Effects To HCG?
HCG is an all natural weight loss method so there’s no risk of serious side effects.  However, some people suffer a little when they first start the calorie-restricted diet.  People report moodiness, headaches and hunger during the first few days of the diet because they’re used to eating more calorie-rich foods.  Day four is the average turning point – if you can make it that far, your body is fully adjusted to the restricted diet.

Does It Really Work?
If you want to see how fast and effective the HCG diet is, you only have to look at reviews online.  On average, the diet takes off a couple of pounds per day.  Some reviewers have reported 15 pounds or more lost in a week.  Others reported beneficial side effects like raised energy levels and less appetite even after they went off the program.

How To Get The Best Results Out Of HCG
The HCG diet is a fast and effective way to take off the pounds but you’ve got to stick to eating right to make it work.  This is the biggest challenge for most people, but once they overcome it, the pounds start coming off.  It’s recommended that if you want to try this innovative diet, you find some cookbooks, recipes and meal plans online.  These can help you lose weight and also eat meals that are tasty and fulfilling.

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