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$ 9.89 $ 6.69
Mill Creek Biotene H-24 Conditioning Hair Spray

"This conditioning hairspray is horrible. The smell is way too strong and it left my hair feeling gross and took forever to wash out the day after use. The price is probably the only decent thing about this product. Keep searching!"
- C. Wolfe

"Terrible for my soft hair! This is just too strong of a smell and made my hair hard. The moment I sprayed it I knew it was not for me."
- Lisa Hunter
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$ 12.77 $ 9.75
Jason Natural Cosmetics Thin-to-Thick Body Building Hairspray

"Best I have ever used!"
- KP

"I don't understand Thin-to-Thick Body Building Hairspray! Is it a 'hairspray' as in, spray it on your finished style to hold it in place? Because if it is, it sure doesn't do that! It makes it wet and doesn't hold a thing. Perhaps it is meant to be used before styling? I just can't figure it out. It seems my bottle is filled with nothing more than fragrant water."
- Anonymous
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$ 9.99 $ 7.64
Desert Essence Coconut Soft Curls Hair Cream

"Как оказалось поклонников кондиционера для волос Coconut Soft Curls Hair Cream огромное множество и я не одна такая. Каждая уважающая себя курчавая девушка, знает об этом потрясающем косметическом продукте. Девушки с волнистыми волосами меня поймут, когда торопишься, и надо срочно привести волосы в порядок, а нужного средства под рукой не оказывается, так и приходится идти или с хвостиком или с косичкой. С кремом Coconut Soft Curls Hair Cream я начала новую жизнь, точнее мои волосы. С утра, что бы сделать красивую укладку мне хватает всего 10 минут и я словно была у хорошего парикмахера. У меня волосы волнистые, и с помощь. крема, волосы становятся кудряшка к кудряшке, смотрится очень красиво и эффектно! "
- ???????? ???? ?????????????
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$ 8.99 $ 6.87
Giovanni Hair Care Products 2chic Flat Iron Styling Mist

"Produto excelente para o cabelo, alem de deixar meu cabelo suave e macio para pentear ele hidratou com o oleo de Argan que tem deixando acetinado, deu volume e impecável deslizamento da escova. Alem de acabar com o friss, protege contra calor do secador e cuida dos cabelos. Ele pode ser usado diariamente tambem e o cabelo fica lindo . Usei um mes seguido e o resultado foi incrivel. Amei muito e super recomendo para deixar seus cabelos lindos e volumosos. Todos deveriam usar, recomendo muito para o uso diario. Eu amo e nao vivo mais !"
- Amanda Tavares

"Иметь красивые волосы не так просто. Что бы волосы были красивыми приходится постоянно делать различные маски, пользоваться разнообразными дополнительными косметическими продуктами. А все почему? Потому, что именно волосы украшают женщину, как ничто другое. Когда я попробовала Brazilian Keratin & Argan Oil я была просто шокирована, как преобразились мои волосы. Блестящие, упругие, ухоженные и здоровые. 2chic Flat Iron Styling Mist, Brazilian Keratin & Argan Oil всего за одно применение преображает волосы до неузноваемости. Прекрасные кудри начинают сверкать. Волосы становятся объемными и просто шикарными!"
- ???????? ???? ?????????????
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$ 9.99 $ 7.65
Alba Botanica Strong Hold Style Gel

"I was searching for an all natural, but still affordable styling gel and I think I've found it! I love so many things about this product: it's frangrance-free (nothing is more annoying than a whiff of overpowering smell coming out of your hair all day long), it's silicone-free, paraben-free, has sage and moringa extracts, which are so good for your hair. I'm absolutely in love with this product and can't believe that such a great quality can come at such a cheap price. The amount is huge as well! I use it in conjunction with The Honest Company Detangling Spray and the Aveda Be Curly Curl Enhancer. The combination of these three things make my short, curly hair perfectly manageable. "
- Vita Pedrazzi
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$ 9.95 $ 7.61
Andalou Naturals Style Spray

"Σπρέι styling που υπόσχεται πολύ όγκο και μεταξένια λάμψη στα μαλλιά. Περιέχει βλαστοκύτταρα φρούτων, λεβάντα και βιοτίνη που βοηθάνε στην ελαστικότητα και στην θρέψη της τρίχας. Είναι cruelty free, gluten free και vegan προϊόν. Στα δικά μου μαλλιά δεν έδωσε τον πλούσιο όγκο που υπόσχεται, άλλα κάτι μέτριο. Δεν βαραίνει τα μαλλιά και σίγουρα μετά την χρήση νιώθω την τρίχα πιο ενυδατωμένη. Δίνει αισθητή λάμψη και ελαστικότητα. Έχει αρκετά έντονο άρωμα φυσικής λεβάντας, όπως όταν μυρίζεις και τον άνθο του φυτού. Η μυρωδιά του δεν παραπέμπει σε κάτι τεχνητό. Το προϊόν έρχεται σε εύχρηστη συσκευασία σπρέι. Θεωρώ ότι δίνει καλύτερο αποτέλεσμα από θέμα όγκου σε κοντά ή μέτρια σε μήκος μαλλιά, αλλά και σε σπαστά ή με μπούκλες από ότι σε ίσια. Σίγουρα δίνει πολύ καλύτερο αποτέλεσμα όγκου σε μαλλιά με λεπτή τρίχα από ότι σε μαλλιά με χοντρή τρίχα. Αν χρειάζεστε προϊόν όγκου για τα μαλλιά, δεν χάνεται κάτι να το δοκιμάσετε!"
- Maria Tsapi
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$ 9.95 $ 7.61
Andalou Naturals Styling Gel

"I wasn't overly impressed but not completely dissatisfied with this styling gel. The smell was great do there is that. It didn't leave my hair feeling weighted down but it also didn't last all day either. I felt I had to use more than I usually use with other brands though. It's a toss up if I would use this product again, most likely in a pinch I would but that is about it."
- C. Wolfe
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$ 9.99 $ 7.64
Giovanni Hair Care Products Styling Glue

"I used this product on my hair alone and experimenting with a wig as well. It worked well in both uses. It smells wonderful. It was really easy to use. The texture took a little to get used to but after that it was nice to use. I recommend it to someone looking to try something different. "
- Allie C
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$ 8.95 $ 6.84
Giovanni Hair Care Products Root 66 Max Volume Directional Root Lifting Spray

"I recommend this root lifting spray, as it creates volume without drying you hair out!"
- Brooke Williams
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$ 24.95
Tate's The Natural Miracle Hair Gel

"This was a great hair gel. It made my hair very soft. It also can be used for pain. I rubbed my shoulders down and it felt great. This gel is also used for many other disorders including acne, morning sickness and eye puffiness."
- Lisa H.
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$ 16.00
ClariSEA Beachy Waves Softly Defined Finishing Oils

"I am really disappointed with this beachy waves soft defined finishing oils from ClariSEA. The smell is great and I liked the dropper for application. It made it easy to use. What I strongly disliked about this product was the end results. It left my hair feeling really gross. It felt weighted down and oily. Maybe if I would have diluted it a little it would have worked different. "
- Allie C
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$ 19.99 $ 15.17
Beard Balm Naked Balm

"Прекрасный состав, невероятный аромат, а самое главное рост бородки усиливается. Как говорит мой отец: наконец я стильный и модный, ведь борода, это тренд уже второго сезона.Пользоваться легко и просто, а еще , как я поняла доставляет мужчине массу удовольствия. "
- ???????? ???? ?????????????
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$ 12.99 $ 9.89
Beard Balm Original Balm

"In my opinion it's the best balm for thick curly beard. Maybe because of the lanolin."
- lb
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$ 23.00 $ 16.33
Rebels Refinery Moisturizing Beard Oil

"We ordered this for my husband to try when his normal beard balm just wasn't working any longer because his beard got too out of control. The oil has a great consistency. It works in really well to his beard and after just a couple uses we noticed a huge improvement in overall look and feel. IT fells great and the packaging is pretty cool too. Highly recommend for those looking for something for beard care that has a little bit more to it than traditional balm. "
- Allie C
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