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EUR 17,35 EUR 13,28
Alacer Emergen-C Vitamin C

"Gives me an amazing boost and great anti-oxidants."
- Jenn

"Emergen-C is the best vitamin C I take. It goes directly to my blood stream and I feel it has kept me healthy through the winter months. "
- Patrick M.
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EUR 29,11 EUR 15,71
Now Foods C-1000

"I feel strong and healthy! I take it every day, in the morning. I have seen results in my skin and my health in general. Not sick even once as long as I get it. I suggest it."

"I and my partner are taking these for a long time, it has been almost 2 years without getting sick and resisting to New Zealand cold weather."
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EUR 4,77 EUR 3,06
Thompson B Complex with C

"Complexo vitamínico muito bom para a manutenção da saúde e com um preço muito em conta, vale muito a pena! "
- Isaque Fancelino

"Muito bom suplemento, pois te da muita energia para realização das atividades no dia a dia."
- Elisama Nogueira Sobjak
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EUR 6,13 EUR 3,92
Thompson C 1-000 mg with Bioflavonoids


"It is very effective for better immunity and protection against cold. I have used for some time now and the effects are noticeable."
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EUR 13,51 EUR 7,29
Now Foods C-1000

"Great product, but there could be a little more rutin added. I think it's also good value for my money. "
- Mate Nyerges

"Great item, you can feel difference in weeks."
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EUR 8,27 EUR 6,32
ChildLife Vitamin C Liquid

"My daughter loved it! The best that I could find with no sugar!"
- Rafael Bruno Pinto

"If you don't prefer taking pills, this is perfect. It does have a bit of a citrus flavor and is best taken with juice or some other beverage. I still recommend the Vitamin C 1000 by now over this, but this does the job. Great for kids who can't take pills."
- Bruce Kent
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EUR 12,47 EUR 6,73
Now Foods C-1000

"Great brand and best value product."

"Winter is coming. This is great if you want to give your immune system a bit of pep. I always take this, year round, but make sure to take it in the winter. The tablet are a little large, but what I like is that there's no "tablet" after taste, which is usually horrible. This doesn't have that at all."
- Bruce Kent
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EUR 8,52 EUR 5,44
Thompson Vitamin C

"This Vitamin C works great. A little tart for me though."
- Carrie Windsor

"Cheap & good vitamin C."
- Babe
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EUR 22,87 EUR 12,34
Now Foods C-500

"Me gusta mucho este producto de vitamina C, es una muy buena alternativa para tener una dosis alta de vitamina C diaria de alta tolerancia, apta para estómagos sensibles, y el mío lo es. Pese a esto, siempre es recomendable tomarlo con las comidas. Este formato grande es muy cómodo y práctico, lo compartimos en la familia y dura mucho tiempo. Es muy económico también y de la mejor calidad. Lo consumimos con diversos objetivos: para reforzar las defensas, sobre todo en otoño e invierno, ayuda mucho a prevenir los resfriados y gripas, o a acortar la duración de los síntomas en caso de infección, contribuye a absorber mejor el hierro de los alimentos y los suplementos de hierro (interesante para las mujeres que tendemos a tener el hierro o la ferritina baja), mejora la calidad de la piel y del cabello, también mejora los problemas en las articulaciones, porque participa en la síntesis de colágeno. Estamos muy satisfechos y seguiremos comprándolo. "
- Anónimo

"Excellent value on buffered Vitamin C in a handy 500 mg size. Easy to take and easy on the stomach."
- Fraser Lee
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EUR 25,90
The Synergy Company Pure Radiance C

"I was pleasantly surprised at how effective this product is. I was originally skeptical that such a small amount wouldn't produce any noticeable results but the opposite has been true. I've been using for 3 months now and have noticed improvements in my skin, hair, eyes, energy and general well being. I'd recommend this to anyone - however, I'm thinking that, for best results, it probably helps if you're also following a fairly healthy diet, like myself."
- Shelley

"This is my first experience with Pure Radiance C. I must say this product had a really pleasant smell and went easy on my stomach and I felt good taking it. There was no acidic after taste on my tongue as this is made out of real food (no additives, synthetic nor ascorbic acid). I take this together with a glass of wheat grass juice powder drink every morning for a good pick me up. Will reorder this and continue for another 2 months and post another review on my progress :)"
- Hanuka
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EUR 13,51 EUR 7,29
Now Foods C-500

"Excelente produto, com sabor incrível e muito bom..... Vale muito a compra, e o produto é sensacional, realmente rende muito pois consta com 100 tablets. Dura muito tempo e o preço é acessível, ou seja o custo benefício realmente compensa, vale muito a pena!!! Tenho procurado a tempos um produto assim...."
- Elaine John

"Excelente produto. Com certeza comprarei novamente. Fácil de mastigar. Muito saboroso!"
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EUR 5,09 EUR 3,24
Thompson Vitamin C

"A vitamina C é um poderoso antioxidante e combate a formação dos radicais livres. Ela ajuda as células do organismo a crescer e permanecer sadias. Gosto de usar pela manhã pra da um regularizada no cortisol. "
- Jefferson Jesus Benito Lopes

"Ótima vitamina C na dosagem ideal e marca é top. Recomendo!"
- Gomes
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EUR 26,52 EUR 19,90
Life Extension Vitamin C with Bio-Quercetin Phytosome

"Εξαιρετικη βιταμινη C αμεσης αποροφησης απο τον οργανισμο και με αμεσα αποτελεσματα ενισχυσης του ανοσοποιητικου!!!"

"Great product!, I feel better taking this vitamin and the large packaging gives a great cost-benefit ratio."
- Beatriz Rossi Corrales
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EUR 14,55 EUR 11,87
Rainbow Light Gummy Vitamin C Slices

"맛도 영양도 눈까지 즐겁게 하는 비타민C에요~ 쫄깃한 젤리의 질감과 오렌지향이 어우러져 자꾸 손이 가게 만드는 비타민C 아이도 어른도 먹기에 부담없어 더더욱 좋네요~"
- Anonymous

"먹기에 매우 편리하고 맛도 좋아서 참 괜찮은 제품인것 같습니다 "
- sunmi
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EUR 7,27 EUR 3,92
Now Foods C-500

"Muito bom produto, não fico sem vitamina C, pois ela é muito importante para nosso corpo, principalmente quem pratica atividade física como eu que faço musculação de segunda a sexta-feira e costumo suar muito e a vitamina C para quem não sabe, ela é eliminada através da urina e do suor e como suo bastante tenho que tomar todos os dias preferencialmente a noite depois da musculação, pois já a essa hora já suei tudo o que tinha pra suar durante o dia e assim ela fica mais tempo no meu corpo, e assim aumentando a minha resistência a resfriados e gripes. Eu recomendo tomar todos os dias para sempre."

"Percebi melhora na minha imunidade, tenho gripado com bem menos frequência. Em épocas de surto de H1N1 melhor fortalecer o sistema imunológico como prevenção."
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EUR 15,59 EUR 8,41
Now Foods Vitamin C Crystals

"I feel much more positive and energetic from this stuff. I use about 5 grams a day. Now I wonder if my depressions throughout my life haven´t been caused by simply a vitamin C deficiency. Now I have motivation to work in my mothers garden and she loves me "more". I cured her influensa by giving her just a few grams of vitamins C a day. Influensa in old people might be deadly. Thanks e-vitamins!"
- Emil

"Now that we are into what appears to be a particularly nasty flu season, I feel the best way to give my immune system a shot in the arm is with pure ascorbic acid. I've used the NOW brand for many years and have never bothered with a flu shot."
- Don Kaufman
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EUR 4,15 EUR 2,65
Thompson Vitamin C

"These are better than I expected. They are easy to swallow and seem to be of good quality. I take a few of them a day for health and increase if I think I have been exposed to some kind of germs so far, I have not gotten sick while many others around have."
- Andrew

"A vitamina C da thompson é de boa qualidade, possui inúmeros benefícios para saúde. Recomendo a todos que gostam de suplementar."
- Samira salim mello gallo
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EUR 9,98 EUR 6,99
21st Century C-1000

"My GP adviced me to take this to support healthy urinary tract together with cranberry. Prompt delivery, thank you!!"

"Melhor VIT C que encontrei na Internet! O grande fator que me levou a declarar isso é que a cobertura dos comprimidos é ideal para a liberação lenta sem a qual os níveis de concentração na corrente sanguínea não se mantêm. Vitamin C sem essa proteção da cobertura perdem seu efeito em aproximadamente uma hora! "
- Jorge Luis Brown Segui
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EUR 17,35 EUR 13,28
Alacer Emergen-C Vitamin C 1000 mg

"These Alacer Emergen-C Super Orange are great. I start drinking them at the first sign of a cold and they help shorten the life of the cold. They taste great and you only have to take 1 packet a day. I prefer a milder flavor so I usually put in a bit more water then recommended. Just put it in my Blender Bottle and shake it up. "
- Harley Kensington

"Emergen-C is my go to when I feel a cold coming on. I just add a packet of this to my bottle of water and start pushing the vitamin C. It taste good and what could be easier. It usually does the trick to help prevent the cold or shorten the length of it."
- KHiller
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EUR 35,35 EUR 20,08
Nature's Way Vitamin C-1000 with Rose Hips

"A great staple to have in the cupboard at all times. Whenever someone in the family or a friend gets a sniffle and feels a cold coming on, I offer this vitamin C and zinc. Most times, they never get a full on cold. I take one of these most mornings to enhance zinc absorption (as I have pyroluria and need extra zinc) and for healthy gums. I can take up to 3-4 of these before I get runny stools, so if I catch a cold, I take one every 4 hours and the cold leaves my body super quickly. I think this particular vitamin C is the best value around because the brand is great, the price is good, and it's a huge quantity. "
- Vita Pedrazzi

"Vitamina muito boa!!! Depois que comecei a usa-la eu não fiquei mais gripada. Minha pele ficou mais viçosa e brilhante. Gostei muito da vitamina e a recomendo para todo mundo!! Esse já é o terceiro pote que estou tomando e vale o investimento. "
- inaia cecília martinez fernandes de mello
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EUR 6,75 EUR 4,31
Thompson C 500 mg with Bioflavonoids

"Melhorou muito os meus níveis de energia, vitalidade e humor. Com isso, estou lidando com as situações de estresse com mais paciência e fôlego. Além disso, sinto que a minha pele do rosto está com uma aparência melhor."
- Tales Pinheiro

"Product wonderful, my son was cold took just 2 capsules of this vitamin and it was good that day, do not live without it. I certainly recommend it."
- Maria
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EUR 23,81 EUR 20,06
Sundown Naturals Vitamin C

"Excellent product! The purchase is safe and the product fulfills what it promises!"

"Excelente produto!!! Recomendo!"
- Silvana de Almeida Fajardo
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EUR 18,10 EUR 14,02
Nature's Plus Orange Juice C

"A great vitamin c chewable for a relatively inexpensive price. Taste is ok with a little sourness but overall very easy to take. An easy way to get an extra 500mg of vitamin c everyday. "
- James W.

"Excelente produto. Sabor agradável e melhora a imunidade e com bom preço.Recomendo."
- Marcilene Heidmann Soccol
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EUR 15,07 EUR 11,30
Solgar Ester-C Plus Vitamin C

"We have not had cold in 7 years. Vit "C"ROCKS!It also, helps w/aches & pain bonus!"
- Maureen nolin

"Very good package. Tablets are a little bit larger than expected."
- Carlo
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