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Futurebiotics Hair Skin Nails for Women

"I take this supplement daily. I struggle with dry skin, but when taking this supplement, my skin does not get dry patches. Not to mention, the benefits for my hair and nails. They both grow much faster and stronger when taking this product."
- Rachel Anderson

"I started using Hair, Skin, & Nails for Women when I was 17 years old. I have been using it ever since and I am now 19 years old. I've never really had a problem with my nails, they grow like crazy, I prefer them short but they grow too fast so oh well. Most people think my hair is fake, or that my skin has make up on it because it's so clear and the glow of it, and they also think my nails have acrylic on them. I recommend Hair, Skin, & Nails for Women, I am natural and my hair is shiny and soft--very manageable and I have 4a, 4b hair. My skin glows! I've never had acne problems. I haven't seen any side effects with the vitamins. I love them! Highly recommend them! I saw results with my skin first within a month of taking the vitamins. I recommend that you drink plenty of water with these to get the best results and eat before taking this, or any supplements for good results as well. Also be consistent with them as well. The only bad thing about them is the smell, but you get use to them. I love them & probably won't ever stop taking them. "
- Autumn
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EUR 14,34 EUR 10,76
Solgar Skin- Nails  Hair Adv. MSM

"Έδωσε δύναμη στα μαλλιά και τα νύχια μου και λάμψη στο δέρμα μου. Μου άρεσε πολύ η βιταμίνη. Το μόνο αρνητικό είναι ότι είναι λίγο μεγάλη. Κατά τα άλλα κάνει απόλυτα ό,τι υπόσχεται και ειδικά αν έχετε τριχόπτωση την σταματάει. Εξαιρετικό! "
- Beauty Freak

"Για όσους έχουν αδύναμα μαλλιά το συνιστώ. Καταπληκτικό. Μου δυνάμωσε τα μαλλιά και έχουν γίνει πιο δυνατά, χωρίς να πέφτουν τούφες."
- Xara Koukouvini
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EUR 20,69 EUR 11,76
Enzymatic Therapy Derma Klear Akne-Zyme

"I have continuously bought Akne-Zyme for my husband for over a year and a half and it definitely works for him!"
- Ashley A.

"I take 2 Akne-Zyme everyday like the directions say. I'm 16 and I have mild acne, but during the summer is when it gets its worst. I've been taking these for weeks now. I'm down to 12 pills left and my acne hasn't changed one bit. I would love to believe it helps, because of reading other reviews, but it doesn't. I would buy it if I were you and you haven't tried it yet. It's cheap and it may work for your acne."
- Anonymous
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EUR 16,15 EUR 8,72
Now Foods Silica Complex 500 mg

"NOW Silica Complex 500 give us the energy we need and especially helps skin and hair. Could not do without it."
- Rina Rottenberg

"This helped with my fine hair and nails. It takes about six weeks before you see effects because hair and nails grow slowly, but I saw a real difference in that my nails break much less often and my hair comes in stronger."
- Kristal Stetsko
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EUR 14,13 EUR 10,17
Natrol Skin- Hair  Nails

"I love this supplement. Everything that my body needs is in there. I stocked 4 hahahha. I recommend!!! "
- Louani da Mota Badu

"Apesar de realmente auxiliar no crescimento do cabelo, me deu acne."
- Virginia Araujo
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EUR 25,20 EUR 14,34
Enzymatic Therapy Doctor's Choice for Women

"I am 28 (vegetarian) and have polycystic ovarian syndrome, bursitis, and symptoms of anemia. Recently I read that all three of these conditions are linked to a B12 deficiency. I chose these vitamins as an alternative to generics when an allergist suggested I avoid preservatives. I feel like I wasted years of my life, because, since taking these vitamins, I am a healthier, more comfortable person."
- Anonymous

"I have polycystic ovaries and rarely have a period that's not induced. I started taking Doctor's Choice for Women and suddenly I am having more and more cycles! I am ordering Doctor's Choice for Men for my husband. I love this product so much. I do agree, though, that it should be taken with food!"
- Jen Campbell
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EUR 18,84 EUR 14,13
Irwin Naturals Healthy Skin  Hair Plus Nails

"I have only been taking these vitamins a month and already see huge improvements!!!!!!! I have been taking these vitamins for a month and have already noticed a change in my nail strength. My nails have grown and are no longer breaking all time. My hair seems shinier. I have not noticed a difference in thickness or length yet but I have only been taking these vitamins for a month. I work in a place where i must wash my hands all of the time which makes them very dry. My skin has not been as dry since i have started these. I can not wait to see the changes in a few months. I purchased these off a recommendation from a friend and I am very glad I did!!"
- Caitlin Donaldson

"This is the 4th product I bought to help strengthen my nails and hair and it is the ONLY one that started my nails to grow back. I love this stuff!!!"
- Mary Kyte
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EUR 19,18 EUR 14,67
World Organic Silica 500 mg
EUR 20,19 EUR 10,90
Now Foods Wrinkle Rescue Caps

"Great product, similar to Dr Perricone's at a much better price."
- John Wilson

"I have found no difference as I am taking Collagen and wrinkle rescue cream and using a collagen night cream. I have discontinued taking the wrinkle rescue caps."
- Kim Peterson
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EUR 22,57 EUR 13,85
Dr. Christophers Complete Tissue and Bone

"I had a serious knee injury, creating a kind of paralysis in the knee preventing bending and exercise. Lost a lot of tissue and muscle in the leg over a year period, and I was concerned. I normally love doing yoga, stretching, and gentle work-outs on a regular basis and couldn't do any of it. When I'd look in the mirror, I'd see one normal leg, and the other leg looked very thin and unhappy. Started taking Dr. Christopher's Complete Tissue and Bone during my recovery, and was delighted to find that my body started re-vitalizing itself beautifully. I'm happy to say that my recovered knee and leg now have regained their strength, normal functioning and are healthy! YAY!"

"My husband has had both hips replaced and one began to deteriorate around the prosthetic. The deterioration ceased and so has the associated pain after he started taking Dr. Christopher's Complete Tissue & Bone supplement. Dr. is no longer concerned as of his last visit."
- Jack Sparks
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EUR 20,19 EUR 16,15
Natural Factors Biosil

"I made the switch to Biosil after the company I used to buy from discontinued my favorite supplement. After a month of use I saw a huge improvement in the thickness of my nail and the strength in my nails. My skin was clearer and more even as well. "
- Allie C

"I have noticed results in my skin condition and my hair is so thick. It's easy to use. I just put the drops in apple juice and I cant even taste it. So anyone who wants to thicken there hair and improve the condition of their skin, "GET THIS PRODUCT". "
- Anonymous
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EUR 5,14 EUR 3,29
Thompson Evening Primrose Oil

"I love this product. It is cheap but so effective. I wish they had larger sizes. It is great for skin and hair and for lubricating too. I highly recommend this product."
- Hana Eqnebi

"WOW, it is great. When I bought it I was suspecting it would be good since it is cheap, but I said why not, and I bought it for vaginal dryness and I am so glad, after just a few days I feel much better and vaginal dryness is not a problem anymore. I will buy again for sure. I highly recommend it."
- Osama Iqneibi
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EUR 8,48 EUR 5,94
21st Century Hair- Skin  Nails

"It really works! Leaves the hair more soft, skin too, and in my mother who has problems with nails, made them stronger!"
- Luis Paulo Souza Benites

"Estou tomando essa vitamina já faz um mês. Como trabalho com crianças de um a dois anos, sempre estou exposta a bactérias de viroses e tal, por esse motivo vinha gripando sempre e minhas unhas e cabelos não estavam crescendo mais, depois que comecei tomar notei que raramente fico doente e também minhas unhas estão crescendo fortes e bonitas, meu cabelo esta mais forte e a queda diminuiu muito. Tomo uma cápsula antes de ir dormir e posso dizer que apesar do resultado não ser da noite para o dia, vale muito a pena iniciar a ingestão desta vitamina, notei o resultado com mais ou menos 16 dias tomando. AS CÁPSULAS SÃO MEIO GRANDES, MAS NADA QUE NÃO DE PARA ENGOLIR. Chegou rápido e bem embalada."
- Vivian Mendes (insta: jubiando)
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EUR 30,85 EUR 20,44
Nature's Bounty Hair- Skin  Nails Gummies

"Já estou usando esse produto a mais ou menos 30 dias, e já comecei a notar a diferença na minha unha e cabelo. Meu cabelo caia demais e não crescia, agora está caindo muito pouco, além das minhas unhas que estão mais fortes e pararam de lascar. Esse produto é uma goma com um sabor maravilhoso, que dá vontade de comer tudo. Com certeza comprarei novamente, sem falar do ótimo atendimento da empresa e entrega que foi de 15 dias, muito rápida. Estou encantada. Parabéns evitmins, com certeza irei indicar o site."
- Adriana Barboza de Castro

"Recomendo o uso! uso já faz 4 anos tem deixado cabelo e pele mais fortes e cheio de vida, o cabelo cai menos quando tomo. É fácil de tomar e o gosto é agradável. Aprovadíssimo. "
- Carla Guinart Marques
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EUR 12,57 EUR 10,57
Sundown Naturals Hair- Skin  Nails

"Excelente producto muy recimendado"

"Excelente complexo vitaminico. Muito bom pra cabelos, unhas e pele. Aumentou bem meu cabelo, naceu mais cabelo incrivelmente. Eu recomento muito. Sempre compro"
- Norberto Estellita Herkenhoff Junior
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EUR 23,22 EUR 18,94
Rainbow Light Nail- Hair  Skin Connection

"The best."
- paola del pozo hinojosa

"Amazing supplement. I started taking it after a year of my hair falling out, and it is finally coming back. My nails have also never looked better. I only take Rainbow Light products because they are so easy on my stomach."
- Amy Tyer
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EUR 13,12 EUR 10,03
Deva Vegan Ceramide Skin Support

"Vegan Ceramide Skin Support is a great product! It helps with dry, itchy skin!"
- Peter S.

"Sem palavras para esse Suplemento, na real não coloquei fé, mas conforme estou usando estou sentindo minha pele do corpo e rosto mais hidratada, fora que meus lábios rachavam direto e isso não acontece mais, mesmo aqui no Brasil estando quase no inverno. Amei demais esse Suplemento e recomendo a todos que querem renovação da pele, porque também ameniza demais as rugas."
- Alexandre Luis Rodrigues
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EUR 42,20 EUR 32,28
FoodScience of Vermont Aller-DMG

"Love this product!"
- Teresa Daniel
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EUR 35,84 EUR 21,51
Michael's Skin Factors
EUR 14,12 EUR 9,89
Source Naturals Skin Eternal Plus

"This stuff is amazing. I'm not sure how to live without Skin Eternal Plus!"
- Deirdre M.
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EUR 50,00 EUR 35,00
Source Naturals Skin Eternal Hyaluronic Acid

"My skin texture and overall appearance has improved. I have been taking these tablets for 3 months now. "
- Ozzie Girl
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EUR 30,29 EUR 17,21
Nature's Way HydraPlenish with MSM

"This really helps with inflamed joint pains, particularly on finger arthritis and shoulder bursitis (almost immediate effect)."
- Aya
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EUR 20,69 EUR 16,88
Nature Works Body Essential Silica w Calcium

"Silica works wonders on my hair and nails. I had problem with hair growth and was advised by my doctor to take this product it has worked what I call a miracle. My hair has been growing since, and my nails have improved tremendously. No more brittle, dry, chipping nails. "
- Kerri Blick
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EUR 13,12 EUR 10,03
Deva Vegan Hair- Nails and Skin Support with Biotin
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