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Epidril Cutting Gel

Novex BioTech Epidril Κοπή Gel 4 ουγκιών

Τιμή: EUR 72,70

by Dwight on 1 September 2012
Epidril is a very good product. I would suggest this to people who are in pretty tip-top shape already and need just a little extra to put them over the top. As a certified fitness trainer I see many diffrent products, but as a user of cutting gel myself for over a year, I would say it's worth every penny. You will get the lean boxer style look to your physique in no time. With a sound diet and proper exercise your fitness goals will and can be achieved.
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by Bobby on 14 August 2012
I tried this product for 3 months. It showed no results at all. I was very disappointed with my results.
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by Anonymous on 7 July 2012
I'm not an intense cardio freak or a weight lifter, so I initially thought this product wouldn't be for me. I wasn't expecting to have a 6 pack in three days or anything unrealistic. The product is rather thick, and can take a little effort to rub into the targeted area, but I never had any rub off onto my clothes. While the smell isn't as bad as sports creams, it's a little weird (don't leave the product on and try to pick up dates). As far as results, I did see a smoother appearance in the target area, more toned, if you will. I only have used the product once a day, and no more than 4 times a week. I did notice the area getting smaller in size. I know it wasn't water loss, either. If a woman who is mid 30s and only able to walk or do gentle treadmill or climbing can see changes in under two weeks, I don't see how fitness buffs can't. I have asthma, arthritis and two bad knees. I used to hike, bike, walk, but that was before getting injured. I would be happy to do more effective cardio for weight and health reasons, but often can't.
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by Ryan on 16 June 2012
I bought this product about 3 weeks ago and have been using it for the recommended daily amounts. I've noticed incredible results. I went from a flabby spare tire to tight washboard abs. I just want to thank the inventor of this product. I've gotten a lot of compliments from a lot of girls that have never even noticed me before. Thanks again.
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by Anonymous on 27 May 2012
I love this gel. My abs are becoming extremely more toned looking and I have moved on to my lower back. ----Honestly, I feel that it does not eliminate fat, but possibly extra water and such in the fat or surrounding the fat cells. ----WHATEVER it does, it does it WELL and makes you look very lean and CUT. Perfect name for a great product. I doubt the results are permanent, but -----I would suggest this to anybody who will be out in a bathing suit a lot this summer and wants to look nice and toned. One bad thing is the smell, and I suggest putting it on with very little clothing because it gets on stuff (it caramel-ish color), but does wash out. ----ANYWAY! Love this product! Will use in the future, more and more!
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by Anonymous on 20 April 2012
☑ Επιβεβαιωμένος Αγοραστής
I really like the cutting gel. I have only been using it for about 5 days and and along with exercising, I have noticed a big difference in my abs. About 40% of the fat is gone, I have had 4 babys and never thought I could have a flat tummy , now I am very happy. I am getting married in June and will be much more confident with my nice tight abs. Thank you.
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by Jay Miller on 17 March 2012
To be honest I was skeptical, however I spent the $90 at GNC and bought it. The results are good so far. I measure my body fat daily. Plus I monitor my cardio with a Polar Cardio watch. So I know what percent of calories burned are fat. Couple a slow, longer than usual cardio with some extra glutamine (prevents muscle breakdown), extra B group vitamins (B6 helps metabolize fat to energy) apply this gel and you should get the same results. I normally keep my heart rate at about 128-138. NEVER above 140 on a slow fat burning cardio. If you go in and keep your heart rate up in the 160's and above you'll just burn 30-20% or lower fat calories. Keep the heart rate in that above resting range. I do an elliptical machine, treadmill or stationary bike about 1 hour and 40 minutes per day. Most of you will find that too time consuming and extreme. But you should get the same results over a little longer period of time. I typically burn about 1400 calories each session. As for the gel, I apply it to my abdomen and under my pecs. I'm seeing really good striation and rips in my abs in the first week of use. I've never been able to do this before doing the same cardio/vitamin routine without this gel. I'm 33 years old. When you hit your 30's it's hard to keep that extra fat off from around your belly button. What this gel WON'T do is drop body fat for you AND allow you to eat junk food, lots of carbs, and not exercise. You have to help it help you. For those of you who are willing to put some time and effort into some cardio (probably not as long as my sessions), watch what you eat (low carb, plenty of protein-watch the unsaturated fats) and do some ab exercises, you'll see results that you probably wouldn't see without A LOT of cardio that would require you to drop A LOT of muscle mass to achieve that low of a body fat percentage.
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