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Organic Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

eVitamins Βιολογικό Λάδι Καρύδας 355 mL

Τιμή: EUR 7,06

Πολυχρηστικό προϊόν!
by Maria Tsapi on 6 May 2017
☑ Επιβεβαιωμένος Αγοραστής
Εξαιρετικό έλαιο καρύδας, πολύ καλής ποιότητας! Πολυχρηστικό προϊόν, και συγκεκριμένα από χρήσεις περιποίησης προσώπου και σώματος ως και συμπληρωματική ύλη στην μαγειρική. Υπέροχο ακόμη και για σαλάτες!
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Άριστο προιόν
by Christina Kokkinakou on 4 November 2016
☑ Επιβεβαιωμένος Αγοραστής
Πραγματικά άριστο προιόν , πολυ ευωδιαστό και όπως πρέπει να είναι το πραγματικό λάδι καρύδας!
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Τέλειο ότι καλύτερο αλήθεια ❤️❤️
by Stefanos Stamboulis on 14 September 2016
☑ Επιβεβαιωμένος Αγοραστής
Φανταστικό το βάζω παντού! Στο παγωτό μέχρι και στο κέικ ❤️❤️
Ήταν χρήσιμη για σας αυτή η κριτική;    

by Maria Michailidou on 27 February 2015
☑ Επιβεβαιωμένος Αγοραστής
Γνήσιο λάδι καρύδας ιδανικό για συνταγές ομορφιάς και όχι μόνο! Βάλε 2 κουταλιές στο cake και θα με θυμηθείς!!!
Ήταν χρήσιμη για σας αυτή η κριτική;    

Great brand!
by Alesia Shumpert on 21 May 2018
☑ Επιβεβαιωμένος Αγοραστής
eVitamins coconut oil is already one of my favorite oils to use daily. It's great for cooking, the hair, and body. I've purchased this brand twice now and it has become one of my favorite coconut oil brands. I like this brand so much because it has a light scent and an even lighter taste that makes it great for being multipurpose.
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Wonderful and Pure!
by Alessa Brown on 20 March 2018
☑ Επιβεβαιωμένος Αγοραστής
Wonderful for dry skin. I use this to add in a natural hair moisturizer mixer that I use. It is awesome. The mixture include Coconut, Tea tree oil, peppermint oil, castor oil, jojoba oil. Its refreshing to the scalp and very healing. I will continue to purchase this on this site.
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Best thing ever
by Juliana Ferguson on 8 November 2017
☑ Επιβεβαιωμένος Αγοραστής
Oh my Gosh coconut oil is my favorite thing on earth. I use that thin for so many stuff. I love cooking with it. It gives a coconut taste, but if you do not mind about it, it is way healthier than another oil. I love to use the stuff on my hair as well. I use it one or two times at least on my hair, and I am obsessed with the results as well. I heard it is good to make your teeth whiter, but honestly I have not try this yet. I sure believe it though because this thing is amazing.
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Healthy alternative
by Athena Kapsaski on 28 August 2017
☑ Επιβεβαιωμένος Αγοραστής
I loved the consistency of the product, healthy alternative to butter and other oils.
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Oh, so many uses.
by Tami Qualls on 22 August 2017
☑ Επιβεβαιωμένος Αγοραστής
I like that this is unrefined. I also like the size convenience. I recently tried a recipe for allergies in the Essential Oils book for an annoying runny nose. It was gone within 5 minutes using a mixture of this and Oregano essential oil. Yay!
Ήταν χρήσιμη για σας αυτή η κριτική;    

Coconut Oil on Everything :)
by Jack Manning on 13 June 2017
Great Coconut Oil. I use this stuff on everything. I put it on my toast, in my oatmeal and have even used it in my coffee. I appreciate the fact the eVitamins brand is all organic and Virgin. I believe this makes a big difference. I have tried other Coconut Oils and overall I think the value for this version combined with the purity of the product make this one a winner!
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