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€8.23 €5.92
Home Health Products Herbal Magic Deodorant

"This is the first natural deodorant that I found that works better then any deodorant I have ever used."
- KP

"I have always had problems with allergies and deodorant until I found this product. It works great for me and does not make my underarms itch. Thanks for making a great product."
- Bertis McCarty
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€10.29 €7.40
Home Health Products Almond Glow Skin Lotion

"Μία μίξη από φυσικά έλαια. Συγκεκριμένα περιέχει έλαια από αγνά φιστίκια, ελαιόλαδο και λανολίνη. Ενυδατώνει σε βάθος την επιδερμίδα, την προστατεύει από την ξηρότητα στις χαμηλές θερμοκρασίες του χειμώνα και προσφέρει αντιοξειδωτικές ιδιότητες χάρη στην βιταμίνη Ε. Αναπλάθει και βελτιώνει την υφή του δέρματος αισθητά. Η δράση της "κλειδώνει" την υγρασία στην επιδερμίδα, και αυτό την κρατά ενυδατωμένη και με απαλή υφή για μέρες. Ιδανική χρήση, μετά από το μπάνιο ή το ντουζ, όπου οι πόροι του δέρματος την απορροφούν πιο σωστά. Περιέχει φυσικά βότανα και αιθέρια έλαια χωρίς προσθήκη τεχνιτών σκευασμάτων. Το άρωμα του προϊόντος είναι έντονο και θυμίζει φυσικό αμυγδαλέλαιο. Μία εξαιρετική λοσιόν σώματος σε μορφή λαδιού, όπου προορίζεται και εξολοκλήρου για μασάζ. Εξαιρετικό προϊόν!"
- Maria Tsapi

"Feels great and smells great, what more can I say?"
- Michelle
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€11.32 €8.14
Preservative Free
Fragrance Free
Artifical Color Free
Home Health Products Blemish Treatment Lotion

"This product is perfect for my skin and it cleans my face very well."
- ???st?a??a ?pe?a?t?

"Been looking for this ever since another website carrying this is no longer selling. This product is perfect for my skin condition and helps to control the acne."
- Muhd Fidaus
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€14.41 €10.37
Preservative Free
Fragrance Free
Artifical Color Free
Home Health Products Psoriasis Medicated Body Wash

"This body wash is the cure for dry, itchy skin! I am re-ordering 2 more bottles because it works!"
- Andrea Gray

"The Home Health Products Psoriasis Medicated Body Wash definitely helped with my inverse psoriasis. I used it daily in the shower and it helped clear my flare up and help with the itching I was experiencing. Only bad thing about the product is you go through it really fast and they don't make it in larger size. Other than that product helped me manage my psoriasis. Was nice that it didn't have a strong smell or any extra dyes or fragrances. "
- Harley Kensington
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€20.59 €12.34
Home Health Products Goji Berry Facial Cream

"塗った感じはとても良い。でも匂いが独特なので最初は気になったけれど、慣れる と何ともなくなりました!また使ってみたいです♪"
- Norie Noma

"My skin is sensitive to products and with this product it seems to thrive and soften. The fact that it is paraben-free, fragrance-free and artificial color free is a huge plus. I am 87 years old and take pride in having very few wrinkles in my face. Goji Berry Facial Cream is helping me maintain my more youthful appearance. Hyaluronic acid, retinol and organic botanicals make it a high quality product."
- Phyllis E. Hess
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€10.29 €7.40
Home Health Products Everclean Dandruff Shampoo

"Home Health Everclean Antidandruff shampoo has a bad smell."
- Anonymous

"The best shampoo. Its completely natural without any chemicals. What a difference! I highly recommend this product."
- Anonymous
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€11.32 €8.14
Fragrance Free
Artifical Color Free
Home Health Products Antifungal Lotion

"This did not really work for me. I used it faithfully as directed for the full 4 weeks, kept my self and environment clean and dry, changed clothes and bedding frequently, yet I was still itching and breaking out after I finished the product."
- DJ Dell

"I tried everything for an extreme case of ringworm. For a month I went to a Dermatologist, took prescriptions and used lamisil with no relief. I purchased the antifungal lotion after reading another person's review on this site. I was so relieved in 4 days when the huge patches of ringworm on both arms were barely visible! This stuff really worked for me. if you are suffering from ringworm, find this product ASAP!"
- Floyd
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€10.80 €8.27
Home Health Products Liquid Lanolin

"I use Lanolin on my feet it is the greatest thing ever!"
- Maryann Davis

"I use Home Health Liquid Lanolin faithfully. My feet and hands, in particular, seem to dry out (from gardening and housework) and I have found that slathering liquid lanolin on my hands and feet really has improved my skin condition. It has helped to soften my elbow skin as well. I don't think I'd want to be without it now! I just massage it in and sit and relax for awhile and then add lotion to it and rub it in the rest of the way. I think it's great stuff!"
- Debbie
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€7.20 €5.18
Preservative Free
Fragrance Free
Artifical Color Free
Home Health Products Natural Vitamin E Oil

"Very good Vit E oil. Use it direct on my face 2 or 3 times a week before bedtime. The bottle though small, lasts for a surprisingly long time."
- Simone

"Vitamin E Oil is a good moisturizer and makes my skin supple and soft."
- Allan C.
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€10.29 €7.86
Home Health Products Everclean Unscented Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

"Worked very well, better than any other anti dandruff product I've used. "
- Olivia Peachey

"Really the last of the un-scented dandruff shampoo's out there."
- Timothy Basch
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€7.20 €5.18
Artifical Ingredient Free
Home Health Products Castor Oil

"Great product nice quality and has that scary castor oil scent removed... has a million uses."
- michael w.

"Very oily but does the hair some justice. My hair is no longer course and now easy to comb without tangling. Only need a quarter size and apply throughout hair. Sometimes I use it all over the body after shower. Better than lotion."
- Lisa Hunter
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€8.23 €5.92
Home Health Products Herbal Magic Deodorant

"Nice scent and lasts long, It lasts long. In case I reapply in a few hours. The scent is not as strong as perfume only when you put up your arms you can smell the nice scent. I feel very comfortable with this scent. It's very natural."
- Qian Wang

"It's the best deodorant I've ever used, that's why I continue to use it and will do so until it's no longer available. It's natural which is reassuring but most of all it's the most effective deodorant I've ever used and I suffer from hyperhidrosis- so it's got it's work cut out on me! There must be a magic ingredient in this that does the job that no other product has achieved and believe me I've been through the whole range."
- Amanda Crees
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