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EUR 17,16 EUR 9,26
Now Foods Ashwagandha

"BEST PRICE! GREAT ASHWAGANDHA! Prodotto fantastico e la now è garanzia! L’unico sito dove la trovo a un prezzo abbordabile senza spendere un patrimonio! Sono contento dell’acquisto e riprenderò sicuramente il prodotto o quello della life sempre nello stesso sito ma con una percentuale di radice molto più elevato quindi da poter usare con una dose minore! Io ho usato 1 grammi al giorno circa 2 capsule. "
- Alberto Cason

"È un prodotto fantastico degno di nota,arrivato velocemente in fretta. in sole 3 settimane è arrivato a casa. felicissimo di aver pagato pochissimo questo prodotto validissimo di una amrca ancor più valida. "
- Davide Aruanno
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EUR 10,09 EUR 5,44
Now Foods Fo-Ti 560 mg

"I feel that I have extra energy after using this product for six months. I can also say that I am now dyeing my hair less frequently. It does not stop gray hair from growing but it definitely slows down the appearance of gray in your hair. You need to take it for at least three months to see the result. Definitely worth a try!"
- Madhu Rao

"I am not sure about my grey hair but I feel definitely better after taking the capsules. I am going to order it again."
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EUR 14,13 EUR 7,63
Now Foods Panax Ginseng 500 mg

"Produto de boa qualidade. Melhor custo beneficio. Aumenta a disposição e melhora a memória. "
- Ewerton Jose Ribeiro Beltramini

"Great for quick energy."
- Connie Abrante
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EUR 12,11 EUR 6,53
Now Foods Saw Palmetto Berry 550 mg

"After 2 weeks taken twice a day. It doesn't appear to have done anything for me. My hair still fall out and night time pee. Maybe needs more time to show results!"
- BruceT

"I'm having great results!"
- Neto
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EUR 27,26 EUR 14,72
Now Foods Maca

"Good product which I am taking for the last 5 years."
- Lawrence Chua

"Now Maca Caps is ok, and I like how easy it is to take. I take it after food two times every day with a glass of water."
- Sameer Al Qodwa
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EUR 8,07 EUR 7,36
Now Foods Crystallized Ginger Dices

"The taste is all right! Not good but not terrible bad. However, I do like the idea about having a fat-free, low in sodium, no preservative, and no sulfur snack. I might try to bake with it and expand my options. The price is very good too. I would buy it again in the future. "
- Monica W

"These Crystallized Ginger Dices by Now Foods are awful... As soon as you bite into them they break apart and the flavor is awful. I've had other Ginger snacks I really liked, but this is not one of them. I would recommend trying these with caution. But these were definitely, not for me. "
- Harley Kensington
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EUR 27,22 EUR 23,14
Nature's Plus Ultra Ginseng 500

"Ultra Ginseng 500 is great for brain function! "
- Kimberly A.

"Ultra Ginseng 500 is a great Product!"
- Kimberly A.
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EUR 20,19 EUR 10,90
Now Foods Valerian Root 500 mg

"Buena alternativa a los fármacos ansiolíticos y somníferos. Solo o asociado a otros suplementos como passiflora, L-Triptófano o 5-HTP, GABA, reishi, melatonina, magnesio, vitaminas del grupo B, etc. Me ayuda a conciliar el sueño más rápido y a que sea más profundo durante toda la noche. Antes me despertaba por la noche o antes de que sonara la alarma por la mañana, y ya no me ocurre. Personalmente lo tomo también de día porque me ayuda a relajarme en días de mucho estrés. No noto ningún efecto sedativo al usarlo de día. Es un suplemento tradicional, muy común y seguro. No huelen bien las cápsulas pero no dejan ningún regusto malo y son de un tamaño estándar, fáciles de tragar. Es de efecto acumulativo, hace más efecto si se toma durante una temporada y empieza a hacer efecto cuando llevas unos días tomándolo. No sé si sirve para uso puntual. El laboratorio NOW es excelente, consumo muchos de sus productos, algunos no se encuentran en España fácilmente. eVitamins me transmite gran confianza. Seguiré comprándolo."
- Carolina Sánchez Sánchez

"The best natural sleep aid ever!"
- Kelly Schooley
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EUR 10,09 EUR 5,74
Nature's Way Vitex Fruit

"Χρησιμοποιώ το Vitex τον τελευταίο μήνα. Δεν έχω παρατηρήσει τίποτα αρνητικό αλλά ξέρω ότι θα χρειαστούν μερικοί μήνες χρήσης για να δείξει αποτελέσματα. Το παίρνω για ρύθμιση του έμμηνου κύκλου και για ανακούφιση συμπτωμάτων όπως πόνο περιόδου, πονοκέφαλο. Ελπίζω να είναι η λύση στην δύσκολη περίοδο μετάβασης στην εμμηνόπαυση διότι έχω όλα τα συνηθισμένα συμπτώματα που τη συνοδεύουν, εξάψεις, ευερεθιστότητα και άλλα. Παίρνω τρια χάπια την ημέρα και θα συνεχίζω μέχρι να τελειώσω την ποσότητα στην συσκευασία. Μετά τους δύο μήνες συνιστάται ένα την ημέρα. Θα με διευκολύνει η οικονομική συσκευασία των 360 στην επόμενη αγορά, χαίρομαι που έγινε διαθέσιμη. "
- Magda

"Great supplement. I highly recommend it."
- Ana Gomez Farias Reynoso
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EUR 10,09 EUR 5,74
Nature's Way Fenugreek Seed

"It's a great product for slimming, too, if followed with some diet. Fenugreek also acts as a laxative, lubricates the intestines and reduces fever. I have been using it for a while and I think results are good."
- Navneet B.

"I used Fenugreek in the past and had wonderful results (not sure if it was this brand). My milk decreased after my son went to day care at 2 months old and I was unable to pump enough milk to keep up with his normal feedings. After using Fenugreek, my milk increased 100%. The only side effect is that it is a main ingredient in maple syrup and there is a maple scent that is excreted out of your sweat glands (well for me underarms). Other than smelling sweet all the time, this product worked wonderful."
- Anonymous
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EUR 13,12 EUR 7,08
Now Foods Maca

"Λαμβάνω μία κάψουλα κάθε μέρα με πρωϊνό. Μου δίνει ενέργεια και σεξουαλική επιθυμία. Οι κάψουλες έχουν άρωμα φρεσκάδας."

"At first I was unsure about it but it truly does work to regulate your period, it will take at least one-two months to work but it for sure works! I had some headaches at the beginning but it went away soon after."
- Josselyn Sanchez
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EUR 17,16 EUR 11,11
Now Foods 100% Pure Essential Oil

"I recently tried a recipe for allergies in the Essential Oils book for an annoying runny nose. It was gone within 5 minutes using a mixture of this and the eVitamins Coconut Oil. Yay!"
- Tami Qualls

"Probably one my least favorite oils. Very strong herbal scent that doesn't belong anywhere but in the kitchen's prepared meals. Just be aware, you're getting exactly what it says. Maybe there's an audience for this, but it's not me."
- Bruce Kent
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EUR 9,08 EUR 5,88
Now Foods BetterStevia

"Είναι πράγματι ένα πολύ καλό προιόν. Δεν καταλαβαίνεις διαφορά με τη ζάχαρη καθόλου και ευχαρίστως θα το ξανάπαιρνα. Η γεύση του είναι τέλεια και φυσικά δεν πικρίζει καθόλου. Με πολύ λίγη ποσότητα έχει τη γλυκύτητα που ζητάς και κρατάει αρκετά ένα κουτάκι των 28 γρ. γιατί με το μικρό δοσομετρητή που έχει μέσα, βάζεις ακριβώς τη ποσότητα που χρειάζεται. Το προτείνω σίγουρα. "
- Theodora Bougatsa

"I love the taste and convenience of this Stevia! it's so easy to sprinkle over foods for extra sweetness and no bitter aftertaste!"
- Allie
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EUR 15,14 EUR 8,17
Now Foods Stinging Nettle Root Extract 250 mg

"Quality herb. High potency. Would have given 5 starts if there's no fillers and binders in the product. That's the only con. Other than that, this product is a must have for better health. Firstly, it work fabulous for allergies. After taking it for few months, I saw tremendous improvement on allergic symptoms. Nasal blockage has eased well. Nettle root is more powerful compared to nettle leaf. It works great for prostate too. It controls the production of excess androgen. It seems to help with hair loss as it can inhibit androgen. Good alternative for finasteride without nasty side effects. Androgen also contributes to acne. Hence, nettle root can combat acne too. It is also a effective treatment for eczema. It can also help to stop bleeding. Applying on wounds works great. It can also used for joint pain as it is a powerful anti inflammatory herb. Can be used topically too. It's numerous benefits makes it essential health product. Highly recommend. "
- Abdul Basith

"This has really helped me to decrease my high SHBG so that the estrogen and testosterone in my body is no longer bound by the high SHBG but instead can flow freely into the body. I feel the difference in just a few weeks. Very active ingredients and clear description on how to use. Look forward to also seeing the result in black and white as I am sure I will when I retest SHBG in a few weeks. "
- Anna Sörquist
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EUR 60,59 EUR 47,33
Doctor's Best High Absorption Curcumin

"I've taking this for about two years as an alternative therapy for my cancer treatment. This is definitely the best supplement out there. I used to buy from another site but here is cheaper and international delivery is amazingly fast compared to other stores! I'm very glad I found this website."
- Maria R.

"Curcumina é um dos melhores aintiinflamatórios naturais e importante para manter a saúde do corpo protegendo-o da inflamação crônica."
- jose santana de araujo garcia junior
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EUR 32,31 EUR 17,44
Now Foods Panax Ginseng 500 mg

"Excellent product, it is difficult to find the same product with a big concentration in market like that! Congratulation!!!"
- Jucelio Kilinski Tavares

"Not at all effective. waste of money. unable to understand what kind of product NOW foods is making."
- Vinay Kumar Barwal
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EUR 50,49 EUR 27,26
Now Foods Curcumin 665 mg

"Μετά από αφαίρεση καρκινόματος στο πόδι μου, παίρνω κουρκούμη για να ενισχύσω το ανοσοποιητικό μου σύστημα στην προσπάθειά μου να μην επανεμφανιστεί. Πολύ αποτελεσματικό μέχρι τώρα."
- ?????S G?O?G??S

"I started using this product to help with sore muscles and it has worked wonderfully. It has also helped to keep the pain of arthritis in the bone under better control."
- Deborah Turner
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EUR 9,08 EUR 4,90
Now Foods Astragalus

"Minha familia toda usou, amamos, melhorou muito nosso sistema imunologico nao fico mais doente com facilidade, minhas crises de rinite alegica melhoram muito, minha filha que tem asma tambem esta bem mais resistente, como a melhora do sistema imunologico estou mais dispostas. Recomendo a todos, a marca e otima super confiavel. Faco uso de outros produtos desta marca e sao muito eficientes parabens pelo otimo produto, bom custo e beneficio. "
- Juliene Tais dos Santos Cini

"This is an adaptogen and if you are not aware of what an adaptogen is, it is a natural product that helps the body deal with stress. And this is a brilliant product for this and in time it can also lower high cortisol levels. "
- Geraldine Rodda
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EUR 16,11 EUR 12,32
Bio Nutrition Garcinia Cambogia

"I really had high hopes for this product, however; it just didn't work the greatest for me. I will say I believe it helped curve my appetite after taking the dosage. However, I noticed after taking the pills I'd feel lightheaded and even a bit nauseous. I also had occurrences of cramps on and off. I'm not sure why this happened but I don't feel it was healthy and I wouldn't recommend trying this product."
- Alesia Shumpert

"I do like taking the supplements. I combine with Green tea and White Kidney bean extract supplements and I can see a difference. Hunger controlled and increased energy. I am not sure how they work alone but the combination is awesome. I only give 4 stars because I don't know how it works by itself. "
- Alessa Brown
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EUR 26,25 EUR 14,17
Now Foods Garcinia

"Πολύ καλό."
- Tigkas Archodis

"Works great for controlling appetite."
- ldeines
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EUR 12,11 EUR 6,89
Nature's Way Fo-Ti Root 610 mg

"I have been using this for my gray hair, and after 4 weeks I noticed that my hair has started getting its original colour and I found some new hair near my hairline."
- Mohammed Abbas k

"I have used 3 bottles. Did not notice much difference. Will try again and see if I can notice any benefit."
- Sachin Chhabaria
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EUR 33,94 EUR 28,85
Nature's Plus Coleus Forskohlii

"Forskohlin helps me to get leaner muscles and, moreover, I don't get sunburns, as I used to. When I take forskohlin, I can acquire a sun tan without being burnt!"

"This is the REAL thing. This is one of the few products that actually contains coleus forskohlii (coleus Barbatus) species extract. HBSc"
- Jane Agnew
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EUR 16,15 EUR 9,18
Nature's Way Saw Palmetto Berries

"It helps a little with my acne."

"O Saw Palmetto é um grande aliado no combate ao DHT sem interferir no controle hormonal. ótimo produto!"
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EUR 12,41 EUR 8,91
Natrol Milk Thistle Advantage

"I take two capsules a day to help maintain proper liver function. Prior to this herbal supplement, my enzymes were elevated."
- Catherine Baron

"I give Milk Thistle Advantage to our older dog who has a little bit of liver problems!"
- Becky P.
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