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EUR 3,69 EUR 2,82
Queen Helene Cocoa Butter Lotion

"Υπέροχη lotion με τέλειο άρωμα καρύδας. Η συσκευασία είναι πολύ καλή και πρακτική. Επίσης, η υφή της σε συνδιασμό με το άρωμα το κάνει καταπληκτικό προϊόν. Μόνο θετικά πράγματα μπορώ να πω γι αυτό το προιον. Το χρησιμοποιώ για το σώμα και για το πρόσωπο.Είναι ιδανική και για τα χέρια. Η ποσότητα είναι μια χαρά για την τιμή που κοστίζει. Το συνηστώ σε όλους ανεπιφύλακτα. Αξίζει τη τιμή για αυτά που σου προσφέρει και με το παραπάνω. Την αγάπησα. Είναι υπέροχο! "
- Tk

"You seriously cannot beat the price of this Cocoa Butter Lotion! First off, the smell of this lotion is amazing! And it is a super light weight and does not feel heavy or leave a weird residue. It makes my skin feel really soft and silky. I've even used it on some of my inverse psoriasis and it seemed to calm it and help the skin not flare up as much. Works very well! "
- Harley Kensington
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EUR 10,09 EUR 7,26
Home Health Products Almond Glow Skin Lotion

"Μία μίξη από φυσικά έλαια. Συγκεκριμένα περιέχει έλαια από αγνά φιστίκια, ελαιόλαδο και λανολίνη. Ενυδατώνει σε βάθος την επιδερμίδα, την προστατεύει από την ξηρότητα στις χαμηλές θερμοκρασίες του χειμώνα και προσφέρει αντιοξειδωτικές ιδιότητες χάρη στην βιταμίνη Ε. Αναπλάθει και βελτιώνει την υφή του δέρματος αισθητά. Η δράση της "κλειδώνει" την υγρασία στην επιδερμίδα, και αυτό την κρατά ενυδατωμένη και με απαλή υφή για μέρες. Ιδανική χρήση, μετά από το μπάνιο ή το ντουζ, όπου οι πόροι του δέρματος την απορροφούν πιο σωστά. Περιέχει φυσικά βότανα και αιθέρια έλαια χωρίς προσθήκη τεχνιτών σκευασμάτων. Το άρωμα του προϊόντος είναι έντονο και θυμίζει φυσικό αμυγδαλέλαιο. Μία εξαιρετική λοσιόν σώματος σε μορφή λαδιού, όπου προορίζεται και εξολοκλήρου για μασάζ. Εξαιρετικό προϊόν!"
- Maria Tsapi

"Feels great and smells great, what more can I say?"
- Michelle
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EUR 9,08 EUR 5,88
Now Foods Pure Cocoa Butter

"自然なオーガニックのみを使ったものなので、安心して使えました。肌にも しっ とりして、夏でも エアコンなどで乾燥したり、日焼け後の乾燥にも使っ てみた いとおもってます。今のところ肌が しっとりしていいです。"
- Momoka Fukatsu

"Υπέροχο βούτυρο με εξαιρετικό άρωμα. είναι απίστευτα ενυδατικό και μαλακώνει το ερεθισμένο αλλά και το ξηρό δέρμα. Είναι σε στερεή μορφή και πιο σκληρό από άλλα αντίστοιχα βούτηρα αλλά όταν το ζεστάνεις ρευστοποιείται. Είναι πάρα πολύ καλό για ενυδάτωση των μαλλιών επίσης."
- Maria Lamprou
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EUR 10,09 EUR 6,53
Now Foods Shea Butter

"Perfect product, ideal for winter... Repairs every dry area in my body, my chopped hands loved it and my feet too! No smell at all and that's really good!"
- Maria Michailidou

"It has quite good texture. It has to be warmed up a bit before use. But it leaves oily feeling on hands. No fragrance. But skin is very smooth and soft after only one usage. "
- Valentyn
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EUR 13,08 EUR 10,00
Deep Steep Argan Oil Body Lotion

"This lotion has a strong mango smell that lasts. It rubs in quickly which is nice and leaves skin feeling soft but not oily. I can use it and move on to something else without waiting for it to dry which I usually have to do with other lotions. I think the scent is strong though and wish it left my skin a little softer. I do like the size of the bottle it will last a long time. "
- EK

"Argan Oil Body Lotion has a great Mango Papaya scent. This lotion keeps my body feeling moisturized for hours without any greasy feeling. It is wonderful how soft my skin feels and amazing how my skin seems to glow just from moisturizing. I just love this lotion."
- KHiller
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EUR 4,04 EUR 2,46
Skin By Ann Webb Face and Body Lotion

"I bought this product for them & also for myself. It's a pleasant, light & refreshing lotion which is wonderful in the winter months, keeping my face hydrated & protected all day."
- Andrew

"This Ann Webb Face and Body Lotion is exactly what I need for the colder, dryer months. It helps to hydrate my skin without being to oily. There is no scent to this cream. I just put it on in the morning after showering and washing my face. It is great for sensitive skin types."
- KHiller
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EUR 12,90 EUR 9,27
Avalon Organics Hand and Body Lotion

"I really like this organic Lavender Hand & Body Lotion and have a bottle on my desk at the office to share with others. It is well liked by the "lavender lovers"!"
- Cindi

"The Organic Lavendar Hand & Body Lotion smells alright, but it leaves a greasy feeling on my skin."
- Anonymous
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EUR 21,11 EUR 15,84
Reviva Labs Spider Vein  Rosacea Day Cream with Vitamin P

"great product really refreshing in my skin."
- oscar alejandro salcedo salinas

"Well, the cream inside the container I got was dry & hard. I had to add lotion from another bottle in order to be able to use it. I don't know if I am getting any results. I put a little on my face & it stung just a bit. I will not be ordering this product ever again. For me it was not worth the money."
- Anonymous
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EUR 12,38 EUR 9,48
Alba Botanica Very Emollient Body Lotion

"I agree that the Alba Botanica lotion is wonderful but take exception with the previous review since the first ingredient is actually water. The botanicals are made into an infusion by soaking the botanicals in water."
- Anonymous

"I love Alba Botanica's unscented body lotion! Out of all the ingredients, not one of them is water (which is usually the first ingredient in most other products), and it works so well! It is my only choice."
- Anonymous
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EUR 50,45 EUR 38,59
Maitake Products Inc Aquamella Skin Cream

"Just magic. The main role is played there by peptides and pearls and as the most pleasant bonus - 1% of lipoic acid. Cream is consistent and is easy applied to skin by fingers. Very decently tightened everything in a week - another. Both neck, and face."
- Alexa

"Great product..I seen a decrease in wrinkles and fines lines within 2 weeks of my purchase."
- Anonymous
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EUR 15,14 EUR 9,81
Now Foods Vitamin E Cream 28-000 IU

"I've used every single kind of vitamin E lotion and cream out there, and this one takes the cake. It is super moisturising, very gentle on skin and DOES NOT CONTAIN DIMETHICONE or any silicone. "
- Valentyn

"Vitamin E Cream 28,000 IU is an excellent moisturizer and doesn't leave your face feeling greasy after. I have also been noticing marks on the area I applied it to seem to be fading. Great product! "
- Safraz K.
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EUR 5,44 EUR 3,48
Skin By Ann Webb Face and Body Cream

"I really love Face and Body Cream as a moisturizer. It does exactly what it promises to do. I used the vanilla moisturizer before this, and there was a big difference in texture. The body cream has the consistently of an ointment. That may be a little hard to adjust to at first, but it is not a deal breaker. I rated it four stars only because it leaves an oily layer on my face that broke me out for a while. Other people may have the same problem. "
- Kelly B.

"Very effective moisturizer, really thick and lasting without being greasy, safe (non-toxic) ingredients, I'll buy it forever."
- Andrew
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EUR 13,12 EUR 8,49
Now Foods Organic Shea Butter

"Amei esta manteiga. Fácil de trabalhar para fazer cremes em casa."
- Catarina Charana Da Silva
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EUR 13,12 EUR 10,49
Everclen Body Lotion

"Gotta love Everclen Body Lotion. I tried it years ago from a gift to my mother and oh boy does it smell delicious. Bought it to help with my weight loss, stretch marks. Those do fade a bit, but since I'm not constant with the applying instructions and I keep getting them from exercise I can't really tell, but as a moisturizing it's wonderful, fast absorption. Worth the price, since it needs just a pump to extend a lot. I could do with a bottle which dosifier could lock because I bring this with me to the gym and it can get messy on my bag."
- Andrew

"Everclen Body Lotion Fragrance Free is a very light and airy lotion. Doesn't feel heavy or slimy. It's very good to use on my sensitive skin since it's hypoallergenic and cyclically designed for sensitive skin without fragrance. I can tell the difference of how much it moisturizes my skin and how hydrated it keeps it. The cost for the product isn't bad either and you don't have to use a ton. Lovely product."
- Harley Kensington
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EUR 10,09 EUR 9,08
The Honest Company Face and Body Lotion

"Honest Company Face and Body Lotion in the Sweet Orange Vanilla scent is my go to, must have lotion choice. The scent is out of this world without being over powering at all. There is no greasy texture left on my skin at all after I use it. It rubs in great and leaves my skin feeling moisturized and soft. When ordering I always order more than one tube because I can't get enough of it and sometimes over use just because I can't part with it. "
- C.W.

"The Honest Company is quickly becoming my favorite bodycare/haircare company. I got this body lotion together with the conditioning detangling spray and I love them both so much. This body lotion is very light, absorbs very easily, yet is very nourishing and smells very subtle. I love the smell. I usually use coconut oil alone as a moisturizer, but this one is a great on-the-go moisturizer when I want something that sinks in super easily and is also less messy to apply compared to pure coconut oil. This body lotion works great as a hand and nail cream. My cuticles are very happy! I haven't tried it for the face yet, but I'm sure it would be just as great because it's so gentle. I'll definitely be repurchasing once I run out. Such a clean product with a lovely smell for a tiny price - I'm a customer for life! "
- Vita Pedrazzi
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EUR 10,09 EUR 7,71
Home Health Products Almond Glow Skin Lotion
EUR 10,09 EUR 7,71
Home Health Products Almond Glow Skin Lotion

"This oil is really amazing for my skin. It helps the skin to remain hydrated, soft and it smells incredible good. The body absorbs it easily. I would recommend to all of them who likes the fresh smell of jasmine on their body."
- N.Ho
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EUR 10,09 EUR 7,73
Desert Essence Shea Butter Body Cream

"I love Shea Butter Body Cream! It's the only thing that works on my son's skin without giving him an allergic reaction. Great stuff! "
- Mary
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EUR 15,05 EUR 11,50
Alba Botanica Hawaiian Body Cream

"Most of the lotions can't handle my dry skin. Kukui Nut Body Cream by Alba moisturizes on the first try. I'm sold."
- Sharon
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EUR 35,35 EUR 27,04
AlliMax Moisturizing Cream

"AlliMax cream is absolutely amazing! In our family, we've used it to heal a large infected wound from an injury on an 88 year old man, two very painful pressure sores, and an infected finger. I highly recommend AlliMax."
- Vera Cleek
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EUR 24,33 EUR 18,54
Emerita Phytoestrogen Body Cream

"My doctor said I have low estrogen as a result of a blood test (I am 53). I don't take HRT (and won't) so I tried this Phytoestrogen cream as recommended by the health food store. The last few nights I have slept so well - I feel great! I usually only get 4-5 hours sleep after trying everything possible and now my sleep is so restful. I still have hot flashes and have for 7 years, but given a choice, I would take choose sleeping well over hot flashes anyday!"
- Cammie
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EUR 9,08 EUR 6,94
Desert Essence Organic Hand and Body Lotion

"Μυρίζει τέλεια και ενυδατώνει πολύ! Με κέρδισε απο την πρώτη στιγμή που τη μύρισα αυτή τη Lotion! Wow!"
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EUR 17,16 EUR 9,26
Now Foods Wrinkle Rescue Skin Cream

"I like this product, it smells great and I find my skin is softer and has less wrinkles. My face is moisturized and supple. I highly recommend this product!"
- Kim Peterson
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EUR 11,06 EUR 8,48
Earth Science Clarifying Herbal Astringent

"It's all natural - cleanse and balances my skin perfectly without drying alcohol or other ingredients. Price is better than buying this in a store. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants a quality skin toner."
- Valentyn
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