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EUR 35,34 EUR 21,21
Optimum Nutrition BCAA

"BCAA de ótima qualidade. Como Personal Trainer indico para todos os meus clientes."
- Lucas E.

"O melhor BCAA do mundo!! "
- Bruno M.
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EUR 18,17 EUR 9,81
Now Foods GABA

"Good consistent quality, neutral taste. Fast shipping."
- blaga sergiu

"GABA is a great supplement. Not sure if it is for everyone but I found no issue."
- Rachael Allen
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EUR 29,28 EUR 18,44
Dymatize Nutrition BCAA Complex 2200

"I am a older guy and this product really helps me in faster recovery time after my workouts!"
- Booker T Walton Jr

"Great product. Excellent results with BCAA Complex 2200."
- Issame Canello
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EUR 9,08 EUR 4,90
Now Foods L-Tyrosine

"I started taking it because I felt just too cold most of the year. It was not just normal cold, but the kind that you feel inside and you can't get rid of. I felt it as soon as the temperatures went below 20C/70F. As soon as I started taking one morning pill, on empty stomach, this ill-cold went away in a matter of days. Now I'm just normal, when it's cold I feel it, but I don't feel ill anymore. I take breaks from it in the summer. I just love this product, it changed my life!"

"I tested through muscle testing the correct dose I needed and followed that. I started on three tablets a day initially and I noticed an improvement in my mood around the 10 day mark. Great product. "
- Hannah Batterham
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EUR 13,12 EUR 7,08
Now Foods GABA

"Muito bom."
- Susana Bastos

"I'm finding this product helps with my anxiety... and with inducing sleep. It took a couple of weeks to kick in, and now I feel like my anxiety is a lot better controlled."
- maria raftellis
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EUR 44,58 EUR 33,44
Optimum Nutrition Instantized BCAA

"Um dos melhores BCAAS do mercado."

"Este é sem dúvida uma das melhores fontes de BCAA que eu já utilizei. Sinto a diferença quando utilizo o produto (mais energia e melhor recuperação muscular). A marca é referência no segmento e o site evitamins é 100% garantido. Sou cliente há tempos e sempre recebi todos os produtos que comprei no Brasil de forma rápida e segura."
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EUR 12,11 EUR 6,53
Now Foods L-Arginine

"Received on time, as described."
- Spyros Kazianis

"did what it was supposed to do"
- Phil Kersten
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EUR 16,15 EUR 8,72
Now Foods Amino Complete

"Εύκολο στη χρήση."
- Alkiviadis Siaravas

"Very good product. Very correct delivery. "
- Katarina C.
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EUR 17,16 EUR 9,26
Now Foods Acetyl-L-Carnitine

"Me lo indicó el médico para ayudar en la fertilidad y para ayudarme a tener mas energia durante y despues del ejercicio"
- Victor

"Acetyl-L Carnitine 500 mg is an amazing product! I have to test further before giving five stars."
- Abdullah A.
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EUR 20,19 EUR 10,90
Now Foods NAC

"Έχω δοκιμάσει το NAC άλλων εταιριών και η μυρωδιά θείου ήταν ανυπόφορη. Αυτό το NAC από τη Now foods είναι σχεδόν άοσμο γι' αυτό και ευκολότερο στη λήψη. Το συνδυάζω με βιταμίνη C, λιποϊκό οξύ, καρνιτίνη και CoQ10 για μέγιστα αποτελέσματα."

"Είναι το καλύτερο NAC στην αγορά στην καλύτερη τιμή. Το NAC είναι ο καλύτερος τρόπος για να τονώσετε τα επίπεδα γλουταθειόνης. Παίρνω μία κάψουλα των 500 mg Vitamin C (επιλογή μου το C complex από τη Now Foods). Θα το χρησιμοποιώ για το υπόλοιπο της ζωής μου, ειδικά το χειμώνα."
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EUR 13,12 EUR 7,08
Now Foods L-Lysine

"Produto de ótima qualidade como os outros da mesma marca. Comprimidos bem feitos e que não soltam partículas. Poderiam ser um pouco menores ou mais arredondados para facilitar a ingestão. Vou iniciar o uso amanhã!"
- Mateus de Mello

"Aqui onde moro é muito difícil encontrar Lisina a 1G. O produto tem qualidade superior e ainda ganha no preço!"
- Renato de Oliveira Gabriel
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EUR 30,29 EUR 16,35
Now Foods Acetyl-L-Carnitine

"This form of L-Carnitine by Now Foods is an excellent product. I recommend it!"
- Marcos Curvelo Luz

"Não notei nenhuma diferença. Não vi sua eficácia na queima de gordura!"
- Eduardo Araújo de Figueiredo
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EUR 20,19 EUR 10,90
Now Foods L-Tyrosine

"Great product, since the first days I used I already felt the effects, increased energy and focus on tasks, I really recommend."
- lucas reichert siqueira

"I recommend. I feel great."
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EUR 32,81 EUR 23,56
Optimum Nutrition Essential AmiNO Energy

"Wow! I am very impressed with this Essential Amino Energy supplement! The grape flavor is outstanding and doesn't have any weird after taste. The scent is very pleasant! The container is a little large for travel but that's okay I just split servings up into plastic bags or add it into my shaker cup dry and wait to add water later."
- C. Wolfe

"Performance supplements typically get a bad rap for their taste. However I find the taste and smell of Optimum's Amino Energy as tasty. What matters most is the pick-me-up that I get from taking the product. I'm totally ready for my workout."
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EUR 44,43 EUR 23,99
Now Foods Glutathione

"This is a good quality supplement. I have been using this for about 2 months for its skin and health benefits. Progress has been slow but worth it. I can slowly see my scars fade. As my skin lighten up all over my body. So the uneven skin tone will eventually disappear. The pimples have cleared up. Even in the monthly there is a tiny little bump if that. I will most certainly continue with the supplement. As stated the progress is slow, but well worth it. The harmful side effects which is the bonus for me is you have to go to the toilet more often. This a a blessing in disguise for me as I am severely constipated. By taking this supplement I have reduced the amount of creams and moisturizing i am applying on my face. As my body is producing its own balanced natural oil. The downside is that it's costly. As I go through 4 bottles a month. But on the flip side I am very happy with the results. "
- Naaz Basha

"This is on of those rarest of the rare products that will actually get you a daily dose of 500 micrograms of Glutathione. This is my regular go to product for my daily dose of Glutathione. Great price also. "
- krishna prasanth guttikonda
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EUR 24,23 EUR 13,08
Now Foods L-Arginine

"This is really what I want. My wife is in the process of IVF and the L-Arginine helps boost the reaction of the stimulation. Good stuff."
- Donnie AYREY

"I use 2 tabs a day and it makes quite a difference."
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EUR 16,15 EUR 8,72
Now Foods L-Tyrosine

"I didn't want to go on anti-depressants so I looked for an alternative. After consulting a naturopath she gave me a list of natural mood boosters. I used muscle testing to determine which one is right for me. This one was right for me, I have been on it for 3 years and I love it. Seek medical advice before treating depression by yourself or mixing medications. "
- Ozzie Girl

"This product works wonders in helping to stop mood swings! To achieve maximum benefit, choose Now Foods Brand L-tyrosine for neurotransmitter support!"
- Barbara A. Anderson
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EUR 25,24 EUR 13,62
Now Foods GABA

"I have suffered from terrible anxiety for years, this product, along with magnesium and L-theanine has completely changed my life. This is now an essential product for me and helps me to stay calm and relaxed. I would highly recommend it to anyone suffering from anxiety. I would also recommend taking sugar out of your diet. It has made a massive difference to me."
- Rachel Gordon

"Was having trouble sleeping at night and after some research online I thought I would give this a try. Supposed to give you a great night sleep but wasn't to impressed. Definitely helped me relax and put me to sleep but feel that the Now Melatonin worked much better in that regard. "
- A.Powers
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EUR 46,45 EUR 25,08
Now Foods L-Theanine

"Always feel the benefit of taking amino acids. Taken twice a day the double strength capsules are brilliant. I use this product alongside the Now brand of 5-HTP. Gives a great sleep and feeling of relaxation. Definitely one to try. "
- Rachael A

"Working perfect. "
- Krishan Kumar Verma
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EUR 26,25 EUR 14,17
Now Foods L-Theanine

"Effective, Great product! I specially like that besides the potent 200 mg of L-theanine there is also added the 100 mg of inositol inside (which is so important to support brain health and function.) It is great for stress release."
- Natasa B.

"I purchased it for my mom now she feel very well, working perfect for her."
- Krishan Kumar Verma
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EUR 64,63 EUR 38,77
Optimum Nutrition BCAA 1-000 mg

"Κάθε αμινοξύ εκπληρώνει άλλο σκοπό. Άλλους σκοπούς θα εξυπηρετήσει με την ταυρίνη, τη γλουταμίνη, την αργινίνη κλπ. Όταν όμως ο στόχος είναι η μυική ανάπτυξη τα σημαντικότερα αμινοξέα είναι τα BCAA, δηλαδή τα εξής τρία: Λευκίνη, ισολευκίνη και βαλίνη. Είναι και τα τρία βασικά αμινοξέα, δηλαδή δε μπορεί να τα συνθέσει ο οργανισμός μας και πρέπει να λαμβάνονται οπωσδήποτε από την τροφή. Αυτό που δεν ξέρουν οι περισσότεροι είναι πως από αυτά τα 3 αμινοξέα, το σημαντικότερο είναι η λευκίνη. Μία διατροφή με πρωτεΐνες που έχουν υψηλό ποσοστό σε λευκίνη είναι πολύ περισσότερο αναβολική από μία που έχει χαμηλότερο ποσοστό. Γι αυτό και η πρωτεΐνη ορού γάλακτος και ειδικά τα bcaa έχουν καλύτερο αναβολικό αποτέλεσμα στο μεταπροπονητικό γεύμα από πχ. μία μερίδα αρακά ή μία φέτα ψωμί, που ενώ είναι καλές πηγές πρωτεΐνης, έχουν χαμηλότερο ποσοστό λευκίνης. Στο γεύμα μετά την προπόνηση θέλουμε υψηλό ποσοστό λευκίνης στις πρωτεΐνες μας. Δεν μου αρέσει η πρόσμιξη γλυκαντικών και άλλων πρόσθετων στα αμινοξέα, και ευτυχώς που υπάρχει αυτή η συσκευασία, η οποία τα παρέχει στην καθαρή τους μορφή με κάψουλες εύκολες στην κατάποση. Είναι η μόνη μάρκα που χρησιμοποιώ και την προτείνω σε όσους γυμνάζονται έντονα. Θανάσης Αποστόλου - Skeftomai.gr"
- Athanasios Apostolou

"Produto que vale o investimento, pois vem uma quantidade muito boa."
- Renata Aloíde
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EUR 18,17 EUR 9,81
Now Foods L-Glutamine

"I buy NOW Foods supplements as I have celiac disease and their entire product line is gluten free. I also have a master degree in nutrition so I know not only from personal experience that L Glutamine is healing for a damaged intestine as it helps to rebuild cells. Celiac Disease destroys the intestinal villi. New to eVitamins? Get $5 off your first time order! Coupon Code: LOVED"

"I definitely like this product. It's not something you will notice immediately but over the course of a couple months I noticed more energy and better recovery after taking L-Glutamine. At the same time, this is something where more isn't always better. I take 1 tsp in the morning, 1 tsp before I go workout and 1 tsp before bed. It's a great way to increase your HGH levels safely (as in a few percent points) and without actually injecting anything."
- Brandon D.
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EUR 45,44 EUR 24,53
Now Foods Beta-Alanine

"This stuff is awesome. It's effects don't kick in for couple weeks so be patient when first starting Beta-Alanine. After a couple months my dead lift went from 375 lbs to 465 lbs and dumbbell bench went from a set of four at 85 lbs to a set of five at 110 lbs. You'll notice that pins and needles feeling in about five to 15 minutes after taking the recommended dose, you can take half or a quarter dose a few times over the course of the day until you body gets uses to it and that sensation minimizes. Once I got to that point I just took it before a workout."
- Brandon D.

"Beta-Alanine from Now is excellent and I wouldn't dream of buying it anywhere else but eVitamins!"
- David D.
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EUR 25,44 EUR 14,53
NutraLife Acetyl L-Carnitine HCl

"Good quality product. I felt a positive impact on alertness. I am satisfied."
- Sumit D

"O produto que comprei L Carnitine HCI com evitamins esta me dando maior vontade de ser ativo e me sentir melhor, acho porque contribui a melhorar os processos de antioxidação que com idade vão envelhecer o corpo humano. É um produto útil para manter seu bem-estar. Gabriele Dell Utri"
- gabriele dell utri
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