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General Brain Formulas Reviews

$ 19.99 $ 10.64
Now Foods True Focus

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Good product

Good product, leaves you more awake but I didn't notice any difference in yield
- Fabiana de Oliveira Morais Carvalho

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I have been using it for more than three months and will definitely continue to be part of my supplements. I feel diminished in mental fatigue, and that increased concentration I feel more active and willing. I think it was the missing vitamin in my mind. I recommend it and I will not be without it. Outside he arrived fast.
- Ricardo Teodoro
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$ 39.99 $ 21.29
Now Foods Alpha GPC 300 mg

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Best option to replenish hill!

Great and indispensable refined choline supplement to optimize and potentiate key brain functions! Alpha GPC is it! For those who study several hours a day and / or work in complex administrative activities, I tell you: this supplement is indicated and can work wonders for you! Be sure to try it! I have been using Alpha GPC for over two years. I feel that my memory and reasoning are really elevated to other levels of efficiency. Continuous use really works wonders. Brain activity works much more efficiently. I'm happy and very satisfied. This is yet another product of the Now brand with quality excellence. The site evitamins is to be congratulated for its reliability. Great. Congratulations!
- FKL81

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Great product !!!

Great way to get the Hill!
- Eliana
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$ 12.99 $ 8.29
Now Foods Mental Focus Oil Blend

Minty Scent that's Not Too Over the Top.

One of the better "minty" scents in my opinion. Works well in a diffuser and I can see how it would help you focus. It's a relaxing scent.
- Bruce Kent


This smells more like cough drops or gum to be much use to me. It's not a bad scent, very minty with a hint of citrus. It just is too distracting to me to promote any kind of mental focus. I'd prefer something more subtle or earthly but it's probably personal preference. I tend to like my own blends anyway. This one is more balanced than others, though the wintergreen is very prominent to me.
- EK
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$ 139.00 $ 125.10
Neurohacker Collective Qualia Mind

Great product

Great product. It totally helps my mental clarity and focus.
- Bill S


You have now idea how remarkable this is until you try it. It works immediately the very first time you take it but only gets better with use. The effects that show up immediately are amazing. The focus, the energy, the feelings of motivation help to get so much done. After extended use, the new effects that show up are even better. The emotional resilience piece kicked in at about month 3 for me and that was a huge game changer. This is truly a game changer and you simply must try it.
- Ben Cote
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$ 21.99 $ 11.70
Now Foods Brain Elevate

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Good for memory and concentration!

My wife is taking along with True Focus, and is feeling improvements in concentration and memory. Seems to be really good, really!
- Isaque Fancelino

Alertness boost

Very good product gives a much needed lift in morning. Take it in the morning as it may interfere with sleep, I have felt alert while on it. Note: I am saying alert by that I don't mean Cognitive focus!!
- Rishab Mahajan
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$ 22.69 $ 13.62
Kal Deep Thought

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The product brings a feeling of being active, I particularly felt very stimulated, which brought me anxiety.
- Hilana Mara Beniste do Nascimento

Excellent product

Excellent product, can't recommend anything better then this one. Great focus during the day, if you carefully and not taking after 4-5pm you will sleep well. I'm ordering another two now.
- Anonymous
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$ 15.79 $ 11.99
Natrol Alpha Lipoic Acid

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Wonderful antioxidant, improves your handling of ingested carbohydrates, improves your skin, hair and general appearance, is like a kind of eternal youth pill.
- Martha Yaneth Becerra Prieto

I really like this product, especially the fact that it has a time release benefit. My doctor recommended it and I feel like it helps me being a Diabetic. I won't get another variety than the time release, I've done it in the past but don't feel like I'm getting the same benefits.
- Bill Burkel
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$ 19.99 $ 10.64
Now Foods Mood Support


I will buy again. Actually helped me to concentrate and to feel more energetic. Might be a placebo but I think the St. John's Wort did something...
- Meitar Geffen

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It gave me some nausea in the first week but made me more focused and less anxious.
- Saulo
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$ 56.00 $ 42.00
Life Extension Cognitex Elite

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Excellent and complete.

Perfect and complete nootropic heap I've tested so far! A real combo of several elements available and that help in the overall improvement of cognitive functions. I felt the first time of use an improvement in reasoning and in a few days of use an improvement in memory was already noticeable. Ideas and thoughts flow better. The same thing happens with the speech: I realize that I express myself better without language hiccups. I need this supplement because I study several hours a day and this has become indispensable for my great performance. The capsules are large and blue, but relatively easy to ingested with water.All the products that I have already tested the brand have proved to be of excellent quality. Very reliable. The site always evitamins of congratulations! Perfect!
- FKL81

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$ 99.00 $ 89.10
Neurohacker Collective Qualia Mind

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Excellent formula!

Very good, very good compound, all right in the measure!
- Evandro Gandolfi Ribeiro

I have taken this for the past three days

I have taken this for the past three days and I have been very impressed with the effects. First, I have only been taking 5 a day rather than the 7 you are suppose to. I decided to start with a lower does and raise it if I wanted to later. I think I will be trying a high dose but the 5 capsules has had a very noticeable impact. I feel like I have more mental energy, increased creative, better mood, and just an ease a when trying to do and understand school work. I do think it is a little too earlier to judge completely, but my initial impression is impressed and I would definitely recommend getting the small bottle to try.
- guy fadlon
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$ 39.95 $ 35.96
Vitanica MindBlend

- Deserae Leal

This works wonders for my husband even though it's marketed for women. Helps with his anxiety and helps him to cope at a stressful job. It elevates the mood and helps the mind to focus and function better. It's the only supplement out of several we have tried that works the best for calming anxiety and stress, focusing, and uplifting the mood. Every ingredient has wonderful proven clinical research for brain function. Rhodiola is great for stress & mood. The phosphydityl complexes are very crucial to brain function. Gotu Kola is wonderful for stimulating the mind for better focus. this is a wonderful formula that's worth the money!
- Anonymous
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$ 14.99 $ 7.98
Now Foods DMG 125 mg

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DMG 125 mg Good quality

Good quality, improved my ability to memorize, I recommend, I'm satisfied, tb with delivery!
- fatima crespo

Very good product

Excellent product. Good quality and good price.
- Krzysztof Hajduk
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$ 58.00 $ 43.50
Life Extension Cognitex Elite Pregnenolone

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The product is excellent for concentration. Helps in cognitive performance. I only got compliments, I bought several products and the delivery was beyond my expectations, by the way, it was a surprise, I had made calculations of the delivery time combining, to my surprise the delivery of the products was done before the deadline, without problems, the Monique who picked me up provided reliable information about the delivery and the product. I will always buy, because it helps a lot. I recommend the use for those with good expectation of increased memory, performance in studies and jobs that require a lot of concentration for a long time. I routinely use other supplements to increase performance in the study for public contests !!!!! The value is fair and better than in Brazil. Even importing and being taxed still gets cheaper at almost 100 reais. I thank everyone at Evitamis and Life Extension for providing the consumer with a quality, reliable, effective and worthy product! Surely I will buy even more.
- Guilherme Sivieri Rama Reyna

- Louise Comeau
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$ 69.00 $ 62.10
Neurohacker Collective Qualia Focus

Qualia Focus

I love this product. I found out about this product back in October and have been taking it ever since. It does what it says and personally I have felt more productive and energetic throughout the day. Great job Neurohacker on Qualia Focus!
- JT


Neurohacker has done such a beautiful job with all of their products. I have been following them for a long time and love the quality of their product and work! It makes such a difference and I get so much more done on an everyday basis.
- Renia Pinkney
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$ 39.00 $ 35.10
Neurohacker Collective Qualia Mind


What an awesome product!
- Renia Pinkney
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$ 12.29 $ 9.99
Natrol Alpha Lipoic Acid

I think Alpha Lipoic Acid 600 mg works OK, but could be better.
- Albert B.
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$ 23.50 $ 16.45
Source Naturals MegaMind

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I found the capsule too large, and had difficulty swallowing. otherwise it fulfills its purposes
- Andreia Correa Ferroz gagliano
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$ 39.99 $ 21.29
Now Foods Brain Elevate

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Excellent product for the treatment of Alzheimer's

Product very good, helped a lot in the treatment of Alzheimer's, delivery was extremely fast, on time and the product arrived with total quality, not only recommend how to buy from it every 2 months constantly! Congratulations to the company for the product and the service provided of the highest quality, I buy and recommend !! Very fast delivery even to Brazil and was not taxed by the federal revenue and there was no delay in delivery of the couriers!
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$ 11.99 $ 8.99
Nature's Way Schizandra Fruit

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Very good quality and effectiveness

I am very happy to have found this natural supplement that has helped me more than any allopathic medication I have taken. I suffer from generalized anxiety, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia and thanks to the schizancra I have managed to find a balance that allows me to function almost normally most of the time. I take two capsules in the morning and at half an hour I feel energy and calm at the same time. Most of the products that help increase energy produce nervousness and irritability especially in anxious people like me, but this is NOT! I don't even tolerate caffeine and this wonderful supplement gives me that energy I need without getting a little nervous, quite the contrary, it calms anxiety and nerves. I also suffered from insomnia, I woke up in the middle of the night, and since I take schisadra that does not happen, I sleep deeply and I can even remember some dreams and in the morning I wake up rested. In truth, this fruit is miraculous, for some reason Chinese medicine recommends it so much, I invite you to research on the internet all its properties and the experience of people. Something that happened to me since I took it and that could be a side effect is that my rules are advanced, and I have lived a lifetime It has been very regular. It may be because Schizandra contains phytoestrogens and interferes with hormonal processes, researching on the internet many comment that they use it to regulate hormonal disorders such as polycystic ovaries or premenstrual syndrome. I liked the brand because I had already tried others and I find that the effect of these It is more potent despite containing the same amount of mg. It must be the quality and purity that makes the difference. I will continue to buy the same, plus the price is very convenient, I recommend it to everyone who wants to feel more vital and calm, it is worth trying !!!! Thank you Evitamins and Natures Way for existing
- Carolina
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$ 9.19 $ 5.52
Kal L-Taurine

Helps Heart Disease

I have heart disease and this seems to be helping with breakdown of calcium.
- Phil Kersten
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$ 37.95 $ 22.77
New Chapter LifeShield Mind Force

It's very good for "mental clarity"
- Jean Abbott
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$ 6.59 $ 4.32
Nature's Life Zinc
$ 10.00 $ 7.50
Life Extension Optimized Ashwagandha Extract

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Ashwagandha has to be from LifeExtension

My doctor - functional / integrative medicine - prescribed the use of Ashwagandha, as a way of combating part of the oxidative damage generated by nervous tensions, due to the stress of the day to day. I take one capsule after breakfast and another after dinner.
- Jose Wallace Lins de Oliveira
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$ 24.99 $ 17.49
American Health More Than A Multiple with Brain Essentials

Excellent Multi-vitamin!

More than a Multiple is one of the best multi-vitamins available. It has all the essential ingredients and more. It's priced right at evitamins and it ships quickly. Excellent multi-vitamin!
- Trudy Feyereisen
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