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$21.95 $11.53
Now Foods Super Omega EPA

"Muito bom, óleo do peixe, essencial para uma boa saúde."
- Vanessa Avelar Mendes

"Excelente produto, sei que estou adquirido Ômega 3 e não somente óleo de peixe. Recomendo!"
- Frederico Frezer
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$18.99 $14.54
Twinlab Emulsified Omega-3 Fish Oil

"I like Emulsified Omega-3 Fish Oil. It's great, does not taste or smell like fish and lasts a long time. I am re-ordering today."
- David G.

"Emulsified Omega-3 Fish Oil is an amazing product! I have a hyperactive 2 year old that had a speech delay and could never sleep through the night. The very first night I gave her this fish oil, she slept through the night! 1 week later she was saying more than 30 words in a single day! Again, THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING! Thank You Twin Lab!"
- Rachael
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$17.99 $9.44
Now Foods Cod Liver Oil

"Good! I haven´t gotten a cold since I started with this Cod Liver Oil, there is only one thing - it is a little hard to swallow!"
- Tony Bokeroth

"I have been using it for 8 weeks and there I have no more joint pain."
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$33.99 $18.99
Now Foods Neptune Krill Oil

"I found Neptune Krill Oil 500 mg to be better then fish oil tablets any day. Why? Easy to swallow, and the pill is 1/3 of the size of fish oil. You only need to have two table a day, not 3-4 like fish oil. No reflux taste :) at all! after Researching differences between fish and krill krill is a more effective Omega source for your body, as you will absorb it 4-6 time better "
- Iby
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$51.99 $36.39
Garden of Life Oceans 3 Healthy Hormones

"Trying to find and stay on a natural product was overwhelming and time consuming. Thank goodness I found this product. Even though some issues were resolving within the first week, after 2 months my extreme symptoms of night sweats and hot flashes have almost but vanished. I am sleeping better and the stress and irritability issues are almost non-existent. I still tend to have some food cravings on those few nights I am not sleeping as well. I was on the extreme side of the scale with my symptoms for 1 1/2 years refusing to take synthetics. I used a well known cream (Emerita) in the beginning with the healthy hormones but no longer need the cream. I now am comfortable in my own skin (I did not know who I was turning into before) and my life has gotten back to a much more normal state. I would recommend this product to anyone that has no allergies to it's contents. This product saved me! Thanks Ruben!"
- Anonymous

- ???
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$15.40 $11.55
Solgar Omega 3 Fish Oil Concentrate

"I tried this before, easy to digest. I love it."
- Noreen Alizai
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$22.20 $16.10
Carlson Labs Cod Liver Oil Lightly Lemon

"COD without synthetic vitamin A added. I recommend!"
- Marcelo Nakamura
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$15.98 $13.36
Barlean's Omega Swirl Fish Oil

"This product has an amazing taste. It's thick but you would never think you were swallowing fish oil. This is also pharmaceutical grade which means they strip all of the healthy oil from the fish. What this means for you is, no nasty burps throughout the day."
- Tara Enloe

"Omega Swirl Fish Oil is the best tasting fish oil around. It's creamy and the lemon flavor is the best!"
- Theresa C.
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$64.99 $34.11
Now Foods Neptune Krill Oil

"Хороший продукт, принимала не долго,но состояние ногтей улучшилось."
- Anna Ozheredova
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$24.90 $18.05
Carlson Labs Elite Omega-3 Gems

"I have been taking fish oil for years now, but I always felt that I smelled like fish when I talked, but not using Omega-3 Gems Fish. This product really is perfect, and I like to take them in the morning. I think Omega-3 Gems Elite is one of the best that I've ever tried."
- Dahlia El Tantawy / Cai 7025

"I like the results I get with Elite Omega-3 Gems."
- Norman M.
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$84.95 $55.22
Zahlers Omega 3 Platinum

"Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid that our body needs but cannot produce. A main source of Omega 3 is eating fish, however I HATE fish. So I needed anyway to get Omega 3 so I tried this Omega 3 Platinum. I LOVE it and gives me the perfect about Omega 3 that my body needs. Also most Omega 3 pills have a gross fishy taste, but Zahler's doesn't which is amazing. "
- Erica Chafin

"Loved these vitamins, no fish taste. This is the best omega 3 on the market! This doesn't make me nauseous unlike so many other vitamins did. "
- Christy Block
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Metagenics OmegaGenics EPA-DHA 720

"I overall feel better taking this product."
- Robert L Wurtz
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$26.19 $19.89
Health From the Sun The Total EFA

"I have used this essential fatty acid supplement for a couple of years. It has the advantage of a reasonable mix of omega 3/6/9 oils, and it doesn't seem to give your breathe a fishy smell. It does have beneficial (and quite noticable) effects on my skin, which is less dry. However, I haven't noticed any significant change in cholestrol levels as a result of taking the oils. However, I do take 1/3 the recommended dose to avoid acne breakups."
- Anonymous
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$49.90 $36.18
Carlson Labs Cod Liver Oil
$49.90 $36.18
Carlson Labs Cod Liver Oil
$18.37 $14.03
Twinlab Omega-3 Fish Oil
$27.90 $16.74
Carlson Labs Very Finest Fish Oil

"This also has a nice orange flavor. Great trade off from the lemon. "
- Diana McWatets
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$27.70 $20.08
Carlson Labs Fish Oil Multi

"Hands down, Fish Oil Multi by Carlson Labs is the best multivitamin I have ever taken. My cholesterol is lower and I feel better since I started taking Fish Oil Multi. I don't get nausea after taking this multivitamin like I do with other brands."
- Barry Spencer
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$23.88 $18.24
Twinlab Super Twin EPA/DHA

"Twinlab's Super Twin EPA/DHA has a good ratio of EPA to DHA, the Twinlab quality you expect in their supplements, good coating, no nasty after taste and several other perks. There simply isn't anything wrong with this one. An excellent all around omega-3 supplement."
- Shawn Printy
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$26.29 $17.72
Natrol Glucosamine Omega-3

"I take this to relieve joint aches. I like taking just one product that works for a combination of benefits. The glucosamine & chrondrointin keep my knees & fingers pain free, and I feel good about taking the Omega-3 to help prevent heart issues. "
- Jeff
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$19.20 $16.32
Nature's Plus Ultra Omega 3/6/9
$35.99 $29.30
Olympian Labs Krill Oil

"I think that your Krill Oil is one of the best yet. I have used a lot of different herbs to relieve the pain and inflammation of RA in my knees. Then I tried your Krill Oil and in one month the pain and swelling was down and now at three months I don't hurt at all. But when I went to my health store she was out of yours and swore that the other name brand was just as good. Well it isn't! So I called her and now she is keeping it on hand for me. It is the best!"
- Sheila Garcia
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$27.90 $20.23
Carlson Labs Super D Omega-3

"Great product at a great price!"
- Anonymous
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$36.50 $26.46
Carlson Labs Elite Omega-3 Gems 800 mg

"This is a high quality fish oil that packs a great amount of omega 3 fatty acids at an affordable price. The taste is good too! It tastes like a lemon gummy bear. Even our 9 year-old enjoys eating them. They can be easily swallowed whole as well. There are no nasty "fish-flavored burps" with these capsules. "
- Mary Benicki
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