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Essential Fatty Acids Reviews

$ 45.99 $ 24.83
Now Foods Ultra Omega 3

One of the best!

After a detailed research I decided to buy a Omega 3. Problem is that not every form is effective. However on eVitamins you always find what you are looking for and don’t have to worry about quality. This Omega 3 is very good especially for women. I am a regular customer here and can recommend it to everyone. Delivery to UK usually taking 2-3 weeks. Products always have a good package and never damages through the delivery. I am ordering all my vitamins and supplements for myself and my family Only from eVitamins.
- Lyubov Sankauskiene

Best cost-benefit

Best cost-benefit in Omega. I do not buy more in Brazil, I only buy here online for more than 2 years. Can buy without a doubt.
- Ana Paula Lannocca
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$ 25.99 $ 14.03
Now Foods Ultra Omega 3

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the best omega 3 in the market

I always used several brands of Omega 3, but I always had to take more than 3 capsules a day, and I noticed that the effect was longer, I did not have expected gains, but after I started to import this supplement, which is only necessary 1 a day , the effects have come faster, lowered cholesterol, something he had not noticed previously, was that he has direct participation in memorization, even more if used in combination with other supplements.

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Super omega 3, high quality.

Excellent product! I use it daily, twice a day, one in the morning and the other the night before bed. After using this product, I improved my HDL (High Density Lipoproteins), also known as "good cholesterol". And as a consequence I was able to lower LDL levels, popularly known as bad cholesterol. Among the benefits of using the product, you may note that there was greater control over insulin levels, natural anti-inflammatory action, weight control, and improved cardiovascular health as a whole. I indicate this product for people who have high rates of bad cholesterol in the blood, diseases of the cardiovascular system, poor blood circulation, and even depression.
- Givanildo
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$ 8.99 $ 4.85
Now Foods Omega-3

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Omega 3 quality!

I use this Omega-3 daily, it is my favorite brand. It has EPA and DHA dosage ideal and well balanced. The most important benefits of omega 3 are the protection and improvement of cardiovascular and cerebral health. Helps to improve memory and concentration. My heart feels stronger and calmer. Helps reduce inflammation in the body. Omega 3 is a good fat for the body, which is found mainly in fish. My whole family uses this supplement. It is difficult to find fresh fish in supermarkets, so it is important to use this Omega-3 because Omega 3 is more concentrated. I feel protected from various diseases, I recommend this brand to everyone. I'm loving it and this brand passed my quality test. Now is a well-known and widely used brand.
- Slim King

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A good Omega 3!

I'm taking Omega 3 from Now Foods and I'm enjoying it a lot. It is a good quality product and Now has a great price. Omega 3's are great natural anti-inflammatories, as well as being good for the brain and for promoting rejuvenation.
- Isaque Francelino
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$ 15.99 $ 8.63
Now Foods Omega-3

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Little taste of fish

It has a concentration of omega 3 a little below the ideal, maybe for that reason the flavor is not so strong of fish!
- Larissa Matsumoto

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Very good product, great quality and I recommend the product. This is the real omega3 because the others I took did not give as many benefits as this.
- luis carlos de castro gomes junior
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$ 29.95 $ 23.67
Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega Junior

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Arrived on time

This product was bought for our nephew. He needs a lot of these vitamins to be able to have a life, I would say, normal. So that's why the importance of being a quality Omega 3 and that was great for him. When it takes these vitamins it becomes much more calminho. The product arrived on time and in great condition. Unfortunately it stopped at customs because it came with more stuff, so the delivery box got very big and I had to pay a fee to redeem at the post office. Even so it was worth it, because this type of vitamin here in Brazil, besides being very difficult to find, the value is much more expensive. So even stopping customs, it was more important to make the order for eVitamns than to buy at some physical store here in Brazil. Keep it up, your work is excellent and very good.
- Társis da Silva Braga

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Fish oil capsules. What is the use of it?

Greetings to all moms and dads who are concerned about the health of their child. I remember from my childhood, when mother poured yellow liquid in a spoon and came to me, it was necessary to quickly hide. But time is now different and fish oil can be bought in ampoules. What are Ultimate Omega Junior, Strawberry 90 Chewable Softgels vitamins? Their first indispensable plus is that the composition is in an ampoule that has strawberry flavor. And now I want to talk about the benefits of fish oil. We began to take Ultimate Omega Junior half a year before the first class, even in kindergarten. Result: for almost half a year my child didn\u2019t get sick at all, although we belong to a group of frequently ill children. Vitamins with great success are used in the treatment of various pathological diseases. Pediatricians recommend that fish oil be consumed regularly, it helps strengthen the child\u2019s immunity and add to the overall health of the body. Ultimate Omega Junior strengthens not only the immunity of the child, but also the strengthening of bone and dental tissue, which is important in the process of growth and development of the body. Excellent reduces nervous irritability. This is verified on your child, so I recommend to moms. who kids are very active. With regular intake, brain activity improves, aggression level decreases, and sleep normalizes. In fact, to list the benefits of these vitamins can be very long. The oily liquid, which hides in a vial with a strawberry flavor, contains very valuable acids, vitamins and minerals, which have a positive effect on bones and muscles, and of course on the nervous and circulatory systems. In spite of all the benefits of vitamin Ultimate Omega Junior, I would still recommend you to consult a doctor before the appointment and find out if your baby has an allergic reaction, and then begin to boldly give health vitme.
- анонимное
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$ 31.95 $ 25.25
Nordic Naturals DHA Xtra 900 mg

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Quality product and arrived fast

Excellent product. Very good quality. It is worth buying via website because the delivery is very fast. I recommend. I'll buy more.
- Flavio Ramos Brandão

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I performed a quality test that I was recommended, this test consists of leaving the Omega 3 capsule more than 5 hours in the freezer, after doing so I took a toothpick and tried to pierce the capsule. If omega 3 is good, the capsule sticks easily, if the omega 3 is bad, the capsule does not stick easily. This is because the omega 3 inherent in deep-sea fish, at very low temperatures, has the function of preventing the fish's blood from freezing. Therefore, by simulating the same thing in the freezer, and by checking that the Omega 3 did not freeze, in fact, I was able to conclude that this product has quality. In addition, it is the rare brands that can find more DHA than EPA, and this contains 2.3 times more DHA than EPA. The amount of EPADHA, which is 1370 mg, relative to the total of 2 capsules, which is 1660 mg, corresponds to 82.5% of that total. This means that it is a very isolated Omega 3 product! I am satisfied so far, I will take it for 1 month or 2, and then I will see if I get results. In the market a lot of things are not sold, such as little isolated omega 3, with lots of oil to "fill chorizo", and low quality omega 3, probably obtained from sources other than deep-sea fish such as salmon. If the product is cheap and brings many capsules, something is not right, because Omega 3 BOM is usually expensive.
- Vitor Pimentel Aguiar
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$ 17.95 $ 14.18
Nordic Naturals Omega-3 690 mg

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Best Omega 3 available ...
- Luis Cláudio Ribeiro Oliveira

Omega-3 Softgels have no aftertaste. Great product.
- Tammy B.
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$ 9.99 $ 5.39
Now Foods Omega 3 Mini Gels

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Wonderful, perfect. Great to swallow because of the mini capsules.
- Andreia Souto da Silva

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Omega 3 in a perfect size.

This Omega 3's mini gels are easier to swallow. Indicated for those who have problems in swallowing larger capsules. It does not cause digestive problems. I always use this Omega-3, I like this brand. Use 1 to 2 mini gels per day. It has a good dosage of EPA and DHA which are beneficial acids for health, being an ideal dosage and with a good balance. The benefits of omega 3 are in the protection and improvement of cardiovascular and brain health. It helps in the memory and I feel more concentrated during the day and my income has improved. My heart feels calmer. Helps eliminate inflammation of the whole body. Omega 3 is a good fat, which is found in sea fish. My family uses and likes this supplement. It is difficult to find fish to consume daily, so it is important to take Omega-3 because the Omega 3 supplement is more concentrated. I recommend this Omega 3 to my friends and family.
- Slim King
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$ 45.00 $ 33.75
Life Extension Super Omega-3 Plus

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Friends forever!

I like the benefit and I do not like the smell!
- Jeane M S Sartoreto

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Amazing! Portuguese and english review!

Life Extention has the best quality I have ever encountered. Actually this omega is wonderful. I've used others but got amazing results with this one. Surely I'll buy more. It's really worth it. Best omega ever !!! And the plus is even better. Super fundamental. You need to buy it for sure! It works so well in life extention you can trust! Always! Thanks so much evitamins for allowing this amazing purchase!
- Laura Freitas Rita
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$ 38.95 $ 30.78
Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega + CoQ10

Best fish oil on the market!

The very best non GMO fish oil on the market today.Very pleasant lemony taste.Highly recommend product.Just wish that this company evitamuns carried it in the 120 capsule size!
- Nikolove

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Great product.

Great product. I really like it. The package itself doesn\u2019t have to be ordered. I recommend everyone to buy!
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$ 10.09 $ 6.44
Thompson Pumpkin Seed Oil

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I recommend

Product recommended by my tricologist. Helps keep the body in balance. I was about to start hair loss and my professional advised to take this pumpkin seed along with biotin. I have noticed the continuing decline in hair loss.
- Marcio Dias Silva

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Good product

I had good product recommendations. It arrived quickly and I started to take it. This is another good product marketed here on the eVitamins website. I bought it after reading a few articles pointing out that its use can prevent and reverse male hair loss caused by androgenetic factors, although studies pointing to such results have yet to fully scientific acceptance. Still, pumpkin seeds are proven capable of bringing various health benefits to the human body. It is known, for example, for its ability to prevent disease in the prostate, and is well indicated for men over 50 years of age. These are easy to swallow capsules in a reasonable dosage and a brand (Thompson) that I believe to be reliable. I believe it should be consumed with follow-up from a trusted health professional, although many doctors are still unaware of its effects and the results of studies using pumpkin seed oil. I would recommend the reader to do some research on its effects and benefits. For now, my rating for this product is 5 stars.
- André
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$ 28.00 $ 17.85
Amazing Herbs Black Seed Oil

Amazing product- Benefits are ENDLESS!😊😁😚

I live in Minnesota where the winters are NO joke. I purchased the organic natural Black Seed capsules for son with Asthma and tested the easy to swallow soft gel capsules on an empty stomach before giving it to him, (besides I had a stuffy head cold)... Needless to say within 20 minutes I felt an urge of energy, calmness, and clarity (I own a retail store where it's hectic especially Weekends). Not last Wknd, due to the 2 capsules taken😁. Oh and the head cold was COMPLETELY GONE BY THE NEXT MORNING. Great product 10 Stars!
- Deouna Jagne

Write a headline for your review.

I love this stuff. I take it every day once the weather starts cooling down to prevent a flu.
- Ozzie Girl
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$ 21.95 $ 17.34
Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Pet Softgels

I am a skeptic about supplements but I have to say this product is contributing greatly to the improvement of my soft-coated wheaten terrier's coat!
- Meghan Dake-morrell

My poor dog has developed skin allergies. I have been giving him Pet Omega-3 in addition to Benadryl. I believe that the Pet Omega-3 has been helping somewhat and he seems to be scratching less and I plan to re-order more of this product, anything to help alleviate his discomfort is most welcome.
- Julie Mahoney
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$ 69.95 $ 55.29
Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega

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Ultimate Omega 3

The Ultimate omega is great, not only do I as my son and husband take it as well. The results are visible, in the improvement of the skin and mainly in the memory. It does not smell and that's great. And it also has no flavor, gel capsules are easily digested. I loved it and kept buying, the quantities of EPA and DHA are the recommended ones, which in other brands I have not found similar.
- Roseli Carneiro Silva araujo

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Wonderful product!

Wonderful product! It has no fish taste and is very high in the content of DPH. In addition to the citrus taste of lemon that helps in digestion. I improved a lot and I managed to lose weight faster by taking this omega! Super Indicate!
- Camila Maria Cavalcante Ferreira
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$ 9.64 $ 7.86
Nordic Naturals Daily Omega Kids

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Omega for baby

This omega 3 has the right concentration for the child and has not a pleasant smell, but has a light strawberry flavor. The capsules are not large and smooth, so a child of 4 years old swallows them easily.
- Belikova Elena Igorevna


My daughter loves this supplement and has no difficulty taking it! She loves the taste and smell of the strawberry capsule. I love the taste and smell of the fish oil inside and besides she never complaints of a fishy smell. I strongly recommend this omega-3 supplement for kids!
- Filipe Santos
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$ 20.59 $ 16.80
Nordic Naturals Nordic Omega-3 Fishies 300 mg

The kids love fishies!!!

Product came quickly and was not available at other online stores. They have a high content of DHA and that's really important when looking for omega gummies for children. Gummies are not fishy tasting so the kids like to have them. I would like to see this product in different flavors, I recommend strawberry flavor. The separately sealed gummies make it great to take them anywhere. You could even pop them in the kids lunch as a snack.
- Tabatha Martin

The best omega-3 vitamins!

The only omega 3 vitamins I’ll ever give my little ones. What I love about thee fishies is that only ONE fishie per dose is recommended! Unlike other gummies that requires 3-4 pcs each time.
- Eliza Hong
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$ 14.89 $ 11.36
Natrol Extreme Omega Fish Oil

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Great !

Very good this Omega, has a good amount of omega in the product which generates an economy, since we do not need to take more than one per day. The brand Natrol also gives us confidence to use the Product.
- Monica Poncy

I think Extreme Omega Fish Oil is very effective and you begin seeing results in a short period of time. I have been using it for a little over two weeks now, and I have seen so much improvement in my skin. It's clearer, smoother and softer, with a natural glow. I was really impressed. If Extreme Omega Fish Oil is already doing so much outside, I can imagine what it's doing inside. I usually take one with breakfast and one with dinner. I would definitely recommend Extreme Omega Fish Oil.
- Andrea
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$ 11.99 $ 8.91
Garden of Life Super Seed

Excellent. I have been using this product for a few years now and would highly recommend it.
- Carolyn D Hart

I have been taking SuperSeed since it came by post, after starting on the Maker's Diet. I have since stopped as I needed to rememdy IBS with the Guts and the Glory program. I expect I'll go back to once I feel I have done all I need to. I will finish it but hope not to need it again, as I find it quite difficult to take.
- Vera Saunders
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$ 33.99 $ 25.28
Garden of Life Oceans 3 Beyond Omega-3

I never get the fishy aftertaste that I got from other fish oils. Oceans 3 Beyond Omega-3 are also easy to swallow!
- Ashley

The best part about the supplement is the absence of any fishy smell or aftertaste. It doesn't really have a taste at all, which I prefer. Lots of great stuff in Oceans 3 Beyond Omega- 3!
- Petra C.
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$ 16.99 $ 9.17
Now Foods Super Omega 3-6-9

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Very good!!!

Very good!! Improves HDL and lowers LDL.
- Alexandre de Lima e Silva

I like this product. I feel better and my numbers are better as well.
- Therese G.
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$ 24.99 $ 16.19
Now Foods MCT Oil


Oh~. It is very important oil for my son. Thanks for fast delivery with $5 coupon. I'll re-order soon. ^^
- Wonkyu Park

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Product fulfills the promise !!

Great product. Provides energy to the body without elevating glucose. (International) delivery super fast!
- Guy Sucupira Junior
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$ 20.99 $ 13.49
Flora Udo's Oil DHA 3-6-9 Blend

My chiropracter recommended I take Udo's 3-6-9 Oil Blend due to dry skin patches developing around my hair line. My hair has fully grown back and is healthy. I have a one month old son. For the last several nights he has been quite colicky and irritable. Although tired from staying up with him, I noticed that I was not irritable at all, but I know I would normally be. I also have only six pounds left to lose to be back to my before pregnancy weight. Great results for only one month.
- Anonymous

I used the Udo's Choice Oil Blend product for about 9 months while on a weight loss program. The Omega 3 and 6 and evening primrose oil are excellent for your heart, PMS, and I never felt better. Wish I hadn't stopped it; however I am back for more and can't wait to see the great results again. The weight dropped off quickly on a very healthy and nutritious diet.
- Mary Robbins
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$ 35.59 $ 26.70
Solaray PhytoEstrogen+ EFAs

It took about 3 months to see the full effects of the PhytoEstrogen Plus, but I am feeling much better. I had light hot flashes with strong moodiness and have had no past surgery. I take 2 a day.
- Anonymous

This is a great product. Why stop the SOY-FREE? Some of us can't use SOY. Thumbs up for the product though.
- Anonymous
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$ 47.95 $ 37.90
Nordic Naturals Complete Omega

As high of quality as you will find.

This is the highest quality fish oil you will find. Nordic naturals is recommended to my step mother with ovarian cancer, and so I obviously follow and do the same. This stuff is the real deal.
- Jean-Claude Van Damme
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