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Proper Nutrition Seacure for Pets - 100 g

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UPC: 660599201020
Item #: 35171
Gesamtgewicht: 0.46 lbs (0.21 kg)
Packungsformat: 100 g
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UPC: 660599201020
Gesamtgewicht: 0.46 lbs (0.21 kg)
Packungsformat: 100 g

The same Seacure hydrolyzed white fish recommended by your physician now also recommended by your vet. Specially packaged and labeled for use with pets. Convenient chewable tablet. Dogs and cats enjoy the white fish flavor, and the high-quality protein supports digestion and healthy skin and coat.

This new packaging comes in response to overwhelming satisfaction from consumers and holistic vets who have been using Seacure with pets. Seacure for pets is provided as a chewable tablet in a wide mouth jar, making it easy to add this supplement to your pet's food.  Most importantly... your pet will love the white fish flavor!

Hinweise: Ingredients: GUARANTEED ANALAYSIS:
Protein...............................Min. 60%
Fat...................................Min. 2%
Fiber.................................Max. 5%
Moisture..............................Max. 9%
White fish, rosemary extract, magnesium stearate, calcium, organic fiber.

Directions: Approximately 1 scoop (1/4 tsp.) of Seacure for every 10 lbs. of body weight. For any animal under 10 lbs. use 1/4 tsp. of Seacure.

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Verifizierter Käufer
by Chandhiran  on 11 February 2018

Fast delivery. Good product.
Item was received within days from evitamins. My pet dog loves it. You just need to bare with the fishy smell. The powder is thickly packed in the small tub. It comes with a tiny scoop and it was well submerged in the tub. I only found the scoop 1 week later. I bought this powder after reading on the internet that it will help dogs that have sensitive stomach. My west highland white terrier is a 13 year old dog with a sensitive stomach. Usually if he is not fed for more than 9 hours, he will vomit bile. A yellowish substance which is stomach acid. He will then refuse to eat for more than 24 hours. His stomach will have growling sound for the next 24 hours. Its a pity and so sad to see him coiled at 1 corner refusing to eat any food that I am trying to feed him. This food does stop him from vomiting. I usually mix a very tiny amount, just a pinch into his food bowl at night. This somewhat keeps his stomach from building up of excess stomach acid which then turns to bile. I suggest that you check with your regular veterinarian before purchase. My dog has been showing signs of trachea collapse even before I bought this Seacure for pets powder. I hope that it helps a bit in the stomach acid control. This is my first time purchasing from evitamins and i am very very satisfied with the service. I am so afraid to buy medications on the internet because of fake medications and placebos. MY dog also likes the Seacure for pets powder. I recommend everyone and anyone and all people to purchase this product and try for their pets.
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by Patricia Kosinski on 13 October 2015

Have used this for all injuries of my dogs. One caught her eyelid on a fence and it was such delicate tissue sutures would have been more irritating than the injury. Gave Seacure 4x/day and it healed in 3-4 days. Great stuff!!!!
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by Stacy on 29 March 2014

This product is amazing! My 13-year-old dog was diagnosed with lymphoma of the bowels and IBD by four vets. They put her on prednisone and she went from 21 lbs to 14.7. he was going down in the front and one day in the back end and was unable to walk. I took her off the prednisone and put her on Seacure. In two weeks she was up to 16.4 lbs and is now walking fine and continues to gain weight. he loves the taste and of has been a miracle for her.
War diese Rezension hilfreich für Sie?    

by Diane Z. on 4 November 2013

We love Seacure for Pets for our dog. She had extremely low protein in her blood. We were unable to find a cause so could not find a cure. She seemed fine but the vet said she could go bad quickly. We tried Seacure for Pets to try to increase her blood protein and it worked! Her levels are now normal! It stinks but she seems to like it.
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by DH on 12 August 2013

I've been giving this product to my dogs for about 3 weeks. I initially purchased it because I suspected Irritable Bowel Syndrome in one of my dogs, not quite 3 yrs old yet. So far I see a lot of improvement with that dog in that regard. Then I started my other (older than the IBS dog, but not yet a senior) dog on it just as a general supplement - in less than a week that dog displayed a marked increase in energy level and playfulness. We were quite surprised! Therefore, we're re-ordering and will keep both dogs on it for at least awhile longer at a maintenance dose. We may continue Seacure indefinitely! Both dogs LOVE the smell and the taste of Seacure sprinkled on their moistened kibble (Canidae grain-free or Kirkland).
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by Anonymous on 2 March 2013

I started using Seacure for Pets for my dog, on the advice of my vet. My dog probably has IBD, but that has not been confirmed by endoscopy. I started using this product because my dog had many food intolerances and allergies and had lost weight with all the diarrhea and vomiting episodes. This product put much needed weight back on my dog when nothing else worked! He loves the taste and his body tolerates it, and he doesn't tolerate much food variety or many supplements. This product also seemed to soothe his inflamed gut. The cons to this product are that it's expensive, and I find it stinky, but if you've got a dog with an inflamed GI tract that needs to put weight on, I'd give this product a try, along with things like slippery elm and L-Glutamine.
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