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Flora Flor-Essence Detox Formula, Dry Herbal Tea Blend - 2.2 oz

durch Flora
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UPC: 061998680902
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Packungsformat: 2.2 oz
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2.2 oz
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UPC: 061998680902
Gesamtgewicht: 0.49 lbs (0.22 kg)
Packungsformat: 2.2 oz

Possibly the world’s most powerful cellular regenerator and detoxifier - cleanse and detoxify your way to optimal health and vibrant energy!

Flor • Essence® is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, cleansing and detoxifying right down to the cellular level. You can now assess your health and not only interrupt, but also reverse the progression of serious health problems. Regular maintenance and attentiveness to health on a daily basis can slow down the clock that never ceases to tick.

ptimal health and vibrant energy are key for a long, happy life. No matter what age you are, you can now feel as young and energetic as you want to be.

How Young Do You Want To Feel?
In a busy world, there is little time to do the things that ensure a long and healthy life. Yet, when it comes to health, the clock never stops ticking. The longer we ignore what our body is telling us, the faster the clock ticks.

These initial warning 'signals', such as a decrease in energy, are subtle at first and often become accepted as normal. Energy levels drop day after day as our bodies become overloaded with toxins and free radicals due to an unhealthy, unbalanced diet, poor digestion, irregular elimination and external influences, such as pollution.

The result of ignoring these signals in the short term is that we will slowly start to lose our vibrant health. In the long term, chronic health problems and disease will set in. Often, the warning signs are present years before serious health problems are discovered. Due to this lack of attentiveness to our health, most of us are far older on the inside (biological age) than the number of years we've actually lived (chronological age).

Poor health may be progressive, but this progression can be interrupted and reversed at any stage. Cleansing and detoxifying are extremely important, as are regular check-ups by qualified health professionals, and taking a few moments every day to assess what your body is telling you.

Now, in as little time as it takes to sip a cup of tea, you can begin to reverse the effects of time and to feel as young and energetic as you want.

Hinweise: How The Body Ages:

Six Stages of Deterioration

As toxins and free radicals accumulate, their presence triggers the body's aging, a progression of events that, if unchecked, leads to serious health problems. Each one of these events, or stages of disease, is accompanied by noticeable physical symptoms.

1. Lack of Energy

Energy levels are directly impacted by nutrition and the body's ability to break down and absorb the nutrients contained in food. Food that is not broken down properly, poorly absorbed, or low in nutritional value leaves us feeling tired, sluggish and unrested: Failure to properly digest food leaves it to putrefy and ferment, turning it into toxic substances that pass from the blood into tissues. This undigested food (called chyme) becomes encrusted on intestinal walls, further obstructing the absorption of nutrients and depleting the body of energy.

2. Accumulation of Toxins

Poor digestion, constipation and irregular bowel movements are signs that the body is not disposing of waste properly, leading to an accumulation of toxins. A bowel movement once or less per day is cause for concern. For example, a baby has a bowel movement soon after it has finished feeding. This accumulation of toxins causes damage at the cellular level.

3. Irritation

Rising levels of toxic material in the body cause irritation both internally and externally. The warning signs are itchy or irritated skin, rashes, nausea, insomnia or mood swings. These are signals that the body's elimination pathways are not working properly and are no longer able to effectively remove toxins and waste.

4. Inflammation

This stage is marked by the presence of pain and visible swelling. Inflammation occurs if there is constant irritation to areas where toxins continue to accumulate. This stage is a precursor to serious damage.

5. Ulceration

Ulcers occur in localized areas of the body where high levels of stored toxins destroy the cells and tissues around them. Increased pain is felt at this stage, as nerves are now exposed when tissue ulcerates.

6. Hardening of Tissue

To keep toxins from spreading outside of the ulcerated areas, the body fills in the ulcers with scar tissue. This toxic material is now encased in a sack of hardened tissue. "The sack is what we refer to as a tumor..," says author Harvey Diamond. This is the last stage where the body still has control of its cells. If nothing is done at this point, cells begin to mutate.

What Stage Are You At?
Being aware of the physical symptoms that your body may be experiencing is an invaluable tool to assess your well-being. A decrease in energy, no matter how small, is a sign that all is not well with your health. While there are many ways to gauge your health picture, one of the most useful is the concept of biological age. Biological age is an accurate measure of your 'true' age. This age reflects the internal damage your body has undergone in its lifetime. The greater the difference between your biological age and your chronological age, the greater the chance that serious health problems may be developing, if you do not already have them. However, no matter at what stage you may be, there is an effective way to not only interrupt, but also reverse the progression of poor health.

Empfohlene Verwendung: For adults: Measure out 2 oz. of tea and dilute with an equal or double amount of purified water. Take twice daily on an empty stomach approximately 1 hour before breakfast and 1 hour before bedtime. Sip slowly.

For children (ages 2-12): Measure our 3/4 to 1 oz. once or twice daily. Dilute and take as above. Sip slowly.

For infants (under age 2): Measure out 1/4 to 1/2 oz. of tea once or twice daily. Dilute and take as above. Sip slowly.

Each box contains 3 packets of powder. Each packet makes 1 quart of tea, which equals about 16 servings. Drink 2 ounces on an empty stomach and wait 1 hour before eating or drinking other liquids. For additional immune support, take two servings daily.

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by Anonymous on 8 October 2012

I only have been on the dry blend a day and I feel far less "fuzzy". I was experiencing a lot of anger as well, harsh PMS symptoms, but I think this has helped! I think I will continue to take this when I run out. Swishing it in the mouth before swallowing as directed is smart! I recommend this product to anyone. It does its job without being the typical "cleanse". Very smart this invention!
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