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€8.18 €6.36
Dose Per Serving: 3 mg
eVitamins Melatonin

"Big bottle, and works very well. Nice to have a 3mg tablet so that I can take a minimum amount, or take two tablets for an increased dose. "

"A Melatonina da eVitamins é muito boa. Eu particulamente acho a dosagem perfeita para mim. Nem acredito que esta funcionando tão bem, é realmente um sonho poder dormir bem. O custo beneficio é excelente, o valor se comparado com outras marcas é bem competitivo para 180 capsulas. Recomendo esse produto para qualquer amigo."
- Monica W
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€10.91 €6.36
Gluten Free
eVitamins Organic Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

"I loved the consistency of the product, healthy alternative to butter and other oils. "
- Athena Kapsaski

"I like that this is unrefined. I also like the size convenience. I recently tried a recipe for allergies in the Essential Oils book for an annoying runny nose. It was gone within 5 minutes using a mixture of this and Oregano essential oil. Yay!"
- Tami Qualls
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€10.91 €6.82
Gluten Free
Wheat Free
Yeast Free
eVitamins Vitamin B Complex

"After being told more than once that I needed to take B vitamins, I gave this a test run. I feel so much better. I don't even need my afternoon nap anymore. I now use that hour to invest in my writing."
- Tami Qualls

"Great vitamin B repository. I took two capsules a day and felt a difference in the willingness to perform daily activities."
- Babi Domingos
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€8.18 €4.54
Dose Per Serving: 2,000 IU
eVitamins Vitamin D3

"This is a very basic vitamin D supplement. It's reasonably priced and perfect for a daily vitamin."
- Meghan Johns

"Lets face it... Vitamin D is needed when you get zero sun exposure. I really like this product because of the cost. I also know that I am getting a quality made product. I think 2,000 IU is a good daily dose and I will continue to purchase"
- Kevin Tester
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eVitamins Logo T-Shirt

"Linda camisa."
- Marinalva Silva Barros

"Who isn't proud to wear a shirt with their fave online store on it?!? A few interesting conversations have come up while wearing this shirt. I have been able to share my new love of essential oils and beauty products I've found at eVitamins."
- Tami Qualls
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€36.39 €17.20
Dose Per Serving: 100 mg
eVitamins 7-Keto

"great stuff, I've been taking this for about 12 months and have noticed huge improvements in my health especially in the winter."
- Kevin Guraluk

"I used other 7 keto and this is just as good and is cheaper. I used to get sick a lot in the winter and last winter everybody around me got sick and I didn't. I used to be the first one sick and I think the 7 keto is why I didn't this winter. "
- Kevin Guraluk
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€36.35 €18.92
Dose Per Serving: 750 mg
eVitamins Ultra Omega 3

"This supplement is a more concentrated form of Omega 3. I like it very much. This product you can take just one per day and it is enough so I would say job well done."
- Jucelio Kilinski Tavares

"Good quality. No fish smell. Everyone in my family has tried this supplement and experienced a positive effect on mental alertness and concentration. Fully satisfied."
- Sumit Das
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€21.39 €12.04
Dose Per Serving: 100 mg
eVitamins DHEA

"I received the product a few days ago and started using it right away. The results are what I expected. Happy with the purchase. Will order agin for sure. Stefan"
- Stefan Preiss

"This is a great DHEA supplement."
- Alt
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€16.11 €9.04
Dose Per Serving: 50 mg
eVitamins DHEA

"Os principais benefícios do uso deste suplemento são: – Melhora da libido; – Maior disposição; – Aumento da síntese proteica e dos mecanismos anabólicos; – Melhora da função insulínica; – Aumento da força muscular; – Redução de doenças degenerativas como a osteoporose; – No tratamento de transtornos mentais como esquizofrenia Tudo isso, fez com que o DHEA fosse tido como um hormônio da ”juventude”. Há muitos relatos disponíveis descrevendo muitos benefícios a médio prazo. É um bom suplemento e com certeza vale a pena ser testado. Eu com certeza recomendo este suplemento e o site evitamins pela agilidade de entrega e qualidade dos produtos oferecidos."
- Felipe

"Muito bom. Aumenta a disposição. "
- Debora Cristina dos Santos Sommer
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€7.60 €4.63
eVitamins Tea Tree Oil

"This stuff works wonders on acne and pimples. A little dab on whatever you got and within a day you can see a difference."
- Jack Manning

"Of course you gotta always have Tea tree Oil around the house. My family couldn't live without it as we use Tea tree Oil for so many things. This brand is a very good price and free shipping is great!"
- Mike J.
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€21.83 €10.91
Dose Per Serving: 10,000 mcg
eVitamins Extra Strength Biotin

"This vitamins helps my hair grow faster and much healthier. After finish drinking, buying again :)"
- Just Miyama

"Produto excelente, estou tomando em conjunto com o colageno da Neocell e nunca vi a minha pele tão bonita, minhas unhas estão fortíssimas tambem. O preço e super acessivel e durará por 4 meses, a capsula é vegana e não me dá ansia quando faço a ingestão. Recomendo e com certeza continuarei tomando."
- Monica W
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€9.09 €5.00
Dose Per Serving: 5,000 IU
eVitamins Liquid Vitamin D-3

"My husband was diagnosed with stage IV neck cancer. I gave this to him daily. It helped bring back his energy and helped raise his levels. We both take daily now."
- Carrie Windsor

"Perfect, no taste, getting the vitamin I need."
- Keryl
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