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Vitamins for Teeth and Gums Promote Oral Health

By , Managing Editor
Wednesday, July 25, 2012
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OK, raise your hand if you love going to the dentist. Anyone? The dentist is not a visit most people look forward to -- it's like going to the principal's office once or twice a year. 

So, how can you make going to the dentist less dreadful? By looking after your teeth from the inside out, you can improve your oral health and prevent future dental issues. It's important to know what all the parts of your mouth need to remain healthy and certain vitamins and minerals can make a big difference.

When it comes to your teeth, vitamins play keys roles in protecting the structure of the tooth, preventing infection and decay, which can be painful, and looking after the gums. Here are the most important vitamins to make sure you're including in your daily routine for a healthy mouth:

  • A -- Helps maintain tissue health
  • B -- Prevents and/or reduces inflammation to promote healing of oral issues
  • C -- Prevents inflammation in the gums that can lead to bleeding and loosening of the teeth
  • D -- Assists in calcium absorption to protect tooth enamel
  • K -- Supports tooth tissues and prevents bleeding of gums

You can make sure you're getting enough of these vitamins by taking a multivitamin supplement and eating a balanced diet of fresh fruits and vegetables and well as protein and whole grains. Niacin and thiamin are also important to have in your diet. Make sure they're included in your multivitamin as well. 

Once you have the vitamins covered, the next thing to look at is minerals. You can often get the minerals you need in multivitamins as well, but additional supplementation may be needed. Here are the minerals you should consider when trying to protect the entire mouth:

  • Iron -- Supports healthy supply of red blood cells and prevents inflammation of the tongue
  • Calcium -- Maintains strong tooth tissue (along with bones) to prevent decay and/or loss
  • Magnesium -- Helps keep calcium in the enamel of the teeth
  • Zinc -- Inhibits the growth of bacteria and the buildup of plaque along the gum line

Like the vitamins, these minerals have important roles throughout the entire body, so it never hurts to make sure you're getting enough for your overall health, not just your oral health.

Other Options
Brushing, flossing and rinsing are the most common oral hygiene steps and adding vitamins and minerals to your diet can help you keep your mouth healthy. If you're still having issues, there are some other natural options to try:

  • Myrrh Gum:
    This resin can help treat mouth ulcers and gum disorders due to its disinfectant properties. You can find it in capsule and liquid form to take as a supplement.
  • Probiotics:
    Making sure you have the correct balance of good bacteria in your system can help treat or prevent the effects of harmful bacteria in the mouth. Oral supplements are readily available in capsule, liquid and powder form that can be taken to protect the mouth. 
  • Antioxidants: 
    Fighting free radicals is an important part of preventing and treating infection throughout the body. Antioxidants may play an important role in oral health and can stop this oxidative damage and reduce inflammation. They've also been shown to help firm up the tissues of the teeth after treatments like bleaching. 

Common dental issues include gingivitis or periodontal disease and cavities. Talk with your doctor and dentist about the condition of your teeth and gums beyond what they may be fixing during that appointment, even if you get a good report. They can recommend any vitamins and minerals you may be lacking in your diet to help you keep your oral health on track with the rest of your body. 

A healthy mouth means a healthy body so don't avoid getting your regular checkups. Now that you have some tips to shape up your oral health, maybe your next appointment won't feel so much like a timeout. 


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