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Treat Yourself to a Facial at a Spa or at Home

If you've ever wanted to get a facial, you're in luck. Keep reading to learn how to get spa quality results at home. Learn more at eVitamins Schweiz.

If you’re looking for a 50 minute vacation, book a spa facial. Let your worries float away, as you receive a facial massage and see your face look better than it has in years.

Your first step in finding a spa is to locate one that only hires licensed estheticians. These professionals have gone through extensive training on skin care, so you can be rest assured your skin is safe.

Once you have your spa appointment, you’re experience should go something like this:

Cleansing -- The esthetician will cleanse your face with a special product with warm water and then rinse your face off. This will open your pores.

Examination -- At this point, your esthetician will use a bright light to examine your face to determine your skin type – clear, oily, dry, firm – and the size of the pores.

Exfoliation -- Some spas will smooth some exfoliating cream on your face and give you a steam bath to remove dead skin. Other spas will use the exfoliation cream after the steam bath and rinse it off.

Extraction -- Your esthetician will take advantage of your open pores and pick out all of the dirt that could lead to blackheads. This is the process in which having a licensed esthetician is imperative because it could be painful and cause irritation if done incorrectly.

Mask -- To soothe your face and neck, your esthetician will apply a mask for your skin type. This mask will remain on your skin for 15 minutes and then she will use warm water and a cloth to remove it. Some spas will give you a scalp massage during this time. You can ask when you make the appointment if this is customary if you prefer to have this done.

Toner -- The final procedure is applying a toner to your face. Your skin will be noticeably soft and smooth. You’ll feel as if your skin has never felt better in all your life.

The Cost of a Spa Facial

A spa facial costs approximately $80 a visit depending on where you book your appointment. It’s recommended that you do not have more than one spa treatment a month. If a spa facial once a month doesn’t fit your budget, or you wish you could have that spa feeling much more often, you may want to consider giving yourself a facial at home.

What Is a Facial at Home

You can give yourself a facial at home weekly and at a fraction of the cost of a spa facial. The steps are similar to the ones that an esthetician would perform on you minus the examination and extraction.

Step No. 1

Purchase a facial cleanser that is right for your skin type. You’ll need to determine if you have normal, oily, combination, sensitive, mature or dry skin. Avoid foaming cleansers because they can be harsh on your skin. They can strip a protective barrier called acid mantle. Apply the cleanser to your face with warm water and rinse it off well.

Step No. 2

Purchase an exfoliation cream for your skin type. Avoid harsh creams that have a stony texture that may irritate your skin. Your skin should not look stretched and dry after exfoliating. Apply the exfoliation cream as directed on the bottle and then rinse with warm water.

Step No. 3

Consider your skin type, the time of year and your age when choosing your facial mask. Apply the facial mask and then do something relaxing while you wait for it to harden. It usually takes at least 15 minutes before you can use warm water and a cloth to remove it.

Step No. 4

Purchase toner, serum and moisturizer for your skin type. Apply the toner first to hydrate your skin. The serum comes next and then apply some moisturizer as your finishing touch to your at home facial.

Benefits of Facials

Facials not only benefit the skin, they also offer a relaxing break for the mind. Many people think of facials and massages in the same light, and therefore emerge from their facial appointment rested and revitalized. If the stressors of modern life are gnawing at you throughout the week, you should consider getting a facial over the weekend to help get you ready for next week's tasks.

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