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Tackle Trouble Areas With DIM and Chromium Polynicotinate

Two common places fat is stored are the belly and the butt. Find out what Dr. Oz is recommending to beat the bulge. Learn more at eVitamins Schweiz.

Raise your hand if you have a more-than-bouncy behind? What about a Buddha belly? Don't worry, you're not alone, ladies.

On the May 2 episode of "Dr. Oz," Dr. Mehmet Oz welcomed guest Dr. Mark Liponis, author of The Hunter/Farmer Diet Solution, who has been researching how body type affects our weight for the past 25 years. According to Dr. Liponis, the answers to two questions can help you determine your body type:

  1. What did you weigh when you were born?
  2. How do you float in water?

Knowing the answers to these questions can help you learn how to better manage those problem areas through diet and exercise. OK, now answer honestly (pretend this is a fun magazine quiz).

Two Main Body Types

Based upon those answers, we fall into two main groups that determine where we carry weight and why and how to keep our weight in control.

  1. Hunter:
    Those individuals classified as "hunters"  typically weighed seven pounds or less at birth. As a result, they tend to gain weight in their midsection, on the stomach and chest, because they're more resistant to insulin. Lucky for you, your arms and legs remain jiggle-free. Since fat floats, this means when you're floating in a pool, your belly rises up while your limbs hang down. Having fat in this area does raise your risk for serious heath conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and cancer.
  2. Farmer:
    Anyone who weighed seven to 10 pounds at birth is typically considered a "farmer." Farmers tend to carry weight on their lower half, giving them larger hips, thighs and, of course, butt, due to unbalanced hormones. When you hop in the water, you float more flat. The good news? A farmer tends to have a smaller waist and isn't as prone to serious medical issues. However, varicose veins or joint issues are more common among individuals who carry weight in these areas.

So what can you do about it? Now that you know your body type, here's what Dr. Liponis and Dr. Oz recommended to fix the issue. The answer is, of course, a proper diet and exercise plan, but also two key supplements you probably haven't heard of.

For Big Bellies

Dr. Liponis shocked Dr. Oz when it comes to the diet he recommended for hunters. He suggested you consider what someone who hunts would eat -- animal proteins, fruits and berries -- nothing that's already processed. That being said, a hunter should eat a high protein diet. Hunters also don't get hungry until later in the day, so he recommended skipping breakfast and allowing yourself dessert, like a proper serving size of ice cream (usually one half cup) to boost serotonin levels. As for exercise, try walking after a meal.

Dr. Liponis also recommended a supplement for belly fat carriers: Chromium Polynicotinate. This supplement addresses your body type's general resistance to insulin to help you better regulate your blood sugar. Your body is better able to metabolize those fats, carbohydrates and proteins as one part of the Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF) compound. This prevents sharp increases and crashes. Taking it can also prevent cravings, reduce cholesterol and help you develop lean muscle mass. Dr. Liponis recommended 200 mcg of the supplement daily for optimal results.

For Big Butts

If you have a big bottom, you get to eat more often, but you have to be smart about what you choose. Dr. Liponis suggested a diet high in carbohydrates, but without dairy. Drinking soy milk is a great alternative that won't go right to your derriere. Eating three small meals and three snacks -- including one before bed --  is the way to go. This will keep you from experiencing any symptoms of hypoglycemia. Also, try walking in the morning.

The key supplement for a big booty is diindolymethane (DIM). This compound is actually produced by the body when we consume certain vegetables, like broccoli. DIM targets the fat in the bottom by addressing its cause, which is hormones. By balancing the amount of estrogen in your body, you're also at less risk of developing conditions like cancer. The DIM works to prevent any fat from staying in this area.

All right, you have your body type and your "prescription." Try Dr. Liponis' tips to turn your problem areas into your favorite areas to flaunt.


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