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Suma Relieves Stress and Promotes Overall Health

Also known as Brazilian ginseng, suma root can make you more resistant to stress. Find out how it works. Learn more at eVitamins Schweiz.

Stress can keep you from performing to your highest potential at work and school and keeps you distracted at home. You may have trouble sleeping, feeling like you can't "turn your mind off" at the end of the day. With so much to focus on every single day, how can you manage stress so it doesn't manage you?

The answer may be found in an herbal remedy that's gaining recognition as a possible cancer treatment -- suma. 

Where does suma come from?

Suma supplements are produced from the root of the plant Pfaffia paniculata that grows in the rain forests of the Amazon. Brazilians call it "para todo," which means "for all things," for its wide range of uses. Suma is primarily referred to in the United States as Brazilian ginseng. Suma root is rich in vitamins like A, B, E and K, as well as trace minerals, zinc, magnesium, iron and electrolytes. Suma also contains 19 unique amino acids. The pfaffic acid and compounds known as pfaffosides are responsible for its healing qualities. 

Suma for Stress

As described by Dr. Mehmet Oz on the May 10 episode of "The Dr. Oz Show," suma acts as a "buffer" for the body, protecting it from stressors that are all around us. When it comes to stress, suma works within the body to keep our blood sugar levels in balance. Preventing peaks and valleys in our blood sugar prevents mood swings that could stall us in our daily activities or send us running for unhealthy foods. You actually become more resistant to stress, which will help you get through your days easier and unwind better at night.

Dr. Oz recommended 500 mg of suma twice a day to help combat stress as part of promoting overall health.

Other Benefits of Suma

This herbal remedy has been used for centuries for health and vitality. Taking suma can help keep your body's cardiovascular, endocrine, digestive, immune and central nervous systems regulated. Suma is still being studied to verify its effectiveness in humans, but has shown promise in the following areas:

  • Energy/fatigue -- Fights exhaustion while boosting the immune system when you're most susceptible to illness.
  • Aphrodisiac -- Folk remedy for increasing sexual arousal and improving performance. 
  • Skin care -- In liquid form, suma can help reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. Suma can also help soothe the irritation of rashes and promotes wound healing.
  • Pain relief -- Suma also has anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities that make it an effective treatment for chronic or acute pain. 

Suma is an herbal remedy that can help with so many different ailments, including stress. Will you be adding suma to your medicine cabinet?


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