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Should You Try TRX Training?

TRX, or suspension training, is becoming a popular form of exercise that can provide plenty of core-strengthening and total-body workouts. Read on to become familiar with the basics of TRX training and find out if you should try it. Learn more at eVitamins Schweiz.

If you're looking for a new way to switch up your typical workout routine with a form of exercise that can be performed virtually anywhere with only minimal space required, you might want to try TRX training, which stands for Total-Body Resistance Exercise. This form of suspension training was developed by the Navy SEALs, and it is comprised of body weight exercises that help build up your strength, balance, endurance, flexibility and core stability, according to the official TRX Training website. There are many benefits to incorporating this form of exercise into your lifestyle, so let's take a closer look at some of the reasons TRX training might be something you'll want to try.

The Basics
One of the benefits of TRX training is that it does not require you to lug around tons of equipment when you want to workout; the only equipment necessary for performing TRX exercises is a suspension trainer, which is a portable set of straps that can be set up practically anywhere. Your own body weight is the driving force behind the effectiveness of TRX. By depending on your own body weight to engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously, TRX training provides a total-body workout that can have a dramatic impact on your core strength and overall stability.

Body Benefits
Because the straps of the suspension trainer don't provide stability themselves and are wobbly, it's up to you to depend on your core in balancing your body for each move. While your core is comprised of your abdominals, chest, pelvis and back, this workout benefits much more than just those areas of your body. Working your core is the catalyst in transforming your upper and lower body for an all-over fitter, slimmer and stronger physique. Additionally, suspension training requires you to work on your coordination. For example, when performing a one-legged squat while gripping the suspension trainer, your focus should be on maintaining proper balance and form in order to effectively perform the exercise and keep from falling over. TRX training can also aid with stabilizing and building up the endurance of your joints, which can strengthen their defense against injuries.

Who It's Appropriate For
What makes TRX a great option for so many people is that it is a versatile workout, in which people of many ages and fitness levels can participate; TRX training can be as intense and physically demanding or as low-key and therapeutic as you'd like. Because it is not like other popular forms of exercise that require total cardio or plyometrics, for example, TRX can be great for those who'd like to take it easy on certain body parts or who are trying to recover from an injury. In addition, TRX training can benefit those who wish to improve their sports or athletic performance, physical endurance, muscular strength and even those who hope to achieve weight loss.

Before You Start TRX
As with any exercise or workout, it's important to receive the approval of your doctor before embarking on your TRX journey. Whatever your reason for trying TRX training—whether it's to build up your muscles and endurance or rehabilitate an injury—acquiring proper form and balance is key. Stretching your body in a dynamic manner beforehand can help you to warm up your muscles before starting out on in a potentially rigorous TRX training session. Don't try to quickly transfer into more complex movements without first perfecting the basics at a slow and steady pace, like rows, lunges, chest presses, squats and planks, for example. From this point you can try incorporating some higher-intensity movement combinations and repetitions. Just make sure you don't push yourself too hard or force a move that could possibly cause injury.

TRX training is a great form of exercise that can provide many positive results for maintaining a strong core and body in general. We hope you enjoyed reading about it, and if it sound of interest to you, grab your own suspension trainer and try it out!

Have a great day, and come back tomorrow for more health news!

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