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Resolution Remedies: Quit Smoking for Good

Learn more at eVitamins Schweiz.

There's no need to list all the negative side effects of smoking – if you're ready to quit, you know all about them. The most exciting part is how quickly the body begins repairing itself after you throw out the cigarettes for good.

Everyone needs a little help when it comes to kicking nicotine addiction and these five products can all help you meet your goal in unique ways. And you thought there were only patches and gum:

Three Lollies Smoking Sucks1. Three Lollies Smoking Sucks – 7 Lollipops for $4.60
Experiencing both cravings for nicotine and that oral fixation that comes with smoking usually means having to choose which annoying problem to solve. But with these delicious lollipops, you can knock out both at once. Developed by healthcare professionals, these drug-free lollipops can help you beat your cravings naturally. The main ingredient in these pops is the amino acid tryptophan, which can help calm the anxiety and stress that may normally make you reach for a cigarette. They also include alfalfa extract which supports the vital organs as well as respiratory health. Lastly, these pops are flavored and colored with fruit and herb essential oils instead of artificial ingredients.

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Australian Chewing Sticks2. Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Australian Chewing Sticks – 100 Sticks for $3.48
Another way to combat the oral fixation is with these chewing sticks, available in original and cinnamon flavors. Made with tea tree oil (Melaleuca alternifolia), these sticks go beyond normal toothpicks. Tea tree oil has amazing antibacterial and antifungal properties to help clean the entire mouth in addition to removing debris between the teeth. The sticks are made from Birchwood trees that are sustainably harvested and also feature plant extracts like peppermint, fennel and menthol, which is a natural analgesic (painkiller). Feel free to chew on one whenever you feel the urge to reach for a cigarette and enjoy some fresh breath, too.

Tate's Stop Smoking Lip Balm3. Tate's Stop Smoking Lip Balm – 4.25 oz for $9.76
A lip balm to help you quit smoking? That's the idea behind this product from Tate's. Made with all natural oils like safflower and jojoba, this nourishing lip balm goes one step further thanks to the addition of chamomile to calm your nerves and irritability and vicatene, an herbal blend to further relax you and even help regulate your appetite. This all-natural lip balm can be applied whenever you have a craving for a cigarette and is said to offer the same feeling of smoking a cigarette without the hazardous list of ingredients. Smooth lips and no more cigarettes? This lip balm is worth keeping on hand to kick the habit.

Nature's Way Lobelia Herb Caps4. Nature's Way Lobelia Herb Caps – 100 Caps for $5.47
Lobelia (Lobelia inflata) is an herb that has long been prescribed for respiratory issues. Also known as asthma weed or puke weed, lobelia is said to help lessen the effects of cravings for nicotine which can cause those trying to quit smoking to relapse. This herb also works as a mild expectorant, helping keep the respiratory system clear of mucus that can impact breathing. This product provides 452 mg of lobelia extract per serving and can be taken up to three times a day to assist you in quitting. This supplement was produced from the stem, leaves and flowers of the plant for maximum potency and benefits.

Smoking Withdrawal5. Natra-Bio Smoking Withdrawal – 60 Tabs for $6.23
Combining the soothing effects of lobelia with additional herbs like black spruce and quaker button, this supplement tackles all the issues you may experience when quitting smoking. Taken every four hours, this product helps calm nerves and anxiety and reduce cravings. These herbal ingredients also help detoxify the body, removing toxins to help the body begin to heal itself after years of smoking. A completely homeopathic and drug-free formula, you can pop one of these chewable tablets into your mouth wherever you are to keep your resolution on track for a smoke-free year in 2014.

Get all these products and more to help you quit smoking once and for all at eVitamins and check back tomorrow for the third installment of the Resolution Remedies series!

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