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Reducing Stress in the Homestead

Keeping spirits high in the home can be easier said than done. Try these tips for keeping stress levels in your home low. Learn more at eVitamins Schweiz.

Stress - it can wear you out physically, emotionally and mentally. That’s how bad this s-word can be not only for you but also for your entire family. Although it’s not contagious, there’s something about it that makes it quite easy to spread. If one person in the house is stressed, the others would eventually feel like they’re stressed too. The negative vibes are just too easy to go around. In the family, it’s very important that you learn to curb stress on a daily basis. This helps ensure that you and your family stay as stress free as possible.

Master the art of time management

So many things to do, so little time—for many people, this is the most common source of stress. But time isn’t the only one to blame, you just need to learn how to manage it more effectively. For one, don’t take on more than what you can do. Learn to say no to your boss, to your neighbors, to your relatives and to your friends. When you have too many things to do it can seem unending, like you'll never be able to finish everything you need to. Learn to manage tasks more efficiently and to get important things done without sacrificing quality. This would mean less stress for everyone.

Keep your marriage happy

Another common source of stress in the family comes from arguing with your spouse. One of the things that you should do is agree to talk about everything with your spouse. When one of you is on the verge of an outburst, leave the room and wait until the tension subsides before you get back into the talk. Also, make sure that you don’t neglect each other in terms of showing affection or having a great sexual relationship. The whole family will be less tense if the parents are able to get along with each other pretty well.

Stop making perfection your goal

Think about it, would you rather be perfect or happy? People who are always aiming for perfection are more likely to have high stress levels than those who are not. There’s nothing wrong with wanting success or desiring to be great at whatever it is you do, but if you nitpick at even the smallest things that you do then you're well on your way to a mental breakdown. Don’t sweat the small stuff. If your kid fails to straighten up his bed this morning, don’t make too much of a big deal out of it. If another one of your kids goes to you and asks you to sign his less-than-stellar report card, don’t be too hard on him. If your spouse makes a mistake in buying the curtains you asked him to do, just laugh at how incredulous the living room would look.

Go on a fun family vacation

A great way to reduce the stress level inside the home is to get out of it. When work and chores have become too much to bear, go out there and have some fun instead. Travel to a place that you and your family has always been dreaming of going to. Don’t worry much about having a perfect vacation. The important thing is that you’re all going together and that it’s going to be such an enjoyable time for everyone. Do activities that are fun and relaxing. For example, while your spouse takes your kids hiking, have a relaxing massage therapy back at the hotel. All these would keep your minds off the daily stressors.

Save up for the rainy day

Money woes can also be a root of stress. When there’s not enough money to pay the bills, when someone in the family gets sick and the health insurance isn’t enough to cover it or when the school imposes a tuition hike, stress levels spike. This doesn’t have to be if you have stashed away some money, though. Make a habit out of saving money. There’s no excuse for you not to do so. It’s either you strive to earn more money or lower your standard of living to minimize the expenses. The choice is yours and your spending habits will let you know what would be easier for your to manage.

Zapping the stress out of the family shouldn’t be too difficult if you’re able to follow these practical suggestions.

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