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The Protein Problem

By , Staff Writer
Wednesday, February 27, 2013
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If you want to be the best, look like a model and lift like a champion then you need to make sure you're taking the right type of protein. If you're like the rest of the world who really just wants to be healthy, you still may want to consider adding a protein supplement to your diet.

The recommended daily intake of protein for healthy adults is 0.75 g of protein per kilogram of body weight, or about 45 to 56 g of protein a day. If you're now realizing you aren't getting anywhere near that amount, it's time to start making protein a staple to your diet.

Protein shakes are a safe way to ensure enough protein, when used as part of a balanced, nutrient-rich diet. These are the five proteins you're most likely to encounter while on your search for the perfect protein:

1. Whey
Whey protein is found in milk and is the most commonly found protein in workout formulas. Whey proteins include antibodies, growth factors and chemicals which help transport nutrients throughout your body. Whey protein digests faster, providing a quick, high peak in blood amino acids. This makes it useful as a pre-workout shake to kick-start protein synthesis, which aids in muscle repair.

2. Casein
Casein protein is the main protein in milk. Casein protein contains amino acids (the building blocks of protein) which promote muscle growth, prevent breakdown and begin the repairing process. Casein protein digests more slowly resulting in a gradual rise in amino acid levels. This helps prevent muscle breakdown during endurance exercise. Casein protein can be used after workouts but is most effective as a meal replacement or when taken before bedtime.

Note: Casein and whey protein are best used on the same regimen as they both prevent muscle breakdown and stimulates muscle repair at different parts of the day.

3. Egg White
The average egg contains 6 g of protein with more than 50 percent coming from the egg white. Egg whites contains all the benefits of the egg including riboflavin, niacin, folate, vitamin B12, calcium, iron, copper, zinc and sodium with only 17 calories. While egg white may seem to easily be the best of the bunch for the average (non-bodybuilder) user, keep in mind eggs contain a high amount of cholesterol. It's important to only consider adding an egg white protein supplement if your diet is low in cholesterol to begin with.

4. Soy
The problem with many of the proteins on this list is they're not vegan friendly. The main source of protein in a normal diet is meat and so vegetarians and vegans have a hard time getting an adequate amount of protein in their diet. Soy protein is one of the completely vegetarian sources able to provide all of the essential amino acids and is free of cholesterol. Soy protein also has a great deal of antioxidant capabilities and is a good supplement for meal replacement.

5. Rice
Rice protein is usually created from brown rice and is completely vegan and gluten free. It's often viewed as the cheaper and more easily digestible form of whey protein. Rice protein has two main disadvantages: it possesses a rather bitter taste and it's not a complete protein, so other proteins must be consumed with it to form a complete protein.

It's important before beginning a protein regimen to consult your doctor or other medical professional. As previously mentioned, protein supplements should be used as part of a balanced, healthy diet.

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