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Promote Digestive Regularity With Senna

If you suffer from digestive issues, consider giving senna a try to get everything back on track. Learn more in this post. Learn more at eVitamins Schweiz.
When your digestive system isn't on track, your entire body may feel "off." If you suffer from occasional or frequent constipation, maybe it's time you consider giving senna a try.

What Is Senna

Senna (S. alexandrina) is an herb whose leaves and fruit are used to produce tea as well as medicines. A popular remedy throughout Asia and Europe as well as in Egypt, senna has long been relied upon for its quick results in regulating the digestive system.

Uses For Senna

What makes senna so effective for constipation? The answer is sennosides. Sennosides are naturally occurring chemical compounds within senna that effect the lining of the intestines, resulting in a laxative action. This irritation of the intestines helps clear out the bowels quickly to reduce the uncomfortable symptoms of constipation including bloating. Senna is sometimes recommended by doctors before medical procedures like a colonoscopy to clean the body out.

How To Take Senna

The most common way to take senna is in tea form. Drinking a cup of senna tea before bed can help reset your digestive system overnight. Based on the strength of the individual product, senna works best when used regularly for a short period of time, typically less than two weeks. Senna can be too harsh on the system if taken for longer than that. If your experience any abdominal pain or diarrhea while taking senna, stop taking it immediately. Pregnant or breastfeeding women shouldn't take senna unless advised to by a medical professional.

Here are some tips to promote digestive regularity:

  • Drink plenty of water all day long
  • Make sure your diet includes enough fiber to move the bowels along
  • Eat at regular intervals throughout the day
  • Pay attention to which foods seem to irritate your digestive system
  • Try stretching, especially gently twisting the abdomen

  • Check back regularly for more information on herbal supplement and how to use them. Stay well!
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