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Natural Energy Boosters That Combat Fatigue

Cordyceps mushroom extract and nopal cactus can help you stay alert and increase your productivity. Learn more about these benefits and others. Learn more at eVitamins Schweiz.

One of the biggest complaints people have is they are always tired and lacking energy. Most of the time, this fatigue has nothing to do with the amount of sleep they get. It has more to do with internal bodily functions and the ability to receive the type of sleep that promotes restfulness.

To get the rest your body needs to beat fatigue and be productive throughout your day, consider these two supplements: cordyceps mushroom extract and nopal cactus.

Cordyceps Mushroom Extract

China has been using cordyceps mushroom extract for centuries to promote overall health. They treasure its beneficial antioxidant properties to maximize functioning of the liver, kidneys, heart and immune system. Cordyceps mushroom extract comes from a larva that grows from the cordyceps caterpillar’s head. Yes, this is growth from a caterpillar. While it may seem strange, the benefits are difficult to deny.

While promoting general health, this extract has also been known to increase endurance. Most notably, in 1993, Wan Jun Sha set a new world record in the 10,000-meter event with a time of 42 seconds in the World Track and Field competition. When asked how she did it, she reported she was taking cordyceps mushroom extract. With the news of her amazing feat, people around the world started using it to increase energy and productivity. Many people noticed not only did the extract reduce fatigue throughout the day, but it also lowered their stress levels, making it possible to handle more in less time.

Men also realized cordyceps mushroom extract increased their sex drive and stamina. Women noticed it helped them breathe better, for overall respiratory health.

Nopal Cactus

Nopal cactus helps to relieve fatigue as a cleansing agent. Many people feel fatigue due to bacteria in the stomach, intestines, bowels and colon. Nopal cactus absorbs the bacteria, and rids your body of it through the bowels.

The nopal cactus may also be a new solution for dieters. Extract from this cactus is said to promote a feeling of fullness and decrease appetite. For the food you do eat, you can benefit from reduced weight gain, as this supplement also speeds up your metabolism, which helps you burn fat. While eating less may mean less energy, the nopal cactus defies the rule by producing an electrifying feeling. Many people report it feels as though they drank multiple cups of coffee.

Nopal cactus is found in the desert. Naturally, it absorbs water to keep itself alive through dry conditions. When the plant needs hydration, it slowly releases its stored water throughout its structures, keeping it alive and healthy.

The plant works similarly in the body. When taken as an extract, nopal cactus will absorb water and sugars from the food you’ve eaten. With the absorption from the water and sugar it begins to expand in the stomach, which gives people that full feeling. Since it’s a high insoluble fiber, the release of the sugars and water is slow, giving your body the energy it needs only when needed and helping control cravings throughout the day. This slow release of sugar means no crashing later in the day.

Choosing a Supplement

You can take both of these supplements to help you achieve the greatest amount of energy possible. Alternatively, you can take the one that promotes the results you would most like to achieve.

For example, if you aren’t dieting, take the cordyceps mushroom extract. If you want a diet aide that gives you the energy that reducing calorie consumption rids you of, the nopal cactus supplement is better for you.

Whatever you choose, you’ll surely experience an energy boost and knock out fatigue.

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