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Killer Shoes Can Kill Your Feet

High heels are the shoes of choice for many ladies out there but the long term effects of these sexy shoes can end up causing more harm than good. Learn more at eVitamins Schweiz.

The fashion world has been able to rake in a lot of profit through selling not only classy clothes and sparkling accessories but also high-heeled shoes for several decades already. Evolution of the high-heeled shoes goes from the slightly elevated to the extremely high, five-inch type or more. As favorite accent to any ensemble, the high-heeled shoes have indeed become a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. It's generally accepted that every woman has at least one pair of gorgeous high heels to up the ante of their usual plain-looking outfit.

Despite its massive appeal among ladies, medical experts claim that the constant wearing of high heels can lead to several problems for the feet of the wearer. Recent studies conducted by some medical research teams including the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research have concluded that when high heels are worn the improper way, they can cause serious harm and prolonged negative effects to the wearer’s body.

The harmful effects range from nail and toe injuries to the more extreme strains developed in the thighs and knees. Here is a rundown of the detailed problems that these shoes can bring you:

  1. If you wear high heels more frequently because of work or simply because of preference, your toenails have an increased chance of contracting different types of infections and conditions, such as ingrown nails. Recent studies show that women who don this type of footwear are significantly more prone to ingrown nails than those who prefer flats.
  2. Your forefoot usually bears the weight of your body when you slip on those classy and sassy high heeled shoes, hence, an increased pressure for this specific part of your foot. Consequently, the forefoot becomes more prone to a number of injuries such as hammer toes, bunions and fractures.
  3. Since high heels are designed and manufactured to be very tight especially on the area near your toes, frequent wearing can lead to the formation of corns on the feet particularly on the part where your toes conform to the shoes’ shape.
  4. In addition, there’s a greater possibility that the nerves near your forefoot will be inflicted with more pressure and the metatarsal bones in your foot will compress greatly.
  5. When your foot’s heel is in an elevated position for an extended period of time, your calf muscles and Achilles tendon become shortened. This happens when the individual does not wear flat shoes and to correct this, you need to undergo a surgery which can be costly and time-consuming.
  6. The heels of your feet will eventually adopt the position of the shoe if you wear high heels for long periods.
  7. Your knees are also subjected to a huge amount of pain and pressure when you wear high-heeled shoes on a regular basis. The higher and more pointed your heels, the greater the strain these will place on your knees and tendons. Experts say that prolonged knee pains can lead to osteoarthritis and quadriceps tendinitis if you keep on using your cute high heels everyday.
  8. Joint pains can also be brought about by constant wearing of high heels.

Because a significant number of women still prefer to wear high heeled shoes, some footwear companies are now searching for innovative ways to reduce the negative effects of high heels to the wearers. In fact, a new trend is emerging and is being followed by women all around the world. This involves the “dermal fillers.” Filler injections are injected into the balls of the feet to make them look plump. Users claim these fillers provide soft padding inside the foot to minimize the pain when wearing high heels.  For about six to seven months, you can have relatively less pain but the cost of the injection may set you back.

Other less expensive ways of reducing the pain you get from wearing your favorite high heels include the following:

  • When shopping for shoes, opt for the kinds which have heels less than an inch.
  • Switch between wearing flat shoes and high heels to make your feet and limbs less prone to injuries.
  • Choose your shoes very carefully. Ensure that each pair you buy perfectly fits your feet.

Medical experts say that problems related to wearing high-heeled shoes won’t be solved by simply ignoring them. They also expressed that one of these days, women will finally realize that flat shoes are more beneficial to health than those deadly killer pumps.


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