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Keep Kids from Overindulging During Halloween

Here's 10 easy tips that can help keep the kids a little bit healthier during the biggest candy night of the year. Learn more at eVitamins Schweiz.

Halloween is the first holiday kids feel like they get to have the freedom of having whatever they want when they want it. While that’s the reason why this holiday is fun for them, it can also make them really sick. So that you don’t break the excitement of the season, but also keep them healthy, consider these tips.

No. 1: Ditch Wow Grabbers

Brightly colored wrappers are yummier than dull ones, no matter what they taste like. So when your children are sleeping, go through the stash and trash those first. If some of the dull ones get lost in the shuffle, it’s okay.

No. 2: Encourage Sharing with Friends

What a wonderful time of year to teach how good it is to share with friends when they come over to play. Just be careful it’s not too much or you’ll have a house of some very rowdy children.

No. 3: Milk or Water with Candy

Tell your children that they must drink something with the candy. That way, they will fill up on the drink and not just with the candy.

No. 4: Play Games

The longer it takes them to eat the candy, the less they will eat of it because they will lose interest sooner. Hide some pieces of candy throughout the house and have your children find it, or play educational games and use the candy as the prize.

No. 5Place Restrictions

Tell your children that they are only allowed to have five pieces of candy each day.

No. 6Keep Candy Unseen

Out of sight, out of mind, right? Keep the candy in the fridge or cupboard, or better still, on top of the fridge or cupboard.

No. 7: Trade Candy for Monetary Value

Tell your children that they can use their candy as money. For example, for every ten pieces of candy, they can have a dollar (or how many pieces you think is appropriate) and then take them to the store to buy something.

No. 8: After Meal Treats

Keep candy out of reach until after meals.

No. 9: Time Limit on Candy

Children usually only eat their Halloween candy for about a week after they trick-or-treat, and then the excitement passes and they don’t really crave it anymore. Tell them after a week, the candy will be thrown out and implement some of the other tips mentioned above.

No. 10: Encourage Healthy Trick or Treating

If you have a friendly neighborhood, it may be useful to get everyone together before All Hallows' Eve and discuss healthy treats to give out such as pretzels, popcorn balls, bags of popcorn, etc. These are much better than candy and kids love them just the same.

Bonus Tips for a Healthy Halloween Season

Herbs for a Belly Ache
If your child ends up eating too much candy, you can help him feel better naturally with herbal tea. The great thing about herbal tea is that it’s natural and tastes yummy with a little sugar or honey mixed in it.

The Herb Research Foundation says that peppermint tea can be effective in calming an upset stomach by mixing dried peppermint leaves (one or two teaspoons) with a cup of water. If you have fresh leaves, you just need a tablespoon of them. Alternatively, you can go the easy route of buying tea bags.

Chamomile is also effective and is made the same way as the peppermint tea, or again, by buying tea bags.

During the holiday season, many children fill themselves up with sweets that do not give them the nutrition they need for their growing bodies. Multivitamins can pick up when lack of nutritious foods have been left out. It’s a great way to ensure that your children continue to get the nutrition they need, while they take in the excitement of this time of year.


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