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How Your Mental Health Affects Your Heart

What goes on inside your head is not confined there. Your mood, emotions and overall mental state can play a big role in the state of your total wellbeing, including your heart. Keep reading to find out more. Learn more at eVitamins Schweiz.

There are many aspects of your body that are involved in your overall wellbeing. Some of them include your cardiovascular, nervous and digestive systems. Your mental health is also a key player in the state of your overall health, as it impacts many different functions and processes in your body. In order to maintain general wellness, it's essential to take care of your psychological, or mental, health. Neglecting your mental health can develop psychological issues like stress, anger or depression that not only affects your emotions and outlook on life but also manifest through physical symptoms.  Some of these symptoms involve your heart and other vital health aspects.


As one of the most common psychological ailments, stress not only affects your mood and demeanor, but can radiate to many parts of your body. Stress can manifest in different ways, possibly posing as a catalyst by stirring up problems like high blood pressure, ulcers, asthma and many other health conditions. Being under constant stress can also play a part in exacerbating heart disease--possibly contributing to raising your cholesterol levels--and might even prompt you to overeat or drink to excess, both of which can cause heart problems. Several ways to combat stress include exercising regularly, consistently eating a healthy diet and channeling your stress into something productive and positive. 


Anger does more than simply ruin your mood and cause you to feel cranky: a recent study suggests that angry outbursts can incite heart attacks in those who are already at high risk of having them. In addition, the study found that experiencing bursts of extreme anxiety can contribute similar symptoms that can instigate heart attacks, like constricted blood vessels, clots, high heart rate and blood pressure. Controlling anger and emotions  is critical in not only keeping your mental health in a positive, regulated state, but a good mindset also benefits all other aspects of your health.


Constant, overwhelming sadness is detrimental to your health for a number of reasons. The National Institute of Mental Health illustrates that certain depression symptoms may cause overall health deterioration and increase your risk of developing heart conditions or worsen any that are pre-existing. In addition to fatigue and a low mood, the feelings of hopelessness that depression often stirs up can cause you to neglect your health. This includes any possible heart conditions that you may have. In addition, a lack of energy and motivation from depression can promote stagnancy and may lead to an unhealthy diet, weight gain, obesity and other possible symptoms that contribute to heart problems. Depression is a serious illness that often requires medication, therapy or a combination of the two, and it's critical to remedy the illness so its symptoms don't negatively impact your heart.

Your heart plays a paramount role in the state of your overall health and, while strong, it's also a delicate organ that can be easily affected by many factors, including your psychological state. Therefore, it's important to cater to your mental state so other elements of your health don't suffer as well. Thank you for reading, and come back tomorrow for more health news!

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