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Fight Sugar Addiction With Chromium Polynicotinate

A small daily dose of this supplement could help you beat your cravings. Find out how you will be turning down sweet treats left and right. Learn more at eVitamins Schweiz.

Sugar craving smack down part two. 

Eating excessive amounts of sugar remains one of the biggest no-no's for our health. Not only can we gain weight, but sugar increases our risk of developing serious medical conditions like heart and kidney disease or even cancer. Did that make you put down the cookie?

Everything is better in moderation, we all know that, but what if you just can't stop? The answer for sugar addicts everywhere is chromium polynicotinate

What It Does

Chromium polynicotinate is a type of supplemental chromium that contains vitamin B3, or niacin. Chromium helps with the metabolization of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. As seen on the April 18 episode of "Dr. Oz," chromium polynicotinate helps us avoid eating excess sugar by reducing our cravings. It does this by helping to keep our blood sugar levels from spiking or crashing. This supplement also regulates insulin production through its trace minerals. When these factors stay regulated, we don't get those extreme cravings that have us downing a six-pack of cola by the afternoon. Dr. Mehmet Oz previously recommended the supplement back in February 2011 as a way to prevent the development of diabetes.

But it's not dessert . . .
I hear ya, no capsule will ever be chocolate cake, but the benefits of cutting back on sugar make it reason enough to make a change. You are basically tricking yourself into not wanting it anymore. One more time, here are a few reasons to break up with sugar like a bad boyfriend/girlfriend:

  • Weight loss:
    Sugar has one thing we are always trying to limit -- calories. Preventing those cravings from happening will help you keep your diet on track. By going to fruit instead of a brownie, you can get a sweet fix from natural sugars without all the extra junk and reach your weight loss goals.
  • Disease prevention:
    Like we said before, eating lots of sugar can have detrimental long term health effects. Diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer are some of the conditions you are at a greater risk for unless you reign in that sweet tooth.
  • Fatigue relief:
    The annoying thing about sugar is that it's a vicious cycle. When we first have it we feel amazing -- our energy is boosted, we are awake and we feel like we will never get tired. An hour or so later, tired doesn't even begin to describe it. Since sugar makes our blood glucose levels spike and crash, we can go from feeling pumped up to out of gas in no time. 

Fighting Back Against Sugar

Published research estimates the average American will ingest 130 pounds of sugar annually despite years of warnings. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), American physicians first began telling patients to regulate their sugar intake in the early twentieth century, as mentioned in the article "Sugar: A Cautionary Tale."

Since then, the World Health Organization (WHO) has condemned sugar for its lack of nutritional value, saying refined sugar should only make up 10 percent of the dietary energy we consume. The worldwide surge of obesity and diabetes has even led to the naming of "metabolic syndrome." Formerly "syndrome x," having metabolic syndrome means playing host to a slew of medical issues like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, increased abdominal fat and insulin resistance caused by a poor diet. 

How Much to Take

Don't go popping these capsules like hard candies. You only need 200 mcg a day to start seeing results. Consult with your physician if you're already regulating your blood sugar. Now get out there and enjoy a carrot for dessert.


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