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The Fat-Burning Power of the Green Coffee Bean

Users of green coffee supplements are seeing amazing weight loss results. Learn how it works. Learn more at eVitamins Schweiz.

Ever since news of the fat-burning effects of green coffee bean extract hit the airwaves last month, the green coffee bean has become the star of the diet world. And it's not hard to see why.

On the April 26 episode of "Dr. Oz," guest Lindsey Duncan, ND, CN, praised the green coffee bean as one of the few weight loss supplements he would recommend. He referred to the bean as a "superfood" that allowed overweight individuals to stick to their normal routine and still lose unwanted pounds. Dr. Mehmet Oz first recommended green coffee bean extract on March 22.

To explain his excitement over green coffee bean extract, Duncan referenced a study published in the January edition of the Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity journal in which 16 adults took the supplement for 22 weeks. They lost an average of 17 pounds, or 16 percent of their body fat without scary side effects. The remarkable thing about the study was that the participants were not asked to change their caloric, carbohydrate, protein or fat intake during the study. 

Previous tests have been conducted involving green coffee bean extracts like Svetol, added to instant coffee. One such study, published in the Journal of International Medical Research in 2000, saw an average weight loss of four percent of total body fat after 12 weeks. 

How does it work?

When you see the word "coffee," you automatically think of caffeine. And it's true, caffeine is a popular ingredient in weight loss supplements because it's a stimulant. That being said, caffeine can also make you feel jittery and then crash hours later. What makes the green coffee bean different is that it hasn't been roasted, helping to leave some of the vital ingredients intact and keeping caffeine levels low.

The secret behind the fat-burning properties of the green coffee bean is chlorogenic acid and its metabolite, caffeic acid, which prevents glucose from being released into the bloodstream and therefore traveling throughout the body where it can be stored as fat. At the same time, it's revving up your metabolism, helping the body burn more fat in areas like the liver. By burning what's already there and preventing new fat from being absorbed, you get the incredible weight loss results. This is what makes this supplement perfect for anyone carrying excess weight all over their body.

How can I take it?

Dr. Mehmet Oz and Duncan recommended 800 mg before each meal, taken about 30 minutes before eating, with a full glass of water. While green coffee bean extract does amazing things on its own, following a healthy diet and maintaining a regular exercise routine will only help you achieve your results faster. 

Tablets and capsules are available containing pure green coffee extract. If you're concerned about binders and fillers like cellulose and silica (which are commonly used to create the actual capsule), just open the capsule and add the contents to your water, juice or tea

The green coffee bean is producing some pretty fascinating results. So keep your coffee green and you may never look at it the same way again. 

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