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Easy Remedies for Back Pain

Back pain doesn't have to be a pain in the back. Get easy relief right here. Learn more at eVitamins Schweiz.

Next to headache, back pain is the second most common form of pain experienced by many people at some point in their lives. It can be attributed to a number of health, lifestyle and behavioral factors. For instance, women are prone to suffer from back pain during pregnancy due to the pressure imposed on the spine as the body accommodates the growing child within. Other possible causes of back pain can be poor posture, inadequate nutrition, wrong sleeping position, lack of exercise and engaging in activities that continually put a strain on the back.

There are many simple home remedies that effectively alleviate simple back aches caused by muscle strain. However, if you notice other symptoms aside from the pain, such as numbness, weakness and swelling in the lower portion of the body, it is best to consult your doctor instead of trying a do-it-yourself solution. For all you know, the pain in your back could be a manifestation of a more serious condition such as slipped disc, osteoporosis or spinal tumor.

Now if you’re certain that you simply have a less serious case of muscle ache in the back, here are some easy steps that that you do to achieve quick relief from your pain:


Stress and emotional tension could tighten the muscles in your back and result to muscular pain. You’d be surprised to know that the simple act of relaxing could do wonders in releasing tension from your back and giving immediate relief. So the next time you feel an onset of pain coming, practice some relaxation exercises such as deep breathing and meditation. Take a quick break from your work or chores and begin by closing your eyes and taking slow and steady breaths while counting in your head. This technique could bring immediate relaxation and pain relief.

Avoid Prolonged Bed Rest

When you’re experiencing pain in your back due to muscle strain, normally your main desire may be to avoid further movement by getting extra bed rest. However, experts advise that people with back pain should actually try to get up and move around as much as possible. Lying down could contribute more to muscle weakness and prolong recovery from the pain.

Apply an Ice Pack

If you twisted your back muscles from lifting something heavy or doing a strenuous activity, chances are you will experience pain and inflammation in the affected area. Applying ice to the painful area could keep swelling at bay. This also has a numbing effect on the nerves, decreasing the release of pain signals to the brain.

Get a Massage

Ask a family member or loved one to massage the painful area in your back using their knuckles. The pressure should be increased slowly to release tension in the back muscles. The use of aromatic oils can also bring about added relaxation and relief. If you don’t have someone at home who could do this for you, you can hire the services of a professional massage therapist to give you a back rub for your pain.

Rest in Comfort

Your overall quality of sleep is another factor that affects back muscle pain. It's not only important to be sure you're getting enough shut eye. Your sleeping position should also be a matter of great consideration. It’s best to lie on your side with a pillow between your legs. If you must lie flat on your back, prop a pillow or two under your knees. A poor condition mattress could contribute more to your back muscle pains. If you can’t afford to get a new one, improvise by placing a piece of plywood under the mattress to keep it from sagging.

Take Some Tea and Herbs

Chamomile tea can have a soothing effect to your body, which is very effective in calming you and thereby un-knotting strained muscles in your back. Ginger root tea contains anti-inflammatory compounds which are also very handy in relieving aches and pains in your back muscles.

Muscular pain in your back can cause a lot of discomfort and inconvenience. Knowing these simple and easy steps can greatly help stop pain from getting in the way of a productive day.

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