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Do You Need a Mental Vacation?

Sometimes life can be overwhelmingly stressful. A mental vacation may be just what you need to re-emerge with a fresh mindset and positive attitude toward life. Read on to find out more. Learn more at eVitamins Schweiz.

Whether there's been a drastic change in your life, or even if you've been in the same routine for a while now, chances are there are a million different things going on in your life at once. The challenges that arise with balancing each of the everyday tasks and activities that comprise the daily grind can easily become overwhelming and lead to a buildup of stress; this can negatively impact not only your mind, but your body as well, possibly contributing to a worn-out mental state and negative physical symptoms. These internal factors can extend to other aspects of your life, possibly taking a toll on your work performance, relationships and more. As a critical component of the machine that is your body, your mind requires care and maintenance in order to keep yourself in proper working condition. Every once in a while, it becomes necessary to take a break from the everyday stressors of life in order to avoid burning out.

How to Tell if You Need a Break

If you're feeling overexerted, these questions may be able to help determine if you're on the brink of burnout and need to take a timeout to mentally recharge:

  • Do you frequently feel exhausted and lethargic?

  • Do you feel mentally drained?

  • Do you feel like everyday activities require more effort than usual?

  • Do your relationships feel strained?

  • Is your work performance and/or productivity slacking?

  • Are you unusually irritable?

    If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you may be experiencing an overload of stress. However, these symptoms may also be attributed to underlying conditions like depression, anxiety, thyroid disorders or various other health issues. Therefore, it's a good idea to talk to your doctor to get to the root of the problem. However, if stress is your main ailment, it's important to try to reduce it as much as possible for the sake of not only your own wellbeing, but also for those who are connected to you. 

    Ways to Revitalize Your Mind

    When hopping a plane to Hawaii is out of the question, there are some small, albeit significant, changes you can implement into your everyday life to help give yourself a break mentally. Here are some suggestions:

    Nourish your body

    For a healthy mind, it's important to fuel your body with healthy foods. This means eating a nutrient-rich diet filled with whole foods and maybe even adding stress-supporting supplements to your regimen.

    Clear your mind

    Meditating, performing deep breathing exercises and filling your mind with positive thoughts can help you to release negativity and center yourself in the present moment with a fresh mindset.

    Get lost in a story that's not your own

    Even if you're not a bookworm, making the time to pick up a good book can be a great way to leave your stress behind. Escaping to another world, if only temporarily, is sometimes the perfect remedy.

    Release your feelings on paper

    You don't have to be a novelist to jot down your feelings. Writing can be a therapeutic way to transfer internal emotions and stress to an external source, helping to lighten the load on your body and mind.

    Unwind with the power of scent

    Aromatherapy can help reset your mental state. Try diluting a calming essential oil like lavender, frankincense or chamomile and adding it to a warm compress or relaxing in an aromatic bath. 

    Take a breather in nature

    Walking along a trail, sitting on your front porch, or even simply driving somewhere with the windows rolled down can flood your lungs with fresh air and give you a positive perspective on life.

    Get nostalgic

    Looking at treasured photographs of happy moments in your life, picking up your favorite board game from childhood or listening to an old favorite song you haven't heard in awhile can have soothing effects on your mind. It can be beneficial to dig up mementos of happy, stress-free times in your past as they can help transport the happy feelings associated with those moments to the present. Reflecting on positive memories can help you to sift through the challenges of the present and look forward to making new memories with the good, peaceful moments that lie ahead of you.

    Sometimes stress can become so overwhelming that you just can't shake it. In a case like this, you may need professional assistance to help get you back on track, which sometimes entails medication, therapy or both. If you feel like your stress is too much to handle, speak to your health care practitioner.

    Remember that it's okay to give yourself a break every once in a while. Check out eVitamins for plenty of wellness products that can promote a healthier, happier, stress-free you. 

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