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Dancing to Lose Weight

Trying to lose weight but don't have the time for cardio classes at the gym? Try dancing the weight away. Learn more at eVitamins Schweiz.

After celebrating the vigorous years of your 20s, you are now facing the fact that you are not getting younger anymore. And in several years or so, you will start counting white hairs and wrinkles. Perhaps, one of the fiercest battles that you would soon encounter is keeping your weight and body figure intact at the minimum level that you desire.

This battle of weight loss is a common scenario in life among people who are reaching their late 20s to early 30s. As a result, people who come off this age involve themselves in different kinds of diet, rigid exercises and even taking weight loss supplements, thinking that this will hasten the process.

Well then, if weight loss is really an issue, why not battle it with fun? Instead of doing hard core exercises, you can devote your leisure time with dance exercises. You don't need to be a good dancer to try it because along the way, you will discover yourself learning it without  much effort at all.  Besides, you're not dancing for competition - you're dancing for fun and for weight loss.

What are the Different Kinds of Dance Exercises?

Dance exercises are offered in fitness gym while there are also dance studios that offer dance exercise lessons regularly. But the good thing about dancing is that you don't have to go to the gym or dance studio to exercise, you can actually do this at home with the aid of your music player and an instructional video, if you prefer.

There are different kinds of dance exercise, each one has their own health benefits, though the essence of these various dance exercises is to help you reduce your weight. One of the most common types of dance exercise is aerobic dancing. The shortest possible time you can take aerobic dancing is five minutes. In five minutes, you are guaranteed to burn fats in your body.

Aerobic dancing varies depending upon the style. Today, hip-hop aerobics are popular, and the dance routine exercise is a similar with modern dance. You'll surely enjoy the beat and rhythm while you move around the floor. Funk and jazz aerobics are other kinds of aerobic dance that involve the combination of yoga, jazz and funk routines. But if you want a more intense dance workout, you can try step aerobics. This dance exercise creates more impact on the lower torso of the body because the main movement involves legs and feet. It's similar to the jazz dance workout. You can choose your music, from oldies up to the latest jazz rhythms.

There is also a “Solo Salsa” dance workout, which originated in Cuba. You can do solo salsa in the rhythm of salsa and Latin pop music. It involves fancy footwork and upper body movements.

If you want a more daring and more challenging dance exercise, you can try pole dancing. In some conservative countries, pole dancing is a very explicit dance exercise, more often associated with sensuality. But today in more liberated parts of the world, pole dancing is becoming a dance sport in which many women are curious enough to try one session. This dance exercise involves the movement of whole body plus the intense use of arm and leg muscles.

Other dances such as tap dance, modern and contemporary dance, ballet dancing, ballroom dancing and the like are all forms of dance exercise.

What are the Gains and Losses in Dancing?

You'll be surprised to know how dance exercises can help you lose weight in just one session. Every time you perform any kind of these dance exercises for only 30 minutes, you're burning 200 to 400 calories.

Regular dance exercise also increases the metabolism of your body. Compare two women, one who does not dance and one who does. The former can expect to burn around 1,100 calories at most every day. But the lady who does regular dance exercise can expect to burn as much as 2,700 calories every day!

Now, you can also compare the calories burned when you dance against when you run, swim, play badminton or go cycling. When you perform those five activities for half an hour, you can expect to burn 322 cal, 115 cal, 162 cal, and 150 cal, respectively. In the same longevity of time, you can burn as much as 400 calories by doing nothing more than dancing the YMCA. See the difference? By devoting a little of your time to dancing, weight loss won't be such a tough battle. And besides all of that, it's a fun way to lose weight!

The health benefits of dance exercises don't end with weight loss or maintaining of good body figure. In fact, dancing also enhances your internal organs and body systems. For example, aerobic dancing is, in fact, an exercise primarily for respiratory and circulatory system enhancement. Regular dance exercise can help you lower your blood pressure and improve your cardiovascular condition. Dancing also helps build and maintain stronger muscles and bones, and eventually helps in the prevention of bone diseases like osteoporosis. It improves posture, flexibility and alignment of the body.

What to Do Before and After Dance Exercise?

There are three important things to remember when you decided to engage in any kind of dance exercise – warm-up, gradual pacing and break.

Once you've decided to take dance exercises sessions, don't forget to take at least two to five minutes to warm-up your body in every dance exercise session. It conditions and prepares the muscles of your body for any strenuous movement and activity.  It will help your body to restrain the shock of the dynamic movements and routines of the exercise. At the very least, it will lessen body pains after the first sessions of your dance exercises.

Don't push yourself too hard when doing simple or complex dance routines. Right pacing is important so that your body can adapt to the routines gradually. There's no need to hurry and put undo pressure on yourself. Remember, take it easy and just have fun with what you do.

Take a break when you need to. It's very important to determine your limits. When you feel your body is starting to feel fatigued, lower your movements and slowly end your exercise. Do not stop immediately because your mind and body should also be conditioned to avoid body shock.

Last but no least, smile and have some fun with dance exercising! It takes a certain level of mental preparedness to enroll in a kickboxing cardio class but dancing is enjoyable for people of all ages, in all places of the entire world. So smile and enjoy yourself when you dance for weight loss.

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