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Celebrating a Hangover-Free NYD

Before you hit the bottle this New Year's Eve, try a few of these hangover preventing tips and tricks. No one wants to spend New Year's Day in bed or over the toilet and now you won't have to. Learn more at eVitamins Schweiz.

What’s a New Year’s Eve celebration without the bubbly? As you’re celebrating, it’s easy to forget how much you’ve drank. The next thing you know you’re mixing wine, with beer, with sangria, and then the latest cocktail your friend invented.

As your sipping, life is grand. When you wake, life is hell. Your head is pounding and your stomach contracts in waves like the ocean. You wish you would die and you vow to never drink again.

What if you didn’t have to feel this way on the first day of the New Year? What if you could still drink, have a good time and wake up the next morning and not feel like roadkill? Try out these hangover prevention tips to stave off the hangover this New Year.

Tip #1: Consume Olive Oil

While you may not want to drink olive oil straight from the bottle, you could dip some bread in it and get it in your stomach that way. The olive oil will coat your stomach lining preparing it perfectly for the harsh alcohol about to enter.

Don't like olive oil? Try a spoonful of your favorite fish oil to start your night.

Tip #2: Drink Milk

Milk is another stomach lining solution. It’s not as thick as the olive oil but it will work just as well. The milk also has nutrients that are depleted when you drink alcohol so that can help you too.

Tip #3: Eat Well Before, During and After Drinking

The more you eat the better you’ll feel all around. The food will absorb the alcohol and help you process it faster. You don’t have to eat a lot of food, just be sure to munch on something so your stomach has at least something in it besides alcohol.

Tip #4: Take Your Vitamins

Alcohol depletes your body of essential vitamins so take your multivitamins a few hours before you start drinking.

Tip #5: Drink Water

Alcohol depletes your body of water so don’t start off by already being dehydrated or you’ll feel worse the next morning. Drink as much water as possible the day before you start drinking.

Tips #6: Drink a Sports Drink

After you are done drinking for the night, hydrate yourself with a sports drink. It will give you the electrolytes your body needs.

Tip #7: Stay with One Type

While it can be difficult, try to stick with one type of drink. If you want to drink wine, stay with wine. If you want beer, drink beer. The more you switch it up, the worse you’ll feel the next day.

Tip #8: Avoid the Hangover Triggers

Many people say that dark liquors and wine give the worst hangovers, so if these do it for you, avoid them. It may not sound too much like secret cure, but sometimes it’s just what you have to do if you want to have a good time and not feel horrible the next day.

Tip #9: Drink Slow

The college years are over; you don’t have to turn drinking into a competition anymore. The slower you drink the less you’ll drink and you will still have the same amount of fun. Your head and stomach will thank you in the morning.

Tip #10: Have a Limit

You know yourself best. Don’t allow yourself to drink more than you can handle. Give yourself a limit of drinks that makes sense to you. If you become sick after you drink three glasses of wine, only drink two. By knowing what your limit is, you’ll be able to have fun on New Year’s Eve night and on New Year’s Day too.

Tip #11: Pedialyte

Pedialyte may seem out of place on this list but this drink is actually a well known hangover quick fix. Keep one in the fridge for New Year's Day and start the new year with a Pedialyte chaser to the previous night's shenanigans.

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