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Boost Your Brain to Cram for Exams

Exam season is upon us. Whether this means a school exam or your employer is examining your performance, learn how to better prepare your brain for whatever life throws your way. Learn more at eVitamins Schweiz.

Let's take a trip back down memory lane; back to the days of bad hair and worse fashion where your biggest worry was acing the final exam of the semester. The good ol' days of college. You may be past the time in your life, but the stresses of a performance evaluation are its replacement.

Your brain needs to be at its best whether you're at school, in a meeting or giving the biggest presentation of your life. How do you make sure your brain is at its best when the game is on the line? Here are some basic tips to help you study for a big test or prepare for the big meeting:

1. Sleep -- It's been said by everyone from your parents to your teachers: You need to sleep more at night. If you're one of many Americans who aren't getting their recommended eight hours of sleep per day, it's about time you started hitting the hay. When you sleep, your brain is reset, helping you see problems from a different perspective. A study conducted by Harvard University stated people are 33 percent more likely to infer distance connections after they had a full night's rest. Though the connections are seldom realized, your brain is operating at a much more efficient level. Magnesium, valerian root and even tart cherry juice can help you sleep.

2. Take a Break -- If you find yourself blankly staring at a computer screen or papers for an extended period of time, take a step back for 10 minutes or so and clear your mind. Whether you take a walk, relax or stretch doesn't matter -- once you come back your mind will be clear, strengthening your focus, memory and increasing the amount of work you'll able to get done. If you're sitting at a computer, be sure to look away from the screen for at least one minute every half hour to allow your eyes time to readjust.

3. Go for a Quick Workout -- Though you may think being pressed for time is going to inhibit your ability to workout, try to schedule a 20 to 30 minute workout. When you come back, your body will be operating at peak performance, making you feel more focused, confident and motivated. The 30 minutes you may have spent at a workout will more than be made up for by the increase in productivity you'll feel.

4. Eat Breakfast -- When you wake up in the morning, most of the nutrients you had from the previous day are gone. Give yourself something high in complex carbs and proteins to give you the long lasting energy needed to keep you prepared. For a quick jolt, try a piece of fruit -- the glucose will quickly metabolize and provide you with instant energy.

5. Avoid Refined Sugars -- Refined sugars and the breakdown of complex carbs can give you a sluggish feeling which makes it hard to think clearly. This is a result of the insulin spreading throughout the bloodstream to combat the influx of sugar. While sugars from fruits or vegetables will give you a quick boost of energy to keep you studying, other forms of sugar will cloud your mind.

6. Give Yourself Some Excitement -- Sometimes the best way to get your brain going is basically by forcing it. If you're sitting in the same room for 12 hours grinding away on your taxes, it can get pretty monotonous. The second you hear a bang or other loud noise, your heart and mind start racing and your thoughts are crystal clear. The same philosophy applies here. Try to make your work a challenge in a creative way or do something exciting for a few minutes just to get your brain going. Obviously, this will require a bit of discipline to keep you from completely abandoning the task at hand, but it can help get you over the hump.

For more tips and supplements to boost the power of your brain, explore eVitamins. Now, go out there and ace it!

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