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Boost Thyroid Function With Bladderwrack

Bladderwrack is a sea vegetable rich in nutrients that support a healthy thyroid. If you've been diagnosed with a thyroid condition, bladderwrack may be the natural treatment you've been waiting for. Learn more at eVitamins Schweiz.

Hormones control how your body develops and looks as well as how you feel. They control your height and weight as well as your fertility and emotional health. Hormones are produced by the endocrine glands throughout the body.

One such important endocrine gland for health is the thyroid. More and more people, especially women, are being diagnosed with thyroid disease, which means their hormones aren't in balance. The search for natural remedies has pinpointed certain sea vegetables for their ability to contribute to the treatment of thyroid disease. One such sea vegetable is bladderwrack.

Bladderwrack 101
Bladderwrack (Fucus vesiculous) is native to both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. This sea vegetable contains vitamins and minerals, but the most important nutrient found within bladderwrack (for medicinal purposes) is iodine. Bladderwrack is most often used to support the thyroid, but it's also been used to treat arthritis, arteriosclerosis and digestive conditions, although further research is needed to determine its effectiveness. There are also topical uses for bladderwrack, such as treating minor skin burns and insect bites, since the iodine in bladderwrack has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that promote healing.

Bladderwrack and Thyroid Disease
The thyroid gland is located in the neck, above the collarbone, and resembles a butterfly in shape. The thyroid gland is responsible for the production of multiple hormones, which control your metabolic rate, among other things. Hypothyroidism is a thyroid that is sluggish, which can make you gain weight and experience loss of energy. Individuals with hypothyroidism are also often complain of being cold. Symptoms of a thyroid that is working too hard, also known as hyperthyroidism, include uncontrolled weight loss, a racing heart and sensitivity to heat.

Bladderwrack is useful for the thyroid because of the high iodine content. Iodine is essential for the proper functioning of the thyroid, keeping the metabolism going and your energy up by keeping hormone levels in balance. The body needs a trace amount of iodine on a daily basis, but cannot produce it on its own. Bladderwrack also contains antioxidants, which protect the cells of the body and vital organs, like the thyroid, from the damage of free radical invaders. With time, you may see your energy and mood improve and find it easier to reach and maintain a healthy weight.

How to Take It
Since bladderwrack is an alternative treatment, there isn't an established recommended dose. One recommendation came from Dr. Mehmet Oz, who suggested 600 mg twice a day on "The Dr. Oz Show." Be sure to check with your doctor before adding a bladderwrack supplement to your routine, especially if you've been diagnosed with any type of thyroid condition. They can help you determine with a simple blood test if the supplement is safe to take and if so, how much, how often and for how long.

Eating a balanced diet, with plenty of fruits and vegetables is important for managing your thyroid health, thanks to their vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. However, certain vegetables can impact your hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, so consult with your doctor or a nutritionist to help you set a diet plan. Selenium, zinc, iron, copper and B vitamins are of particular importance.

Better manage your thyroid health to feel your best with this amazing sea vegetable. Try it today at eVitamins and let us know how it goes!

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