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7 Tips to Keep Your Weight Loss Resolution

Losing weight is one of the most common new year resolutions and most will abandon the effort by March. Here are some ways to keep your resolution fresh throughout the year. Learn more at eVitamins Schweiz.

You do it every year. You’re committed to losing those ten pesky pounds that creep up year after year. You get a good start with eating healthy and getting to the gym nearly every day.

By March, you’ve lost about six pounds and you’re pretty proud of yourself, right? Then you decide that the last four will be easy as pie, and so you end up having a piece of it and take a break from the gym here and there. Then you’re taking more breaks, having more pie and then the next thing you know you’ve gained back a pound.

To make your weight loss resolution stick in the New Year, here are some yearlong tips to weight loss and maintenance success.

Tip #1: Do What You Can

Some people do more than they can really manage in their schedule throughout the year to lose weight. For example, how realistic is that you will be able to go to the gym every single day for the entire year? If you can only get to the gym four times a week, start the year off by only going to the gym four times a week.

We know you're anxious to get that weight off but the idea here is to get you into a routine that you will get into a habit of doing.

Tip #2: Eat What You Like

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to eat foods you dislike. Search the Internet for foods that are healthy that you might like. It’s fun to try new recipes too. Finding a new diet can be exciting and create a whole new perspective to dieting.

Tip #3: Change Your Routine

Changing your routine often will keep you from becoming bored with your workout. You’ll benefit more physically by changing what you do at the gym because you’ll work out different muscles in various ways, which burns more calories.

Tip #4: Keep Track of Your Exercises

Keep track of each of your exercises at the gym to track how well you are progressing physically. You’ll notice over time how much stronger and faster you're getting over time and this will keep you motivated to continue.

Tip #4: Set Goals

Set a goal weight you want to reach by a certain time. Once you reach this goal weight, set a goal range you want to maintain. Then set a goal time you want to keep this goal range. For example, you want to keep the goal range of 120-125 for two weeks. If you achieve this, you may want to further the goal by giving yourself the goal maintaining a range of 120-125 pounds for four weeks.

Tip #5: Keep Track of Your Weight Weekly

Weigh yourself weekly to keep track of how well you’ve been doing each week with your diet and exercise regimen. If you haven’t lost any weight one week, adjust your exercise and diet to meet and stay within your goal range.

Tip #6: Reward Yourself at Each Success

Once you achieve success, reward yourself. Think of something that you wouldn’t normally do or something you can’t do now but will be able to do after you lose the weight, such as wear that sleek red dress you’ve been eyeing lately.

Tip #7: Don’t Deprive Yourself

One of the biggest reasons why many people fail at their diets is because they deprive themselves. If you allow yourself to have at least a small treat once and a while, you will have much more success at keeping your resolution.

BONUS TIP: Relapse happens -- you can get out of the groove of dieting and exercising easily. Just get back into it the same way you started and before you know it you’ll be back on track again. Don’t beat yourself up too badly when it happens. As long as you make an effort to be healthy most of the time, you’re doing yourself a great favor now and into the future.

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