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6 Great Uses for Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus can provide many positive effects and improvements for your health. Check out these suggestions for adding eucalyptus to your life in order to reap its many benefits. Learn more at eVitamins Schweiz.
The leaves of the eucalyptus tree are a favorite food among koalas in Australia, yet they are also used by humans to source its oil for many health and medicinal purposes. Eucalyptus oil is available in stores across the country and comes bottled for treating a variety of health issues, and it is often also included in other products to add a boost of its natural healing power. With natural germ-killing and expectorant properties, eucalyptus oil is often used as a topical treatment for fighting bacteria and also to improve cough associated with the common cold. However, the uses for eucalyptus oil have expanded to include a myriad of different purposes that can benefit your body and overall wellness. 

1. Topical Antibacterial Liquid

Eucalyptus oil contains natural antibacterial and antifungal properties which can prevent sores and skin wounds from becoming infected, and it can also help reduce inflammation. Applying diluted eucalyptus oil to your skin can provide an analgesic effect, which may be able to provide relief from pain associated with sores, burns and arthritis

2. Oral Health Booster

Often included in mouthwashes and some toothpastes, eucalyptus adds anti-inflammatory support and may be able to help improve bleeding gums. Eucalyptus contains the powerful antiseptic ingredient cineole, which can supply a strong defense against bacteria by combating dental decay and even preventing periodontal disease. 

3. Respiratory-improving Tea

Drinking a hot cup of tea that contains eucalyptus can promote better breathing. The pleasantly sweet and fresh taste of a tea with eucalyptus can improve respiratory infections, bronchitis and even asthma symptoms by reducing inflammation and killing bacteria. In addition, its natural soothing properties can help alleviate sore throats. Additionally, tea with eucalyptus may be able to provide benefits for those with diabetes or high blood sugar, according to a study in the Journal of Nutrition

4. Decongestant

Eucalyptus is an ingredient often included in throat lozenges and chest ointments and rubs for its decongestant strength. Allowing a lozenge to dissolve in your throat can cause it to utilize its antimicrobial powers in your throat and help relieve pain. In addition, the combination of its fresh scent and expectorant properties can help it to clear your nasal passages, loosen phlegm and break up mucus, improving cold and flu symptoms. 

5. Aromatherapy

As a room spray or fragrance, eucalyptus oil can promote a clear mind and aid with erasing potential sickness-causing bacteria from the air. Its naturally refreshing aroma can help awaken your senses and revitalize your body and mind. One specific type of eucalyptus emits a lemon scent, which can encourage calmness when infused into a room where you are meditating, practicing relaxation techniques or engaging in a massage, for example.

6. Flea Control, Bug Bites, Lice

As an ingredient often included in lice treatment shampoos and products designed to fight bug bites and fleas, eucalyptus can create an environment that is discouraging for these insects. Eucalyptus is a naturally insecticidal substance and can help kill and prevent the spread of fleas and lice, as well as fight many other bugs when used an insect repellent. 
Eucalyptus can provide many positive results for your health, helping to relieve many different ailments as well as promoting overall improvement and wellbeing. Before you use eucalyptus oil, make sure you understand that it is NOT meant be ingested unless directed by your doctor. Eucalyptus-infused products like tea are generally safe for consumption, but it's best to read the warning and directions and consult your doctor. When using eucalyptus essential oil, it's critical to properly dilute the liquid before applying to the skin. Eucalyptus may worsen side effects of certain medications that you may be taking, so always talk to your doctor first and use caution. 
We hope these tips are able to give you some insight into the many significant uses for eucalyptus. Check back at eVitamins tomorrow for more healthy living tips and have a great day!
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