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5 Amazing Skin Care Products from Your Kitchen

You don't need expensive creams and trips to the salon to look your best. Check out what five items from your pantry can help you undo the damage and turn back the clock. Learn more at eVitamins Schweiz.

Are you constantly battling dry skin, acne or split ends? Do you have more bad hair days than good or feel like you alone are keeping the makeup industry afloat?

Before you head bad to the beauty aisle at your local store, consider what you may have around the house to tackle your health and beauty woes. The solution you're looking for for your problem skin or hair could be in the room of your home you least expect -- your kitchen.

1. Coconut Oil -- This versatile oil is rich in healthy fats that nourish the hair and skin, locking in moisture and preventing damage. For your hair, try applying a small amount of coconut oil to dry hair (avoiding the roots) and covering with a shower cap or plastic wrap before you head to bed. Wash your hair in the morning to remove the oil (it will probably take two or three washes). Once you get out of the shower, rub some of the oil onto your skin to heal dry, itchy patches and prevent irritation. Just note, a little goes a long way. One more way to use coconut oil (we could go on and on) is as a makeup remover. Just massage it gently onto the face before cleansing to rid your skin of even the strongest waterproof makeup.

2. Olive Oil -- Olive oil is packed with omega-3 essential fatty acids. When ingested they support the heart, brain, eyes and skin. Applied topically, they can help restore hair back to health and prevent the visible signs of aging on the skin. You can apply olive oil to hair in the same way as coconut oil, making sure to thoroughly wash the hair afterward. You can use it to moisturize skin as well, but if you're concerned about smelling like a salad, plan to do so at night. Try dipping your hands in olive oil for 10 minutes to nourish the nails and cuticles.

3. Avocados -- Just like coconut oil and olive oil, the fat is the beauty secret within avocados. Creamy avocados can do wonders to clear skin while hydrating and preventing the visible signs of aging. Try making a mask with 1/2 a ripe avocado, 1 tsp Greek-style yogurt and 1 tbsp raw honey. Smear on your face, wait 15 minutes and wash it off to reveal glowing, soft skin. Eating avocados will also support the skin from within, thanks to healthy essential fatty acids that fight free radical damage.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar -- Some people like a little sting in their skincare. Apple cider vinegar, another versatile cooking ingredient and home remedy, also makes a wonderful astringent for your skin. Moisten a cotton ball with the vinegar and swipe along clean skin to remove dirt and oil. If you suffer from dandruff, dilute the vinegar in water and apply it to your scalp. Leave it on for 10 minutes and then wash it out to remove dead skin and bacteria that cause those little flakes. If you get a bug bite, reach for the apple cider vinegar and dab some on to ease the itching and irritation.

5. Raw Honey -- This honey isn't what comes in the little bear. Raw honey is cloudier and thicker in appearance, but just as sweet. It hasn't been pasteurized, which means it retains its nutritional benefits. This honey helps kill bacteria on the skin while cleansing to prevent breakouts and other skin irritations. Raw honey also works as a humectant, meaning it assists the skin and hair with holding onto moisture to prevent drying out. You can use it to make the face mask we described above or apply it to the hair by adding it your favorite shampoo or conditioner.

You don't have to spend a lot of money or subject your hair and skin to unwanted chemicals to enhance your natural beauty. Raid your pantry for these items and turn your bathroom into a spa. Get everything you need at eVitamins and enjoy!

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