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4 Reasons to Try Raw Celery Juice

While celery has probably been a staple in your kitchen for a long time, have you ever tried enjoying it as a juice? Keep reading to find out reasons why you might want to crank out your blender and sip on this green drink. Learn more at eVitamins Schweiz.

If you're like many people, crisp celery may be one of your go-to vegetables that you consume as a healthy snack or add to many of your favorite recipes. Celery, like all vegetables, packs a powerful punch in terms of vitamin, mineral and nutritional content in general. However, when most people eat celery they cut off the rougher parts and discard the leaves, which can strip away some of its essential nutrients, like fiber. A more effective way of enjoying all of the nutritional value that celery brings to the table is by blending it and consuming it as a delicious green juice. Read on to find out some of the benefits of celery juice and why you might want to try utilizing one of your favorite veggies in a different way.

1. It can help reduce inflammation.

Raw celery juice contains the component polyacetylene which is known to contribute to reducing inflammation in your body. Similarly, research shows that the plant flavonoid luteolin—also found in celery juice—works to suppress certain genes that are involved with the inflammatory response. A reduction in inflammation can promote better overall health, and the anti-inflammatory components in celery juice may be able to provide benefits for improving diseases like gout, arthritis and osteoporosis.

2. It can help lower blood pressure.

Potassium and the chemical compounds phthalides are found in celery juice and can provide positive effects for lowering blood pressure. Phthalides can mimic the effects of diuretics by clearing excess fluid from your body and helping to dilate blood vessels, which is beneficial for those with high blood pressure; however, drinking celery juice should not be your sole method of controlling your blood pressure. Talk to your doctor to determine what lifestyle changes you might need to make, or if you will need blood pressure medication, and then use celery juice only as a supplement to these changes. 

3. It can benefit your skin.

Since celery is loaded with water, drinking it as a juice can supply essential hydration, which is necessary for healthy-looking skin as well as almost all aspects of proper body function. Celery juice also contains an abundance of antioxidants like vitamins A and C, which can provide anti-aging effects for your skin by defending it from free radicals, aiding with collagen synthesis and rebuilding skin tissue. In addition to providing skin benefits, these antioxidants can also help defend your whole body from oxidative stress and cellular damage, which can degrade your health. 

4. It can promote better digestive health.

Fiber is probably one of the most critical components in promoting proper and effective digestion. Sipping on celery juice may be able to help encourage normal, healthy bowel movements. In addition, fiber is important for reducing your risk of developing certain diseases, so the fiber content in celery juice may be able to help with this.

The next time you're craving a crisp beverage that can amp up your nutrient intake and boost your health, try tossing some celery stalks into a blender and enjoying the freshness of raw celery juice. For more ideas on how to promote better health, check out our selection of wellness essentials at eVitamins. Have a great day!

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